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Maj. Ed Dames Remote Viewers Target Bigfoot

Posted by Jack Cary on July 30, 2016 at 6:05 AM

16 inch footprint found in the Chuska Mountains by Jack Cary of Crypto 4 Corners and P.I.A.

Recently Maj. Ed Dames C.I.A. (ret.) was interviewed by Art Bell of Coast to Coast A.M. radio about the use of his team of Remote Viewers to target Bigfoot. The results of this experiment were shocking to say the least and leave as many questions as they do answers. In Remote Viewing the remote viewer is never told or shown who or what the target is until well after the experiment is conducted. In this particular experiment the remote viewing team almost to a man all drew the same thing. What they drew and sensed and explained was not something that most if any leading Sasquatch researchers would guess, far from it, in fact. 

What the team of Remote Viewers saw and described was a black box device in space. They sensed that this black box is somehow responsible for the creature's appearance on earth. They sensed that this was, in fact, a real creature who was alive on the earth at some point but who's essence was now somehow captured by this alien black box technology. This monolith like device was able to project the very living essence of the creature down to the earth and retract it at will. They also sensed that the purpose of the "projections" of the creature from the black box was to stimulate an eventual response from the human species to look behind what was causing the "projections" of this and other enigmas. They believe that when the human species begins to look behind what is causing the projections then the relationship between our species and the manufactures of this technology will finally change and contact made. 

Maj. Ed Dames believes this explains a number of strange facts that are known in Sasquatch research. Chief among these strange facts are the many disapearing track lines that have been discovered. Crypto 4 Corners discovered just such a trackline in the wilds of northern New Mexico where the prints measured 19 inches in length and the trackline itself was a full 1/4 mile in length! The tracks just suddenly stop where by all right they should continue. The topography doesn't change, for example, the same soft sand extends for miles that the prints were found in and should continue on for as long as the mediium allows but in these cases they don't. The tracks stop and by all appearances the creature just seems to vanish into thin air.

These findings seem to generate more questions than they answer. One such question is what happens when one is killed down on this planet? Does it dematerialize into light spectra, like a hologram or are we still left with a fleshy specimen? If we are left with a fleshy specimen then how would the human species ever discover that these were "projections" from an alien technology? 

Down the Rabbit Hole we go.

The P.I.A./Crypto 4 Corners is dedicated to solving this mystery once and for all and our field research efforts have been redoubled in concert with our desire to find the ulitimate answers to this and other mysteries facing mankind. 

19 inch print discovered by C4C. This was part of a disapearing trackline that extended 1/4 mile. Follow up investigation conducted by Jc Johnson and Jack Cary of C4C international.

A Huge Spherical Object Near the Sun Caught By NASA's SDO

Posted by Jack Cary on January 30, 2016 at 10:50 AM

This is the second time now that this type of huge spherical object has been filmed near the sun. The first time we witnessed this was in 2012 during a period when many ancient civilizations including the Maya had predicted global upheaval. In the years past we have covered extensively the 'Kill Shot' prediction made by some of the most accomplished remote viewers in history. This prediction dictates that a coronal mass ejection from the sun will take down the world wide power grid and cause the fall of civilization, worldwide. This event would be the ultimate Black Swan Event and constitute a true global disaster with death toll predictions of approximately 270 million in the U.S. alone, coming from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Dr. Peter Pry who heads the Dept. of Homeland Sec. Task Force on the U.S. power grid has stated publicly that this is their estimate should another so called Carrington Event occur during our present state of technological vulnurability. Now we have not one but two seperate videos of what appears to be either an unknown creature or enormoous alien ship seeming to interact with and alter our sun. In both videos the 'Sphere' appears to lower some sort of tube like appendage into the Sun before shooting off into space with incredible velocity. Some researchers have speculated that these are craft who are using the power of the sun to refuel themselves. We speculate that because of the initial timing of this interaction in 2012 and because of the ongoing Kill Shot prediction, that we may, in fact, be witnessing some sort of alien interaction with our star in an attempt to stave off the total annihilation of Earth's civilizations.

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American Journal Of Modern Physics Reports Evidence Of U.F.O.'s Using New Type Of Telescope

Posted by Jack Cary on January 29, 2016 at 5:45 AM


"In short, it appears that ITE-1 consist of matter-entities in our terrestrial environment achieving locomotion via the acquisition of antimatter in their interior with consequential use of matter-antimatter propulsion, and achieve invisibility via the emission of antimatter-light as a sort of exhaust. A Post Ph.D. mathematical study of the new type of locomotion via the use of the new isodual Minkowskian geometry for antimatter is available in monograph."

American Journal of Modern Physics

2015; X(X): XX-XX

Published online MM DD, 2015 (

doi: 10.11648/j.XXXX.2015XXXX.XX

ISSN: 2326-8867 (Print); ISSN: 2326-8891 (Online)

Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE)

In the January 20, 2016 issue of the American Journal of Modern Physics in a paper published in the investigation of matter and antimatter, a scientist has made a shocking discovery. New telescopes have been developed using concave lenses in an attempt to see light emitted by antimatter that has a negative refraction index. Through the use of these new telescopes, scientists have now detected and reported that they have indisputable evidence for the existence of never before seen entities who are alive and apparently patrolling our skies unseen. Ruggero M. Santelli, a physicist and owner of Thunder Energies Corporation reports in the paper that their findings indicate two types of entities being seen and recorded. Type 1 appears to be mainly in lunar or terrestrial orbits. Type 2 are rather more alarming as they are apparently operating unseen within our atmosphere, directly over sensitive military, industrial, and civilian installations. The paper speculates that these entities are using a type of propulsion system that uses antimatter from surrounding space and through the exhaust of the waste particles are able to achieve an invisibility in our visible light spectrum. If this observation proves true, it will have vast implications for the human species and its understanding of the Universe. We will be preparing a much deeper report on this new finding and it's implications in an upcoming Deep Black Report. 

Cut and paste the following link to see the paper as published in the A.J.M.P.:  file:///C:/Users/Owner/Pictures/American%20Journal%20of%20Physics%20for%20UFO's%20(1).pdf

P.I.A. Discovers Major Relict Hominid Habituation Area

Posted by Jack Cary on August 24, 2015 at 11:55 AM

The P.I.A. has discovered a new and very promising Relic Hominid research area. Our field work into this remote area has yielded an amazing amount of evidence in a very short period. This habituation area is in the prime altitude locale of 9,200 feet.

This new research area sits on the edge of a historical hotspot for Relic Hominid sightings.
On our last expedition we discovered an number of very strange stick structures and an enormous footprint. A few hundred yards from this location sits another anomalous stick structure in the shape of a rudimentary teepee. These structures have been associated with Bigfoot by many investigators into this mystery.

Missing 411, The Mach Effect, And Parallel Dimensions: A P.I.A. Deep Black Report

Posted by Jack Cary on August 7, 2015 at 7:45 AM

This is a P.I.A. Deep Black Report. This report contains an exclusive theory developed by the P.I.A. to explain the many missing persons cases in America's National Park system. 

In the last few years a researcher and former law enforcement officer named David Paulides has garnered widespread attention for his investigations into the abnormally large number of  missing persons cases in America's National Park system. Paulides has performed an exhaustive investigation into these disapearances and has been able to find very valuable patterns and similarities to many of these cases. The P.I.A. has now examined these patterns and similarities in detail and has developed its own working theory to explain the cause of this disturbing phenomenon. 

Upon careful analysis of the known facts of Paulides highlighted cases, our analysts began to realize that there could, in fact, be a scientific explanation for this disturbing phenomenon and we were reminded that the paranormal is the normal, just not yet understood by man. Our theory combines a known scientific theory called the 'Mach Effect' with known Geological science and theoretical physics to help provide a possible explanation to the Missing 411 phenomenon. 

Missing Persons Cluster Map developed by the CanAm Missing Project and David Pualides

Many theories have been proposed to explain this phenomenon from Sasquatch abductions to E.T. activity and even more exotic explanations. None of these proposed theories fits with the known facts of the individual cases themselves. In recent days a new Missing 411 case has been opened. This involves a young man from Cleveland, Ohio on vacation in Southern Colorado. This now missing individual disapeared over a week ago and no trace of him has been found despite exhaustive efforts by search and rescue teams. This particular case fits perfectly with the rest of the Missing 411 phenomenon. All of the details surrounding his disapearnce are nearly identical to other cases. 

Around the world in hushed conferences and in published scientific journals some of the best physicists alive today are attempting to relate current physics theories to observed anomalies or paranormal phenomena. Basically their scientific musings and wandering equations are beginning to sniff out the possibility that at least some reported paranormal phenomena could be the result of inter-dimensional beings or time travelers accessing our space time continuum. Likewise they are posing the possibility that physical beings jumping across vast distances of space via wormholes or stargates as a possibility for some UFO activity. One hair raising variation of the interdimensional hypothesis posits that creatures or beings that access our physical reality need not be physical but may be capable of influencing our physical reality and could be capable of such acts as mind control. Some have theorized that they could manifest their influence through long term evolutionary manipulation and act as an unseen influence on human affairs. It could be that any perceived motive would be entirely incomprehensible to us in a human sense.

Some renowned scientists like Michio Kaku are beginning to realize what may be a grim reality for the human species. Kaku writes, “Let’s say that a ten lane superhighway is being built next to an anthill. The question is: would the ants even know what a ten lane super highway is, or what it’s used for, or how to communicate with the workers who are just feet away? And the answer is no…if there is another civilization in our backyard, in the Milky Way Galaxy, would we even know its presence? There’s a good chance that we, like ants in the anthill, would not understand or be able to make sense of a ten lane superhighway next door.” This view is shared by other leading physicist like Beatrize Gato-Rivera who have begun to embrace what their science and intuition are telling them and who have begun to ask questions unthinkable in academia only a few years ago. Gato-Rivera wrote, “If there exists thousands, or millions of parallel universes, separated from ours through extra-dimensions it would be natural then to expect that some proportion of these universes would have the same laws of physics as ours and many of the corresponding advanced civilizations would master the techniques to travel or ‘jump’ through the extra dimensions. This opens up enormous possibilities.” The question now being debated among these scientists is whether or not someone ‘out there’ in a parallel dimension or from far away points in time and space could get here and interact with our reality in bizarre ways. Michio Kaku suggests, “Aliens may be here now, in another dimension, a millimeter away from our own.” Kaku is careful to point out that wave frequencies of other dimensions, times and universes are all around us every moment of every day. He states; “However just like you can only tune into one radio channel, you can only tune into one reality channel, and that is the channel that you exist in. The catch is that we cannot communicate with them, we cannot enter these universes.” Kaku and his colleagues agree, however, that far more advanced beings could possess the technological capability to make the jump between dimensions or parallel universes. Other scientists from disciplines unrelated to physics are surprisingly converging on the same conclusion.

The late Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack won a Pulitzer Prize for his book on the alien abduction phenomenon. He came to believe that there was a connection between all manner of paranormal activity. He wrote; “Taken together, these phenomena tell us many things about ourselves and the universe that challenge the dominant materialist paradigm. They reveal that our understanding of reality is extremely limited, the cosmos is more mysterious than we have imagined, there are other intelligences all about some of which seem able to reach us. Consciousness itself may be the primary creative force of the universe, and our knowledge of the physical properties of this world is far from complete.The emerging picture is a cosmos that is an interconnected harmonic web, vibrating with creativity and intelligence, in which separateness is an illusion.”

What these scientists don’t yet realize however, is that the ‘vortex’ areas are doorways between dimensions. They believe according to their science that the doorways could and should be there and yet haven’t accepted the reality that the doorways are there. The bizarre and bewildering events at these sites represents nothing less than a physical interaction between dimensions. At each of these sites one finds very strange electromagnetic energy fields. Physicists believe that other dimensions are very real and that it is entirely possible that beings exist in those dimensions. They also believe that the only thing separating dimensions is an electromagnetic membrane. What is occurring at these vortex sites is that the unusual electromagnetic energies at these sites caused by the underlying geology causes a thinning or opening in the membrane allowing for momentary or intermittent interaction between our dimension and others. This is something the United States Military must be aware of and also must consider a threat in some manner, how else can we explain their presence at each and every location as well as their desire to buy up the land on which these sites now rest? It is though they have posted a guard at each of the ‘doors’ to monitor the activity and to somehow perhaps combat it. The wide array of parallel and differing paranormal activity reported at these sites fits perfectly with what these scientists describe an interaction of this sort would be like.

In Paulides newest work regarding the Missing 411 phenomenon, he focuses on the fact that many of the cases have occurred in areas that posses so called 'Devil Names'. These areas include names like 'Devil's Den', 'Devil's Lake', 'Devil's Canyon', 'Mt. Diablo', etc. This fact struck a major chord with our research and is identical to the research of one of the world's most renown cryptozoologist, named Loren Coleman. In Coleman's well researched book 'Mysterious America', he discusses the fact that many types of paranormal activity are always associated with places that have historical 'Devil' names and that, in fact, these places all earned their names because of the observed paranormal activity by the local populations who in times past equated it with the work of the Devil. In Appendix 5 of Coleman's 'Mysterious America' one can find a complete list of these names and places as well as the observed paranormal activity. This fact and the fact that many of the missing 411 cases also have occurred in these same areas is far too much of a coincidence for the P.I.A. to accept as random possiblity.  In December of 2014 Paulides was interviewed on Veritas radio and stated that a new pattern seems to have emerged with his research is that at the same time that some of the people vanished, he also discovered that there had been either vanishing airplanes or ships that had occurred that same day in the Bermuda Triangle. This fact almost guarantees that what we are dealing with is an interdimensional bleed through in areas that have underlying geographic topography which produce strong electromagnetic fields. Our theory is thus:

The Woodward effect, also referred to as a Mach effect, one of at least three predicted Mach effects, is part of a hypothesis proposed by James F. Woodward in 1990. The hypothesis states that transient mass fluctuations arise in any object that absorbs internal energy while undergoing a proper acceleration. Harnessing this effect could generate a thrust, which Woodward and others claim to measure in various experiments. If proven to exist, the Woodward effect could be used in the design of spacecraft engines of a field propulsion engine that would not have to expel matter to accelerate. Such an engine, called a Mach effect thruster (MET), would be a breakthrough in space travel. So far, no conclusive proof of the existence of this effect has been presented. Experiments to confirm and utilize this effect by Woodward and others continue.

According to Woodward, there are at least three Mach effects theoretically possible: vectored impulse thrust, open curvature of spacetime, and closed curvature of spacetime. The first effect, the Woodward effect, is the minimal energy effect of the hypothesis. The Woodward effect is focused primarily on proving the hypothesis and providing the basis of a Mach effect impulse thruster. In the first of three general Mach effects for propulsion or transport, the Woodward effect is an impulse effect usable for in-orbit satellite stationkeeping, spacecraft reaction control systems, or at best, thrust within the solar system. The second and third effects are open and closed spacetime effects. Open curved spacetime effects can be applied in a field generation system to produce warp fields. Closed curve spacetime effects would be part of a field generation system to generate wormholes.

 The third Mach effect is a closed curve spacetime effect or closed timelike curve called a benign wormhole. Closed curve space is generally known as a wormhole or black hole. Prompted by Carl Sagan for the scientific basis of wormhole transport in the movie Contact, Kip Thorne developed the theory of benign wormholes. The generation, stability and traffic control of transport through a benign wormhole is only theoretical at present.

This is important because the Earth is also experiencing 'Transient Mass Fluctuations', as it travels through space, this in turn is causing stress in the underlying rock strata in various geographical areas where there are an unsusal number of missing persons cases. This rock strata contains very large deposits of quartz crystal, which when stressed causes the generation of very strong Electromagnetic fields. These fields are 'activated' at different times and places depending on external space/time factors which produce the Mach effect. When these fields are generated then they can cause a 'benign wormhole' to form allowing for travel between dimensions. It is our contention that not only are the wide array of paranormal activity associated with these areas the result of momentary interaction between dimensions but that the high number of missing persons cases so eloquently researched by Paulides can also be attributed to this scientific mechanism. The book 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' holds many important clues in this line of research and we at the P.I.A. believe that we could, in fact, be witnessing something developing which is far, far more disturbing once the Macro implications of these findings are contemplated.

Hunting Esau, Evidence for Bigfoot in the Bible?

Posted by Jack Cary on December 4, 2013 at 11:55 AM

Is Bigfoot chronicled in the bible? In the story of Esau we find what might be the most ancient account of these creatures as well as a parable detailing the divergance of two different species of human. In Genesis 25:19-34 we find the following enigmatic passages:

19  This is the account of the family line of Abraham’s son Isaac.

 Abraham became the father of Isaac,

20  and Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah daughter of Bethuel the Aramean from Paddan Aram[a] and sister of Laban the Aramean.


21  Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was childless. The Lord answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant.

22 The babies jostled each other within her, and she said, “Why is this happening to me?” So she went to inquire of the Lord.


23  The Lord said to her,

 “Two nations are in your womb,

and two peoples from within you will be separated;

one people will be stronger than the other,

and the older will serve the younger.”

24   When the time came for her to give birth, there were twin boys in her womb.

25 The first to come out was red, and his whole body was like a hairy garment; so they named him Esau.[b]

26 After this, his brother came out, with his hand grasping Esau’s heel; so he was named Jacob.[c] Isaac was sixty years old when Rebekah gave birth to them.


27   The boys grew up, and Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the open country, while Jacob was content to stay at home among the tents.

28 Isaac, who had a taste for wild game, loved Esau, but Rebekah loved Jacob.


29  Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished.

30  He said to Jacob, “Quick, let me have some of that red stew! I’m famished!” (That is why he was also called Edom.[d])


31  Jacob replied, “First sell me your birthright.”


32  “Look, I am about to die,” Esau said. “What good is the birthright to me?”


33  But Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob.


34  Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left.


35  So Esau despised his birthright.

What are we to make of this curious account? It clearly describes Esau being covered in red hair and that he was a wild man of the forest. It is very interesting that he sells his 'birthright' for a bowl of stew. This could be an ancient way of trying to understand why these creatures are seperate and apart from humanity. The P.I.A. is currently utilizing very sophisticated equipment in an attempt to prove beyond all doubt that Sasquatch's are real and hiding among our forests. We believe that they are doing something with their dead, maybe even in a ritualistic fashion just as primitive cultures have always done. It could be that they even consume their dead as a form of ancestor worship. We believe that they possess a human like intelligence and super human physical abilities. One thing is for sure in recent years, groups like the Erickson Project have made substantial headway into proving that these creatures are real and the race is on to prove it to the world.

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Web Bot Update Continued

Posted by Jack Cary on April 20, 2013 at 10:25 AM

According to the new "wujo" report, the GCE may take several years to complete and this might be a blind spot of sorts for the web bot becaus of "data gaps" that are being artifically generated. According to Clif High the long discussed mystery of a "data gap" that kept showing up for a particular time period of February through May of 2013, might have been caused by the new technique of "algorithm generated news stories". Apparently the main stream media has a new technique at their disposal that uses algorithms to artificially produce an emotional response in the populace and this "false response" is polluting the internet in a way that makes it difficult for the web bot technology to deal with. According to Clif High if enough time is allowed, then they might be able to design a filter that would work for filtering out the data gap caused by these false emotional responses. What this means is that the so called "data gap" may not actually mean that the internet goes down but that enough pollutants of emotional reponse are generated by these algorithms that they constitute the "data gap."

It is still predicted that the GCE will occur and High points out that many of the background elements that were predicted to occur at the same time as the GCE are, in fact, manifesting. The web bot also says that hyper-inflation will occur at about the same time as the GCE. The web bot also predicts a potentially very steep increase in the price of silver.

The report goes on to say that all of the strange weather in occuring this spring may be caused by solar activity. Also the web bot predicts that a dam will be in distress at some point before or during the GCE.

C.High made the statement that Russia was anticipating a large expansion event on the west coast of the U.S. and in the southern hemisphere. He also made the statement that although it is quite clear through the web bot predictions that a large earthquake will occur in the pacifiic northwest of the U.S. affecting a 1000 mile radius but was unsure if anyone but those in this disaster zone would be without electricity. He also made the statement that the current "chemtrail" issue would, at some point, facilitate massive forest fires leading to deforestation. According to C. High, he does not expect any more info regarding the GCE to show up on the Immediacy data reports until the event occurs.

Did the Smithsonian cover up mysterious finds in both the Grand Canyon and Wisconsin?

Posted by Jack Cary on April 18, 2013 at 10:10 AM

In April of last year we published a story about an amazing find in the Grand Canyon in 1909, that was supposedly covered up by the Smithsonian. A lengthy and extremely detailed story appeared on the front page of the Pheonix Gazette on April 5, of 1909. The story gives an in-depth account of the discovery and excavation of a rock cut vault by an expedition led by a Prof. S.A. Jordan of the Smithsonian and an explorer who was hired as a guide named G.E. Kinkaid. When contacted about the report the Smithsonian claimed to have no knowledge of the discovery or the discoverers. Researchers in recent months have come across another intriguing find about a very similar find in Wisconsin. On August 10th 1891, the New York Times ran a story about a find of "pyramidal structures" and "giant skulls". Here is a link to the actual New York Times article.(

The following is an excerpt from the original Phoenix Gazzette story:

Phoenix Gazette

Explorations in Grand Canyon

Mysteries of Immense Rich Cavern Being Brought To Life

Jordan Is Enthused

Remarkable Finds Indicate Ancient People Migrated From Orient

Monday April 5th, 1909

The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archaeological discovery in the United States, but one of the most valuable in the world, which was mentioned some time ago in the Gazette, was brought to the city yesterday by G. E. Kinkaid, the explorer who found the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon during a trip from Green river, Wyoming, down the Colorado, in a wooden boat, to Yuma, several months ago. According to the story related yesterday to the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaeologists of the Smithsonian institute, which is financing the explorations, have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited the mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses. If their theories are borne out by the translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Egypt and the Nile, and Arizona and the Colorado, will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist.

Giant Skeletons_6

A Thorough Investigation

Under the direction of Prof. S. A. Jordan, the Smithsonian institute is now prosecuting the most thorough explorations, which will be continued until the last link in the chain is forged. Nearly a mile underground, almost 1480 feet below the surface, the long main passage has been delved into, to find another mammoth chamber from which radiates scores of passageways, like the spokes of a wheel. Several hundred rooms have been discovered, reached by passageways running from the main passage, one of them having been explored for 854 feet and another 634 feet.

The recent finds include articles which have never been known as native to this country, and doubtless they had their origin in the orient. War weapons, copper instruments, sharp-edged and hard as steel, indicate the high state of civilization reached by these strange people. So interested have the scientists become that preparations are being made to equip the camp for extensive studies, and the force will be increased to thirty or forty persons.

Before going further into the cavern, better facilities for lighting will have to be installed, for the darkness is dense and quite impenetrable for the average flashlight. In order to avoid being lost, wires are being strung from the entrance to all passageways leading directly to large chambers. How far this cavern extends no one can guess, but it is now the belief of many that what has already been explored is merely the "barracks" to use an American term, for the soldiers, and that far into the underworld will be found the main communal dwellings of the families. The perfect ventilation of the cavern, the steady draft that blows through, indicates that it has another outlet to the surface."

Mr. Kinkaid's Report

Mr. Kinkaid was the first white man born in Idaho and has been an explorer and hunter all his life, thirty years having been in the service of the Smithsonian. Even briefly recounted, his history sounds fabulous, almost grotesque:

"First, I would impress that the cavern is nearly inaccessible. The entrance is 1,486 feet down the sheer canyon wall. It is located on government land and no visitor will be allowed there under penalty of trespass. The scientists wish to work unmolested, without fear of hunters. A trip there would be fruitless, and the visitor would be sent on his way.

The story of how I found the cavern has been related, but in a paragraph: I was journeying down the Colorado river in a boat, alone, looking for mineral. Some forty-two miles up the river from the El Tovar Crystal canyon, I saw on the east wall, stains in the sedimentary formation about 2000 feet above the river bed. There was no trail to this point, but I finally reached it with great difficulty. Above a shelf which hid it from view from the river, was the mouth of the cave.

There are steps leading from the entrance some thirty yards to what was, at the time the cavern was inhabited, the level of the river. When I saw the chisel marks on the wall inside the entrance, I became interested, securing my gun and went in. During that trip I went back several hundred feet along the main passage, till I came to the crypt in which I discovered the mummies. One of these I stood up and photographed by flashlight. I gathered a number of relics, which I carried down the Colorado to Yuma, from whence I shipped them to Washington with details of the discovery. Following this the explorations were undertaken.

The Passages

The main passageway is about 12 feet wide, narrowing to nine feet feet toward the farther end. About 57 feet from the entrance, the first side-passages branch off to the right and left, along which, on both sides, are a number of rooms about the size of ordinary living rooms of today, though some are 30 by 40 feet square. These are entered by oval shaped doors and are ventilated by round air spaces through the walls into the passages. The walls are about three feet six inches in thickness. The passages are chiseled or hewn as straight as could be laid out by an engineer. The ceilings of many of the rooms converge to a center. The side- passages near the entrance run at a sharp angle from the main hall, but toward the rear they gradually reach a right angle in direction.

The Shrine

Over a hundred feet from the entrance is the cross-hall, several hundred feet long, in which are found the idol, or image, of the people's god, sitting cross-legged, with a lotus flower or lily in each hand. The cast of the face is oriental, and the carving shows a skillful hand, and the entire is remarkably well preserved, as is everything in this cavern.

The idol most resembles Buddha, though the scientists are not certain as to what religious worship it represents. Taking into consideration everything found thus far, it is possible that this worship most resembles the ancient people of Tibet. Surrounding this idol are smaller images, some very beautiful in form; others crooked-necked and distorted shapes, symbolical, probably, of good and evil. There are two large cactus with protruding arms, one on each side of the dais on which the god squats. All this is carved out of hard rock resembling marble. In the opposite corner of this cross-hall were found tools of all descriptions, made of copper.

These people undoubtedly knew the lost art of hardening this metal, which has been sought by chemists for centuries without result. On a bench running around the workroom was some charcoal and other material probably used in the process. There is also slag and stuff similar to matte, showing that these ancients smelted ores, but so far no trace of where or how this was done has been discovered, nor the origin or the ore. Among the other finds are vases or urns and cups of copper and gold, made very artistic in design. The pottery work includes enameled ware and glazed vessels.

Another passageway leads to granaries such as found in oriental temples. They contain seeds of various kinds. One very large storehouse has not yet been entered, as it is twelve feet high and can be reached only from above. Two copper hooks extend on the edge, which indicates that some sort of ladder was attached. These granaries are rounded, as the materials of which they are constructed, I think, is a very hard cement. A gray metal is also found in this cavern, which puzzles the scientists, for it's identity has not been established. It resembles platinum. Strewn promiscuously over the floor everywhere are what people call "cat's eyes", a yellow stone of no great value. each one is engraved with the head of the Malay type.

The Hieroglyphics

On all of the urns, or walls over doorways, and tablets of stone which were found by the image, are the mysterious hieroglyphics, the key to which the Smithsonain Institute hopes yet to discover. The engraving on the tablets probably has something to do with the religion of the people. Similar hieroglyphics have been found in southern Arizona. Among the pictorial writings, only two animals are found. One is a prehistoric type.

The Crypt

The tomb or crypt in which the mummies were found is one of the largest chambers, the walls slanting back at an angle of about 35 degrees. On these are tiers of mummies, each one occupying a separate hewn shelf. At the head of each is a small bench, on which is found copper cups and pieces of broken swords. Some of the mummies are covered in clay, and all are wrapped in a bark fabric. The urns or cups on the lower tiers are crude, while as the higher shelves are reached the urns are finer in design, showing a later stage of civilization. It is worthy of note that all the mummies examined so far have proved to be male, no children or females being buried here. This leads to the belief that this exterior section was the warrior's barracks.

Among the discoveries no bones of animals have been found, no skins, no clothing, no bedding. Many of the rooms are bare but for water vessels. One room, about 40 by 700 feet, was probably the main dining hall, for cooking utensils are found here. What these people lived on is a problem, though it is presumed that they came south in the winter and farmed in the valleys, going back north in the summer.

Upwards of 50,000 people could have lived in the caverns comfortably.

One theory is that the present Indian tribes found in Arizona are descendants of the serfs or slaves of the people which inhabited the cave. Undoubtedly a good many thousands of years before the Christian era a people lived here which reached a high stage of civilization. The chronology of human history is full of gaps. Professor Jordan is much enthused over the discoveries and believes that the find will prove of incalculable value in archaeological work.

One thing I have not spoken of, may be of interest. There is one chamber of the passageway to which is not ventilated, and when we approached it a deadly, snaky smell struck us. Our lights would not penetrate the gloom, and until stronger ones are available we will not know what the chamber contains. Some say snakes, but others boo-hoo this idea and think it may contain a deadly gas or chemicals used by the ancients. No sounds are heard, but it smells snaky just the same. The whole underground installation gives one of shaky nerves the creeps. The gloom is like a weight on one's shoulders, and our flashlights and candles only make the darkness blacker. Imagination can revel in conjectures and ungodly daydreams back through the ages that have elapsed till the mind reels dizzily in space.

An Indian Legend

In connection with this story, it is notable that among the Hopi Indians the tradition is told that their ancestors once lived in an underworld in the Grand Canyon till dissension arose between the good and the bad, the people of one heart and the people of two hearts. Machetto, who was their chief, counseled them to leave the underworld, but there was no way out. The chief then caused a tree to grow up and pierce the roof of the underworld and then the people of one heart climbed out. They tarried by Paisisvai (Red River), which is the Colorado, and grew grain and corn. They sent out a message to the Temple of the Sun, asking the blessings of peace, and good will and rain for the people of one heart. That messenger never returned, but today at the Hopi villages at sundown can be seen the old men of the tribe out on the housetops gazing towards the sun, looking for the messenger. When he returns, their lands and ancient dwelling place will be restored to them. That is the tradition.

Among the engravings in the cave is seen the image of a heart over the spot where it is located. The legend was learned by W. E. Rollins, the artist, during a year spent with the Hopi Indians. There are two theories of the origin of the Egyptians. One is that they came from Asia; another that the racial cradle was in the upper Nile region. Heeren, an Egyptologist, believed in the Indian origin of the Egyptians. The discoveries in the Grand Canyon may throw further light on human evolution and prehistoric ages."


The fact that we now have two seperate articles from two very credible news sources from the turn of the early 1900's describing finds that the Smithsonian now claims no knowledge of, constitutes a very real mystery if not an outright coverup. Many researchers have begun to pick up on the developing pattern of what appears to be a conscious effort to cover up archeological finds that would upset established belief systems.

In the past year the television show titled "America Unearthed", ran an episode in which they feature a farmer in Minnesota who claims that a "giant" was also discovered on his farm and subsequently covered up by the State archeologist. See video below.

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The New York Times article also describes these giants as having a double row of teeth and this is something that stood out to our researchers right away,. Robert Temple in his seminal work the "Sirius Mystery", describes how offspring of the Annunaki also possessed a double row of teeth. This is something that even Samson was said to possess and which still shows up from time to time in Annunaki bloodlines stretching back eons. Three seperate well documented instances constitutes a paraormal pattern and in this case the pattern is about to lead researchers to the ultimate truth.


Kill Shot Watch: Increasing Solar Activity

Posted by Jack Cary on April 12, 2013 at 11:15 AM

We have been covering the Kill Shot sequence for well over a year now. The prediction states that a nuclear detonation will take place on the Korean penninsula just before a massive solar flare takes down power grids world wide. We believe we now are possibly on the edge of total disaster. Just yesterday the sun hurled a medium level solar flare and coronal mass ejection towards earth, and today NOAA forecasters have increased  the chance of an X class solar flare to 15%. Sunspot AR 1719 harbors delta class energy capable of producing X class flares. Here is a link to todays solar activity.

In the catastrophic event that the power grid does go down, the following pdf file originating from FEMA in 1989, details how to build your own wood gasifier to make your own gasoline from wood.



P.I.A. Deep Black Exclusive: Unexplained Connections Between an Allegedly Top Secret South African Intelligence Program and Web Bot predictions.

Posted by Jack Cary on April 12, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Our readers and members are well aware of our coverage of the Web Bot predictions and how it parallels both's predictions and the predictions of the remote viewing group founded by Maj. Ed Dames. In the last few days P.I.A. researchers came across yet another interconnection with these predictions that is nothing less than astonishing. We were so awed by what we discovered that we are still a bit stunned. We debated even publishing this story because of the disturbing implications of what these interconnections may mean. Because we believe an informed populace is in the best interest of all we decided to go ahead and reveal what we now know about this new development.

 Many may never have heard of the the so-called CHANI dialogues even though the topic has its own forum on the godlike productions website and has garnered some attention in paranormal circles. In 2008 a man claiming to be a South African intelligent agent came forward with an amazing story. He described himself as a "sanctioned whistle blower", and stated that his superiors had approved of his leaking of this information to the public. The motives for doing so are unclear at this time but in his own words:

"Around the end of 2005, the CHANI project files were handed over to the Rubicon Station for project Reveal. As the name suggests, Rubicon deals with information that has been deemed to have reached a point of no return. The Rubicon division was formed by a number of "dissatisfied" Upper Echelon members within the RA community, who decided that certain information should be released and that seeds should be planted to measure and research public reaction—clearing the way and setting a foundation for whenever "they" decide to flood the wires with full disclosure on any specific topic. When public interaction becomes a necessity, the information is to be released. "

He claimed that from 1994 to 1999 a group of researchers employed by a company he referred to as RAND and associates, had access to a CERN like particle collider in Africa. This facility was and still is supposedly top secret. During these years contact was apparently made with an entity who said it was in a parallel universe, dimension or timeline. This entity began downloading into the facility computers, certain communications over a 5 year period. During this period researchers asked the entity 20,000 questions and recieved answers to 95 percent of them. The entity introduced himself as a "student who had authority from his Elders to interact with, observe, study and learn from humans." He stated that his "Elders" had noticed our solar system crossing into their parallel universe and that we were not the only beings they could see and interact with. What is so astounding about these communications is that they were released years before the current Web Bot,, and Ed Dames predictions and yet they are a spot on match. Even more interesting is a specific claim made by the entity that Fort Knox was empty and contained no gold!(note: We believe this entity knew it was speaking to American researchers at the point it mentions gold.) This is something that Brad Meltzer's decoded and Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory shows have covered. We will have a full point by point analysis of this connection in our current Deep Black Intelligence report available in our web store. In the Deep Black report we reveal what the entity predicted and show how it matches perfectly with certain web bot predictions. We also will show how this entity predicted huge changes to occur in the next few days. Upon purchasing the report subscribers are assigned an email to access the archive page that contains the report.