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Posted by Jack Cary on January 22, 2017 at 10:10 PM

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Clearest Photo Of A Bigfoot Since Patterson/Gimlin?

Posted by Jack Cary on January 22, 2017 at 6:10 PM

While conducting a video analysis in which we analysed the film frame by frame we discovered a Bigfoot that this particular videographer never even knew was watching him. Below the creature - See more on this story on our Cryptozoology Page. 

Murdered By Human Wolves: The Dog Men Of Oklahoma

Posted by Jack Cary on January 8, 2017 at 7:40 PM

In the past few months, a very strange case was brought to the P.I.A. for further investigation.This case might just be called the sad case of Katherine Cross, had it not also possessed very ominous undertones of something more paranormal than the reported details of the Katherine Cross tragedy. A few investigators have looked into this mystery but none so much as Mary Franklin, an investigator located in Oklahoma. Mary was kind enough to share her case files spanning a 25 year period of investigation into this mystery, with the P.I.A., and we have begun our own analytical investigation into this case. 

In the quiet, sleepy little town of Konawa, Oklahoma. a great mystery unfolded in 1917 and still continues to unfold to this day.  

The known public facts of this mystery are tragic enough but taken in whole with the substantial amount of other source evidence available, it begins to form a very dark picture. The accepted version of the story is that in October of 1917 a man named Dr. Yates was charged with performing an 'illegal operation' on a woman named Katherine Cross who lived in Konawa along with the Dr. This illegal operation is thought to have been a illegal abortion. The operation caused her death and Dr. Yates was charged with her murder. What is still unexplained about these charges is that they were later lessened to manslaughter before the Dr. was found not guilty of the charges. There is some evidence to suggest that another man in the town of Konawa named Fred O'neil was instrumental in this outcome and that his father was the judge presiding over the case. There is scant other information regarding this particular affair because of the rural nature of the setting of Konawa in 1917. Even today, Konawa only has a resident population of 1400 people. The population in 1917 was less than 100 people. What is known is that shortly after this whole event happened, the Dr. was once again charged with performing an illegal abortion on a woman named Elise Stone. It is known that Fred O'neil was a teacher at the same school as Elise Stone and it is suspected that he may have been the father of the fatefully aborted child. Just as before, Dr. Yates was acquitted. Those are the known facts surrounding this headstone. The inscription on the bottom of the headstone remains unexplained at this time. 25 years ago Mary Franklin decided to delve into this case and was met with death threats and a bizarre series of events that clearly indicates something far far stranger at hand than the accepted story of Katherine Cross. 

Picture: Double Dog Man tracks in fresh snow discovered by a homesteader named Carol Davies.  Notice the three toed print which is the hallmark of the Dog Man. These tracks show two creatures running side by side. This location is extremely remote. 

This is where the strangeness increases exponentially in this case. Not long after the discovery of the headstone in Konawa, Oklahoma, other witnesses came forward to report other headstones in small towns in central Oklahoma near Konawa and Ada that also bore the inscription "Murdered by Human Wolves", and some of these headstones were of male victims. One such headstone dating to 1901 still stands in the small, overgrown cemetary of Purcell, Oklahoma. Another headstone bearing the same inscription was also discovered in the small town of Stonewall, Oklahoma. All of these towns are located in close proximity in south central Oklahoma. September 2, 2001 a witness came forward named Michael Greyhawk who lived in yet another small town located near the others named Thackerville. Greyhawk reported that he had been near the lagoon outside of town and witnessed a very strange creature that he described as a "pale looking human male with an elongated face running very quickly on all four's like a dog. He said the creature was able to clear a very tall fence without a sound before disapearing into the woods. 

photograph of purported Upright walking canine creature taken in rural oklahoma. 

While investigating this case we discovered a cross pattern of information. This presents itself in the form of research done by the preeminent researcher into the Dog Man mystery, Linda Godfrey.  In her case files she presents two very interesting encounters that were reported to her. The location of these encounters was south central Oklahoma. These encounters occurred very near the same small towns where headstones have been discovered bearing the inscription "Murdered by Human Wolves."

In 2011, Linda Godfrey was contacted by a school counselor who works near Ada, Oklahoma in south cental Oklahoma. She was 5 miles southeast of Ada on a rural back road when she came across a figure walking down the side of the road. As she passed the figure she was astonished to see a 7 foot tall upright walking wolf like creature carrying a deer over its right shoulder. She reported that it turned and easily stepped over a fence with its kill and strode off into the woods on its hind legs. 

The Onaway photograph taken by a family out of the back window of their minivan as they fled a Dog Man. 

In 1993 two teenagers who were hanging out in their cars on a back road near Okarche, Oklahoma, reported to Linda Godfrey that they too had an encounter with a 7 foot tall upright walking canine creature that approached their vehicles as they sat chatting. They sped away and report that neither are willing to go into the country anymore, especially at night.  These encounters can be found in their entirety in Linda Godfrey's book 'Real Wolfmen, True Encounters in Modern America."

Lost Creek Dog Man: Photo by Jack Cary.

Are Caves The Key To Finding Bigfoot?

Posted by Jack Cary on December 29, 2016 at 7:10 AM

The quest to find the ultimate and final evidence of the species we call Bigfoot is still forging forward with just as much ferver as ever. This quest continues despite two seperate credible genome studies of D.N.A. collected in the field, that in our estimation is already scientific proof of the species. In one of these studies performed by the Erickson group, which had in it's ranks a number of world class investigators including Jc Johnson of Crypto 4 Corners and the P.I.A. Erickson spent $500,000 of his own money to fund the collecting of this evidence and the results were released to the major media news outlets. That day it was huge news all over America as the Erickson group had not only collected D.N,A. of the species but also high definition video of said creature. 

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In the state of Oklahoma, a number of the elders of the local indigenous tribes have stated publicly that they hold the traditon that these creatures live underground and it is the contention of the P.I.A. that there is sufficient evidence to bolster those claims and provide a viable explanation as to why these creatures are so very elusive. Some investigators have speculated before that this just may be the case and there is remnant material of those theories to be found on the internet. The two genome studies performed clearly showed that these creatures are in fact, part modern human, and anecdotal evidence suggests that these creatures live in a very tribal fashion. One very reliable witness who was a Navajo on a reservation in northern New Mexico, once told us of witnessing a group of them burying one of their dead. He claimed to have seen them include objects with the body before covering it up with soil and then large bolders. Another group of Navajo witnesses reported seeing a group of them literally herding a giant herd of Elk up in the highlands during Summertime. Some of them were wearing Elk Skins. If these creatures do, in fact, live in a tribal fashion then it would be logical to assume that they always do something with their dead and this, we believe, may be the key to finding the remains so long sought by an army of investigators. It could very well be that these creatures not only live in the millions of small undocumented caves which cover this country, but also bury their dead in some of them and then cover up the entrances. 

In recent years, investigators in Colorado such as Mark Para and Susan Crone of Sasquatch researchers of the American Southwest have collected a wide body of evidence which goes even further to bolster the idea that this is in fact the case. Along with finding what appears to be den after den of small caves found within the never ending canyon systems of Colorado, they have also collected compelling photographic evidence of the creatures around these caves. 

The following photographs are courtesy of Mark Para and Susan Crone of Sasquatch researchers of the American Southwest.



The quest to find remains of one of these creatures continues but we are beginning to see the larger picture of what is happening and why it is that those remains have not been found...yet. As we continue to zero in on these creatures behavioral patterns then we believe that evidence will be found and the world will finally have to accept the reality of these creatures. 

Rendlesham U.F.O. Event And The Mystery Of Hy Brasil In The Binary Code Recieved By Jim Penniston

Posted by Jack Cary on September 26, 2016 at 4:05 PM

The Rendlesham U.F.O. incident is world famous, having been the subject of a number of U.F.O documentary and other television specials. This event occurred shortly after midnight on December 26, 1980 at the joint U.S. and British air base located in the U.K. During this incident a triangular craft approximately 9 feet long and 4 to 5 feet high landed near the base. The craft was glowing with orange, blue, and yellow lights. Jim Penniston was able to approach the craft and touch it. When he touched the craft, he claims it somehow telepathically downloaded a 16 page binary code into his mind. 

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This code stuck in his mind and he wrote it down the day after the incident. This code was not translated till decades later and to the amazement of the computer scientist who translated the code, it contained a mysterious message. 

The translation of the code contains a message indicating that this craft was somehow monitoring the "continuous advance of humanity." It then goes on to list a number of locations around the world which today are considered quite mysterious and somehow linked to events of the past on this planet which are lost to us. 

The message contains the location for an island known to ancient cartographers as Hy Brasil. The name comes from the Celtic word Braseal which referred to the Celtic King of the World. What is fascinating about the inclusion of Hy Brasil is that it doesn't exist. All of the other sites listed exist on planet Earth but not Hy Brasil. In history there are quite a few ancient maps which depict the mythical island. It was always depicted off the western coast of Ireland and as being perfectly round with a single river running like a band across it from east to west.  To add to the confusion, explorers like the Scottish sea captain John Nisbet reported to have found the island on his voyage from France to Ireland.  A follow up expedition undertaken by the sea captain Alexander Johnson confirmed the existence of the island. The last reported sighting of the island was made in 1872 by Robert O'Flaherty and T.J. Westropp. Westropp claimed to have visited the island on three previous occasions and was so captivated by it that he brought his whole family to see it on his last expedition. There they claimed to have seen the island appear out of nowhere only to disapear again.

The Nautical chart of Western Europe (1473) shows Hy-Brasil in a circular shape ( British Library )

The Rendlesham Forest U.F.O. incident is considered by most investigators to be one of the most highly credible U.F.O. incidents to ever be chronicled. This incident had numerous military witnesses who even after decades of time have remained adament about their collective experience on that fateful night. 

The real mystery to the P.I.A. is why the message contained the geographical location for an island that appears not to exist and whose historical references are all shrouded in mystical lore and mystery.  Recently we released a Deep Black Report discussing our new theory regarding a Unified Field Theory of Paranormal Activity and what we believe to be very compelling evidence of Earth's interaction with a Type 3 civilization which is monitoring this planet down to the D.N.A. level of every living creature. 

The Rendlesham Forest incident seems to back up our new theory. This probe craft appears to have originated from this Type 3 civilization and was assigned the task of monitoring our "continuous planetary advance".  The inclusion of the coordinates for Hy Brasil is a very telling clue in this mystery.  Only one of two possibilites could be the case. Either the Type 3 civilization from which the probe originated was programmed with an error or the island must exist. Any and all modern day attempts to prove that the island was now a submerged land mass have failed and there quite simply is no evidence of  a land mass off the coast of Ireland that would ever have passed as an island. 

If the probe was programmed with an error then we have discovered that the Type 3 civilization is not perfect and they do make errors. If the probe was not programmed with an error then what was Hy Brasil?

Maj. Ed Dames Remote Viewers Target Bigfoot

Posted by Jack Cary on July 30, 2016 at 6:05 AM

16 inch footprint found in the Chuska Mountains by Jack Cary of Crypto 4 Corners and P.I.A.

Recently Maj. Ed Dames C.I.A. (ret.) was interviewed by Art Bell of Coast to Coast A.M. radio about the use of his team of Remote Viewers to target Bigfoot. The results of this experiment were shocking to say the least and leave as many questions as they do answers. In Remote Viewing the remote viewer is never told or shown who or what the target is until well after the experiment is conducted. In this particular experiment the remote viewing team almost to a man all drew the same thing. What they drew and sensed and explained was not something that most if any leading Sasquatch researchers would guess, far from it, in fact. 

What the team of Remote Viewers saw and described was a black box device in space. They sensed that this black box is somehow responsible for the creature's appearance on earth. They sensed that this was, in fact, a real creature who was alive on the earth at some point but who's essence was now somehow captured by this alien black box technology. This monolith like device was able to project the very living essence of the creature down to the earth and retract it at will. They also sensed that the purpose of the "projections" of the creature from the black box was to stimulate an eventual response from the human species to look behind what was causing the "projections" of this and other enigmas. They believe that when the human species begins to look behind what is causing the projections then the relationship between our species and the manufactures of this technology will finally change and contact made. 

Maj. Ed Dames believes this explains a number of strange facts that are known in Sasquatch research. Chief among these strange facts are the many disapearing track lines that have been discovered. Crypto 4 Corners discovered just such a trackline in the wilds of northern New Mexico where the prints measured 19 inches in length and the trackline itself was a full 1/4 mile in length! The tracks just suddenly stop where by all right they should continue. The topography doesn't change, for example, the same soft sand extends for miles that the prints were found in and should continue on for as long as the mediium allows but in these cases they don't. The tracks stop and by all appearances the creature just seems to vanish into thin air.

These findings seem to generate more questions than they answer. One such question is what happens when one is killed down on this planet? Does it dematerialize into light spectra, like a hologram or are we still left with a fleshy specimen? If we are left with a fleshy specimen then how would the human species ever discover that these were "projections" from an alien technology? 

Down the Rabbit Hole we go.

The P.I.A./Crypto 4 Corners is dedicated to solving this mystery once and for all and our field research efforts have been redoubled in concert with our desire to find the ulitimate answers to this and other mysteries facing mankind. 

19 inch print discovered by C4C. This was part of a disapearing trackline that extended 1/4 mile. Follow up investigation conducted by Jc Johnson and Jack Cary of C4C international.

A Huge Spherical Object Near the Sun Caught By NASA's SDO

Posted by Jack Cary on January 30, 2016 at 10:50 AM

This is the second time now that this type of huge spherical object has been filmed near the sun. The first time we witnessed this was in 2012 during a period when many ancient civilizations including the Maya had predicted global upheaval. In the years past we have covered extensively the 'Kill Shot' prediction made by some of the most accomplished remote viewers in history. This prediction dictates that a coronal mass ejection from the sun will take down the world wide power grid and cause the fall of civilization, worldwide. This event would be the ultimate Black Swan Event and constitute a true global disaster with death toll predictions of approximately 270 million in the U.S. alone, coming from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Dr. Peter Pry who heads the Dept. of Homeland Sec. Task Force on the U.S. power grid has stated publicly that this is their estimate should another so called Carrington Event occur during our present state of technological vulnurability. Now we have not one but two seperate videos of what appears to be either an unknown creature or enormoous alien ship seeming to interact with and alter our sun. In both videos the 'Sphere' appears to lower some sort of tube like appendage into the Sun before shooting off into space with incredible velocity. Some researchers have speculated that these are craft who are using the power of the sun to refuel themselves. We speculate that because of the initial timing of this interaction in 2012 and because of the ongoing Kill Shot prediction, that we may, in fact, be witnessing some sort of alien interaction with our star in an attempt to stave off the total annihilation of Earth's civilizations.

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American Journal Of Modern Physics Reports Evidence Of U.F.O.'s Using New Type Of Telescope

Posted by Jack Cary on January 29, 2016 at 5:45 AM


"In short, it appears that ITE-1 consist of matter-entities in our terrestrial environment achieving locomotion via the acquisition of antimatter in their interior with consequential use of matter-antimatter propulsion, and achieve invisibility via the emission of antimatter-light as a sort of exhaust. A Post Ph.D. mathematical study of the new type of locomotion via the use of the new isodual Minkowskian geometry for antimatter is available in monograph."

American Journal of Modern Physics

2015; X(X): XX-XX

Published online MM DD, 2015 (

doi: 10.11648/j.XXXX.2015XXXX.XX

ISSN: 2326-8867 (Print); ISSN: 2326-8891 (Online)

Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE)

In the January 20, 2016 issue of the American Journal of Modern Physics in a paper published in the investigation of matter and antimatter, a scientist has made a shocking discovery. New telescopes have been developed using concave lenses in an attempt to see light emitted by antimatter that has a negative refraction index. Through the use of these new telescopes, scientists have now detected and reported that they have indisputable evidence for the existence of never before seen entities who are alive and apparently patrolling our skies unseen. Ruggero M. Santelli, a physicist and owner of Thunder Energies Corporation reports in the paper that their findings indicate two types of entities being seen and recorded. Type 1 appears to be mainly in lunar or terrestrial orbits. Type 2 are rather more alarming as they are apparently operating unseen within our atmosphere, directly over sensitive military, industrial, and civilian installations. The paper speculates that these entities are using a type of propulsion system that uses antimatter from surrounding space and through the exhaust of the waste particles are able to achieve an invisibility in our visible light spectrum. If this observation proves true, it will have vast implications for the human species and its understanding of the Universe. We will be preparing a much deeper report on this new finding and it's implications in an upcoming Deep Black Report. 

Cut and paste the following link to see the paper as published in the A.J.M.P.:  file:///C:/Users/Owner/Pictures/American%20Journal%20of%20Physics%20for%20UFO's%20(1).pdf

P.I.A. Discovers Major Relict Hominid Habituation Area

Posted by Jack Cary on August 24, 2015 at 11:55 AM

The P.I.A. has discovered a new and very promising Relic Hominid research area. Our field work into this remote area has yielded an amazing amount of evidence in a very short period. This habituation area is in the prime altitude locale of 9,200 feet.

This new research area sits on the edge of a historical hotspot for Relic Hominid sightings.
On our last expedition we discovered an number of very strange stick structures and an enormous footprint. A few hundred yards from this location sits another anomalous stick structure in the shape of a rudimentary teepee. These structures have been associated with Bigfoot by many investigators into this mystery.

Missing 411, The Mach Effect, And Parallel Dimensions: A P.I.A. Deep Black Report

Posted by Jack Cary on August 7, 2015 at 7:45 AM

This is a P.I.A. Deep Black Report. This report contains an exclusive theory developed by the P.I.A. to explain the many missing persons cases in America's National Park system. 

In the last few years a researcher and former law enforcement officer named David Paulides has garnered widespread attention for his investigations into the abnormally large number of  missing persons cases in America's National Park system. Paulides has performed an exhaustive investigation into these disapearances and has been able to find very valuable patterns and similarities to many of these cases. The P.I.A. has now examined these patterns and similarities in detail and has developed its own working theory to explain the cause of this disturbing phenomenon. 

Upon careful analysis of the known facts of Paulides highlighted cases, our analysts began to realize that there could, in fact, be a scientific explanation for this disturbing phenomenon and we were reminded that the paranormal is the normal, just not yet understood by man. Our theory combines a known scientific theory called the 'Mach Effect' with known Geological science and theoretical physics to help provide a possible explanation to the Missing 411 phenomenon. 

Missing Persons Cluster Map developed by the CanAm Missing Project and David Pualides

Many theories have been proposed to explain this phenomenon from Sasquatch abductions to E.T. activity and even more exotic explanations. None of these proposed theories fits with the known facts of the individual cases themselves. In recent days a new Missing 411 case has been opened. This involves a young man from Cleveland, Ohio on vacation in Southern Colorado. This now missing individual disapeared over a week ago and no trace of him has been found despite exhaustive efforts by search and rescue teams. This particular case fits perfectly with the rest of the Missing 411 phenomenon. All of the details surrounding his disapearnce are nearly identical to other cases. 

Around the world in hushed conferences and in published scientific journals some of the best physicists alive today are attempting to relate current physics theories to observed anomalies or paranormal phenomena. Basically their scientific musings and wandering equations are beginning to sniff out the possibility that at least some reported paranormal phenomena could be the result of inter-dimensional beings or time travelers accessing our space time continuum. Likewise they are posing the possibility that physical beings jumping across vast distances of space via wormholes or stargates as a possibility for some UFO activity. One hair raising variation of the interdimensional hypothesis posits that creatures or beings that access our physical reality need not be physical but may be capable of influencing our physical reality and could be capable of such acts as mind control. Some have theorized that they could manifest their influence through long term evolutionary manipulation and act as an unseen influence on human affairs. It could be that any perceived motive would be entirely incomprehensible to us in a human sense.

Some renowned scientists like Michio Kaku are beginning to realize what may be a grim reality for the human species. Kaku writes, “Let’s say that a ten lane superhighway is being built next to an anthill. The question is: would the ants even know what a ten lane super highway is, or what it’s used for, or how to communicate with the workers who are just feet away? And the answer is no…if there is another civilization in our backyard, in the Milky Way Galaxy, would we even know its presence? There’s a good chance that we, like ants in the anthill, would not understand or be able to make sense of a ten lane superhighway next door.” This view is shared by other leading physicist like Beatrize Gato-Rivera who have begun to embrace what their science and intuition are telling them and who have begun to ask questions unthinkable in academia only a few years ago. Gato-Rivera wrote, “If there exists thousands, or millions of parallel universes, separated from ours through extra-dimensions it would be natural then to expect that some proportion of these universes would have the same laws of physics as ours and many of the corresponding advanced civilizations would master the techniques to travel or ‘jump’ through the extra dimensions. This opens up enormous possibilities.” The question now being debated among these scientists is whether or not someone ‘out there’ in a parallel dimension or from far away points in time and space could get here and interact with our reality in bizarre ways. Michio Kaku suggests, “Aliens may be here now, in another dimension, a millimeter away from our own.” Kaku is careful to point out that wave frequencies of other dimensions, times and universes are all around us every moment of every day. He states; “However just like you can only tune into one radio channel, you can only tune into one reality channel, and that is the channel that you exist in. The catch is that we cannot communicate with them, we cannot enter these universes.” Kaku and his colleagues agree, however, that far more advanced beings could possess the technological capability to make the jump between dimensions or parallel universes. Other scientists from disciplines unrelated to physics are surprisingly converging on the same conclusion.

The late Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack won a Pulitzer Prize for his book on the alien abduction phenomenon. He came to believe that there was a connection between all manner of paranormal activity. He wrote; “Taken together, these phenomena tell us many things about ourselves and the universe that challenge the dominant materialist paradigm. They reveal that our understanding of reality is extremely limited, the cosmos is more mysterious than we have imagined, there are other intelligences all about some of which seem able to reach us. Consciousness itself may be the primary creative force of the universe, and our knowledge of the physical properties of this world is far from complete.The emerging picture is a cosmos that is an interconnected harmonic web, vibrating with creativity and intelligence, in which separateness is an illusion.”

What these scientists don’t yet realize however, is that the ‘vortex’ areas are doorways between dimensions. They believe according to their science that the doorways could and should be there and yet haven’t accepted the reality that the doorways are there. The bizarre and bewildering events at these sites represents nothing less than a physical interaction between dimensions. At each of these sites one finds very strange electromagnetic energy fields. Physicists believe that other dimensions are very real and that it is entirely possible that beings exist in those dimensions. They also believe that the only thing separating dimensions is an electromagnetic membrane. What is occurring at these vortex sites is that the unusual electromagnetic energies at these sites caused by the underlying geology causes a thinning or opening in the membrane allowing for momentary or intermittent interaction between our dimension and others. This is something the United States Military must be aware of and also must consider a threat in some manner, how else can we explain their presence at each and every location as well as their desire to buy up the land on which these sites now rest? It is though they have posted a guard at each of the ‘doors’ to monitor the activity and to somehow perhaps combat it. The wide array of parallel and differing paranormal activity reported at these sites fits perfectly with what these scientists describe an interaction of this sort would be like.

In Paulides newest work regarding the Missing 411 phenomenon, he focuses on the fact that many of the cases have occurred in areas that posses so called 'Devil Names'. These areas include names like 'Devil's Den', 'Devil's Lake', 'Devil's Canyon', 'Mt. Diablo', etc. This fact struck a major chord with our research and is identical to the research of one of the world's most renown cryptozoologist, named Loren Coleman. In Coleman's well researched book 'Mysterious America', he discusses the fact that many types of paranormal activity are always associated with places that have historical 'Devil' names and that, in fact, these places all earned their names because of the observed paranormal activity by the local populations who in times past equated it with the work of the Devil. In Appendix 5 of Coleman's 'Mysterious America' one can find a complete list of these names and places as well as the observed paranormal activity. This fact and the fact that many of the missing 411 cases also have occurred in these same areas is far too much of a coincidence for the P.I.A. to accept as random possiblity.  In December of 2014 Paulides was interviewed on Veritas radio and stated that a new pattern seems to have emerged with his research is that at the same time that some of the people vanished, he also discovered that there had been either vanishing airplanes or ships that had occurred that same day in the Bermuda Triangle. This fact almost guarantees that what we are dealing with is an interdimensional bleed through in areas that have underlying geographic topography which produce strong electromagnetic fields. Our theory is thus:

The Woodward effect, also referred to as a Mach effect, one of at least three predicted Mach effects, is part of a hypothesis proposed by James F. Woodward in 1990. The hypothesis states that transient mass fluctuations arise in any object that absorbs internal energy while undergoing a proper acceleration. Harnessing this effect could generate a thrust, which Woodward and others claim to measure in various experiments. If proven to exist, the Woodward effect could be used in the design of spacecraft engines of a field propulsion engine that would not have to expel matter to accelerate. Such an engine, called a Mach effect thruster (MET), would be a breakthrough in space travel. So far, no conclusive proof of the existence of this effect has been presented. Experiments to confirm and utilize this effect by Woodward and others continue.

According to Woodward, there are at least three Mach effects theoretically possible: vectored impulse thrust, open curvature of spacetime, and closed curvature of spacetime. The first effect, the Woodward effect, is the minimal energy effect of the hypothesis. The Woodward effect is focused primarily on proving the hypothesis and providing the basis of a Mach effect impulse thruster. In the first of three general Mach effects for propulsion or transport, the Woodward effect is an impulse effect usable for in-orbit satellite stationkeeping, spacecraft reaction control systems, or at best, thrust within the solar system. The second and third effects are open and closed spacetime effects. Open curved spacetime effects can be applied in a field generation system to produce warp fields. Closed curve spacetime effects would be part of a field generation system to generate wormholes.

 The third Mach effect is a closed curve spacetime effect or closed timelike curve called a benign wormhole. Closed curve space is generally known as a wormhole or black hole. Prompted by Carl Sagan for the scientific basis of wormhole transport in the movie Contact, Kip Thorne developed the theory of benign wormholes. The generation, stability and traffic control of transport through a benign wormhole is only theoretical at present.

This is important because the Earth is also experiencing 'Transient Mass Fluctuations', as it travels through space, this in turn is causing stress in the underlying rock strata in various geographical areas where there are an unsusal number of missing persons cases. This rock strata contains very large deposits of quartz crystal, which when stressed causes the generation of very strong Electromagnetic fields. These fields are 'activated' at different times and places depending on external space/time factors which produce the Mach effect. When these fields are generated then they can cause a 'benign wormhole' to form allowing for travel between dimensions. It is our contention that not only are the wide array of paranormal activity associated with these areas the result of momentary interaction between dimensions but that the high number of missing persons cases so eloquently researched by Paulides can also be attributed to this scientific mechanism. The book 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' holds many important clues in this line of research and we at the P.I.A. believe that we could, in fact, be witnessing something developing which is far, far more disturbing once the Macro implications of these findings are contemplated.