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The truth behind Stanley Kubric and the Apollo Moon Missions:

As previously stated the filmmaker Jay Weidner has produced a series of documentaries which detail Kubric's role in faking moon footage. This was a C.I.A. operation and it was conducted simply because at the time of the race to space against the Soviets, failure was not an option. The operation was going to work as follows. If the astronauts died on their way to the moon, then the footage was going to be used to perpetrate a hoax of success. The government was then going to claim that the astronauts did indeed succeed in their mission of beating the soviets to the moon only to die on their way back. We could then as a nation declare victory, winning a most important moral victory over the Soviet Union. 

A patent for the TR-3B  has recently been filed. The TR-3B we know now was responsible for the now famous Belgium U.F.O. wave as we reported in special DEEP BlACK REPORT months ago.

The TR-3B spacecraft patent can be found at the following link:

Video compilation of footage of the TR-3B is featured above. The footage was taken from various geographical locations.

The Secret Mars Colony



In recent years Dr. Courtney Brown's organization, known as the farsight institute, released the results of a very compelling experiment that they undertook utilizing the most proficient military grade remote viewers on the planet. The experiment was based on a photograph obtained from N.A.S.A. J.P.L. Lab and that is available to the public at large online. This experiment used nine remote viewers with over ten years each of operational experience and with impressive track records. 24 sessions were conducted on the target in the photograph. The photograph is clearly of a dome like structure located on the surface of Mars. The amazing thing about this photograph is that it clearly shows liquid being ejected from a massive pipe like structure which protrudes from the the dome. All sessions conducted were both "solo" and "blind", meaning that the Remote Viewers were both completely alone and had no prior knowledge of the target they had been assigned to remote view. The following link is to the original source of the photo which was captured for N.A.S.A. by Milan Space Science Systems :


The results of the experiment were breathtaking and a large amount of information about this structure was gained by the viewers. The results concluded that the domes in the photographs are artificial. There are current inhabitants in the domes. The original builders of the domes are ancient. The current inhabitants do not fully understand the technology, and the inhabitants are missing spare parts. These domes have enormous power generating technology. Almost every viewer reported intense light flashing from the domes. They also were able to ascertain that there is a sense of despondency among the current inhabitants. The current inhabitants accepted this assignment as a hardship assignment and knew that they could never return home once they had accepted it. The experiment went on to conclude that there was no extraterrestrial content to the RV data, meaning that these were human subjects. Lynn Buchanan, one of the most proficient remote viewers in the group picked up on elements of this being a "black" military operation. 


All of this information ties in very well with yet another source claiming that she was approached by intelligence agents who attempted to recruit her into a program dealing with a secret Mars colony in 2006. This was not just any ordinary person, but the great granddaughter of former president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Laura Magdalene Eisenhower has come forth many times to publicly state her experiences and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs in an attempt to educate the public about the truth behind America's secret Mars colony. 


 This is interesting in light of the newly discovered TR-3B patent. Those who have argued against the existence of a secret Mars colony have largely done so based on the idea that we did not possess a spacecraft with the technological capability to get people and supplies efficiently to the surface of Mars. The patent and surrounding evidence for the TR-3B clearly makes that argument untenable. The testimony of British hacker Gary Mckinnon even ties in perfectly with what appears to be a large and growing body of evidence that the greatest military "black" operation has been executed with precision and what appears to be a large amount of success. We at the P.I.A. believe that the Mars colony may even have ties to the missing 2.3 trillion dollars reported by the pentagon. Clif High's web bot has also detected a large amount of data concerning a secret space program and his reports indicate that this program will be revealed to the public in the next few years. 



The Type II Civilization And The Case For A Unified Field Theory Of Paranormal Activity.

"Any sufficiently advanced science will be indistinguishable from magic."

-Arthur C. Clark 

   For a very long time now, we have suspected that underlying the vast amount of different types of paranormal activity being reported to us and to other investigators, was a pattern of evidence to connect them all to a singular source. The pieces of this puzzle are vast and wide ranging in scope. When they are placed together, however, they present a breathtaking whole. 

   Many of our readers are well aware of the Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon or as we refer to it, the Unexplained Animal Death Phenomenon. This was very much brought to the attention of the American public by way of the work of the renowned researcher Linda Moulton Howe. What is so interesting about the Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon is that this occurrence is not limited to cattle but to almost every animal one can think of.  The fact that this is the case and that victims of this phenomenon stretch from wild lizards all the way up to humans and that this occurs in every country around the world, indicates to us that any and all theories whereby these activities are being conducted by some sort of as yet undiscovered and unnamed black operations military group, are in error. 

   A very close examination of a vast amount of ancillary evidence running parallel to this phenomenon indicates to this organization that this phenomenon in it's entirety casts a shocking light on what might be the singular source of this and many other paranormal mysteries happening around the world.  

 Cat's, Cattle and Chronic Wasting Disease:

Many readers are well aware of the phenomenon known as Cattle Mutilation but have not seen nor heard the evidence for this phenomenon happening to both a vast amount of varying animal species and, most shockingly, to humans.  For a long time the Cattle Mutilation phenomenon was being presented by the key investigators into this mystery, as an occurrence that only happened to the cattle species. In the course of the those key investigations, however, a number of other types of mutilated animals with matching wounds to those found on cattle were also reported and investigated. Now we have a highly credible body of cases of this occurring to a vast number of biological species around the world. In some of the most recent occurrences, wild lizards were discovered with perfect dissection wounds and organs surgically removed. In recent years, human cases of this phenomenon have also been discovered.

Charles Fort reported a number of these cases occurring in the late 19th and early 20th century in England. In America the earliest documented accounts came from Kansas and Pennsylvania, however, the first case of this to gain national attention occurred in 1967 in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. 


An organization known as the National Institute for Discovery Science which is funded by billionaire Robert Bigelow, conducted an extensive multi year study of the cattle mutilation phenomenon and published their findings in a scientific paper titled 'Unexplained Cattle Deaths and the Emergence of a Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Epidemic in North America'. This organization employs some of the finest scientists in the world to study various phenomenon of a paranormal nature and this particular study of theirs is both extremely well investigated and presented.

Key to their findings are the following points of consideration. The paper states:

"Overall, the evidence suggests that animal mutilations are a long-term, covert, prion disease sampling operation by unknown perpetrators who are aware of a substantial contamination of the beef and venison food supply. Although this paper presents evidence in favor of a motive for animal mutilations, there is still insufficient evidence to identify the perpetrators."

"The hypotheses described in this paper yield a number of testable predictions. Examining these predictions in the coming months and years is increasingly urgent because they have considerable public health implications. Secondly, the recent (May 2003) announcement of a case of mad-cow disease in Alberta, Canada has brought the issue of the contamination of the human food chain into sharper focus." 

  The abstract of the NIDS paper and its bullet points of immediate concern are as follows:

"We present evidence that a correlation exists between reports of animal mutilation and the emergence of a Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) epidemic in North America."

 "We show that sharp instruments are used in animal mutilations. Our data contradicts the conclusions of the 1980 Rommel Report that claimed predators and scavengers could explain reports of cattle mutilation."

*  "Using data obtained from a NIDS nationwide survey of bovine veterinarian practitioners, we show that certain organs are preferentially removed during animal mutilations."

*  "We focus attention on the temporal and geographical overlaps between the animal mutilation and TSE epidemics in NE Colorado. The most highly publicized TSE epidemic in North America, chronic wasting disease (CWD), emerged in NE Colorado in the late 1960's." 

*  "We show evidence that patterns of animal mutilations conform to covert but classical wildlife sampling methodologies for infectious diseases." 

*  "We show evidence in support of an epidemic of prion disease that is both sub-clinical in cattle and clinical in deer/elk in North America." 

*  "We describe evidence from two laboratories that a number of prion diseases in humans are misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease and therefore currently escape detection." The NIDS findings summarize to the following. The animal mutilation phenomenon is real. They can predict animal mutilations by tracking outbreaks of prion disease in wildlife populations. This and the methods being used by the perpetrators lead these capable scientists to conclude that there is a clandestine animal testing program being conducted by unknown perpetrators. The aforementioned facts leads them and the PIA to believe that the North American and perhaps the world's fresh meat supply has become compromised by prion proteins. During their investigation the NIDS also discovered that massive amounts of  KURU virus were brought to Bethesda, Maryland from New Guinea in the 1960's and that testing of the virus on various wildlife species was undertaken. They also believe that some of these samples were shipped to a testing facility in Ft. Collins, Colorado for testing on deer and elk and that one of those specimens escaped the facility. The following spring, the first recorded cases of chronic wasting disease were reported in North America. 

The one question not satisfactorily answered by NIDS's efforts at solving this mystery is that they were unable to obtain enough information to ascertain who was perpetrating the clandestine testing of our food supply. That is the question that this article hopes to answer as it is placed within a larger context of paranormal happenings and ancillary evidence. 

What is fascinating in this mystery is that the testing program moved on to house cats. In August of 1989 the New York Times wrote an article about the finding of 67 cats mutilated in Tustin, California. The New York Times article states:

"Some of the cats were cut in half with what some say is almost surgical precision, others disemboweled or skinned. One resident said, 'There is never any blood at the scene, the animals are often dismembered with surgical precision and paws and other body parts are often left on the ground in strikingly similar arrangements. No one ever seems to hear anything, nor do dogs bark during the killing.' It was believed the cats were captured, taken elsewhere, their blood drained and organs removed, then replaced on their owners' lawns."


 (I have included the photo of the sheep mutilation in order to show the similarity between the wounds.)

In March of 1993, Linda Moultan Howe and Dr. John Altschuler of Denver, Colorado obtained a specimen of one of these cats from a wave of mutilations taking place in Alberta, Canada. Upon microscopic examination it was determined that the entire excision was made by an instrument with a very high heat source. The above photo is that specimen. The wound was caused and simultaneously cauterized by a singular instrument.  

  Waves of mutilations of house cats have occurred since the 1970's and sometimes other small animals are found as well. Animals found with these wounds include rabbits, squirrels, marmots, lizards, dogs, raccoon, and rats. These waves have been documented in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. They occur cyclically every few years and the following cities have had the most occurrences: 

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 

London, England

Vancouver, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Tucson, Arizona

San Antonio, Plano, Ft. Worth, Austin and Corpus Christie, Texas 

Seattle, Spokane, Washington

Falls Church, Virginia

Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Pensacola, Navarre, Lauderhill, Florida

Lee, New York

Tucson, Arizona

Tustin, San Jose and San Diego, California

Salt Lake City, Utah

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

 Here again, in the case of the half cat mutilations when we look deeper, we find the probable motive for them being tested for prion proteins. In the case of the cattle, the scenario plays out like this. When certain black budget scientists working for the U.S. government began testing Kuru Virus on our country's native wildlife population, and one of the specimens escaped from a testing facility in Ft. Collins, Colorado, they inadvertently compromised the North American beef supply. This occurs because deer and elk do not pay attention to barbed wire fences and hop right over them as though they aren't even there. Once they have gained access to the grazing grounds of our cattle populations they feed off the plants leaving infected saliva deposits behind. The cattle then feed off the same plants and become infected with the virus. The virus shows up in cattle as Mad Cow disease and in humans as Jacob Creutzfeldt Disease and other prion protein maladies.  The NIDS has presented compelling evidence that these prion protein diseases are being mis-diagnosed in the human population as early Alzheimer's disease. In the case of house cats, when we began to dig deeper we discovered a rather shocking fact. House cats are the most invasive species ever introduced into the North American continent or to any continent around the world. In a recent scientific study chronicled by we find the following critical information.

The biologists who worked on the new study pored over research culled over the past several years to estimate how many cats live in the US, and what their killing habits might be. They estimate that roughly 84 million owned cats live in the US, and that there are 30-80 million un-owned cats, which include feral cats, barn cats, and cats who are not allowed inside. The researchers "estimate that free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.4–3.7 billion birds and 6.9–20.7 billion mammals annually." They emphasize that "un-owned cats" are the culprits here. Though the numbers may be shocking, their discovery isn't particularly startling. Un-owned cats have already been implicated in 33 modern bird, mammal, and reptile extinctions, write the researchers in Nature Communications.

They continue:

 The major scourges for wildlife were not those free-ranging, owned-cats, but instead feral and un-owned cats that survive on the streets. Each of those kitties - and the team estimates between 30 million and 80 million of them live in the United States - kills between 23 and 46 birds a year, and between 129 and 338 small mammals

These facts indicate to the PIA that the perpetrators of this unlawful testing program are quite concerned that the prion protein infestation has now spread to the wild bird population. In the case of the cattle and other wildlife like deer and elk the concern is that they have become infected through contact with one another and sharing the same grazing territory. In the case of the cats, they are concerned that the birds they are eating have also become widely infected. This is also the case with the small mammals being found with the same wounds. The house cats are also responsible for the killing a vast number of small mammals every year.  

Let us turn our attention to the perpetrators and their possible motives because therein lies the real focus of this article as it relates to a unified field theory of paranormal activity. The PIA has now identified two separate but likely related source causes that we believe can account for the vast majority if not all of the paranormal happenings taking place across our planet. We also believe that it is through the intricate investigation of the Unexplained Animal Death or Cattle Mutilation mystery that a serious and most disturbing insight can be gleaned as to the possible implications of this being the case. When we examine the history of the Cattle Mutilation phenomenon, it is interesting to note that the first widely reported case of this occurring in America was to a horse named Lady in the San Luis Valley of Colorado in 1967.  



An interesting note to this case is that Nellie Lewis, the owner of the horse became increasingly obsessed with UFO's in the months following the mysterious death of her horse. She eventually committed suicide at the base of Mt. Blanca. Days after her death a group of volunteers showed up to her home to help clean out all of her belongings. Nellie Lewis was known to have kept a diary of her experiences with UFO's in the San Luis Valley. The day the volunteers showed up so did two unidentified men who volunteered to help. Shortly after these strange men left the home, it was discovered that Nellie Lewis's diary was also missing.  

The PIA investigated a very similar case in recent years and we believe that on this occasion the perpetrators left a clue never before seen in any of the cases. In fact, it just might be the best evidence ever collected in the UAD/Cattle Mutilation mystery.  On November 9, 2013 Terry Mcilvaine of Fairview, Tennessee discovered that his palo fino horse had suffered the same fate as so many Cattle, Cats and other mammals before him. What was different about this case is that Terry Mcilvaine had two infrared security cameras in his field watching over his horses and we believe that those cameras caught our very first glimpses of the perpetrators of this testing program. More shockingly than that is the evidence that we will present that this testing program is in fact being conducted by a so called Type II civilization and that the earth and its inhabitants are playing an unknown role in a Type II civilization without their knowledge.

In the Mcilvaine case on two separate dates and times days before the mutilation occurred the following photographs were obtained by infrared security cameras.  



Notice that the horse does not react at all to the light source which indicates to us that the source is completely silent.


On the night of the actual mutilation of the horse the perpetrators rendered the cameras inoperable. The local Sheriffs dept. stated that they believed that the cameras were somehow blocked that night.  







 If readers are unfamiliar with the concept of a Type II civilization then the following information will be useful. 

 The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize directed towards communication.[1] The scale has three designated categories called Type III, and III. A Type I civilization – also called planetary civilization – is able to utilize and store energy available from its neighboring star which reaches their planet, Type II is able to harness the energy of the entire star (the most popular hypothetic concept being the Dyson sphere—a device which would encompass the entire star and transfer its energy to the planet), and Type III civilization are in control of energy on the scale of their entire host galaxy. The scale is hypothetical, and regards energy consumption on a cosmic scale. It was first proposed in 1964 by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. Various extensions of the scale have been proposed since, from a wider range of power levels (types 0, IV and V) to the use of metrics other than pure power.

 The Kardashev scale allows for a Type III civilization and this could very well be the case in regards to the earth and our Unified Field Theory of Paranormal Activity.  As Arthur C. Clarke once stated, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." What we believe we are witnessing is exactly that, technology so advanced that it often appears indistinguishable from magic and that its source is a Type II or Type III civilization which is monitoring this planet and the human species down to the D.N.A. level.  Many readers have heard of the so called Drake equation proposed by Frank Drake the inventor of the radio telescope. This is the equation he developed to theoretically calculate the number of advanced civilizations possibly surviving in our galaxy.


Frank Drake. 

 The Drake equation is:

N = R_{\ast} \cdot f_p \cdot n_e \cdot f_{\ell} \cdot f_i \cdot f_c \cdot L


N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible (i.e. which are on our current past light cone);


R* = the average rate of star formation in our galaxy
fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets
ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
fl = the fraction of planets that could support life that actually develop life at some point
fi = the fraction of planets with life that actually go on to develop intelligent life (civilizations)
fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
L = the length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space

 This gave Enrico Fermi, the Italian physicist the impetus to create his 'Fermi's Paradox'. This is an equation with the idea that according to the Drake equation, there should have been a civilization already in the Milky Way galaxy that had achieved a type II or type III designation as it would only take approximately a million years of technological advancement for such a feat to be possible by any given intelligent civilization. Fermi, who developed the world's first nuclear reactor, noted that there are billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy and if this was the case then:

  • There are billions of stars in the galaxy that are similar to the Sun, many of which are billions of years older than Earth.
  • With high probability, some of these stars will have Earth-like planets, and if the Earth is typical, some might develop intelligent life.
  • Some of these civilizations might develop interstellar travel, a step the Earth is investigating now.
  • Even at the slow pace of currently envisioned interstellar travel, the Milky Way galaxy could be completely traversed in about a million years.

According to this line of thinking, the Earth should have already been visited by extraterrestrial aliens. In an informal conversation, Fermi noted no convincing evidence of this, leading him to ask, "Where is everybody?"There have been many attempts to explain the Fermi paradox,primarily suggesting either that intelligent extraterrestrial life is extremely rare, or proposing reasons that such civilizations have not contacted or visited Earth.

 What Fermi didn't count on in his speculations is that the earth and it's inhabitants were somehow a part of a vast galactic civilization that must fit the type II or type III Kardashev hypothesis. We have examined the animal mutilation phenomenon but the human species is also being examined on an ongoing basis, apparently by the same civilization that is responsible for the animal mutilation phenomenon. The PIA has also found very disturbing evidence of human mutilation cases and these don't even reflect the very real problem of 'alien abduction' which we believe to also be part of the type II,III agenda of this still unidentified master civilization. One such case is the human mutilation case of Guarapiranga, Brazil. We have examined this case in another Deep Black Report. This particular case is the one case we consider to be the most disturbing of all time because of the coroner's observations and conclusions upon post-mortem examination. Notice in the coroner's photographs the similarity of wounds to the victim that are found time and again on cattle mutilations. The coroner observed in his official notes that whatever caused the wounds on this victim was a machine and most disturbing of all, he believed the machine had been designed in order perform that specific function and no other. In other words, this was done by a type of machine that was designed and manufactured to cause those exact wounds on a human. The victim was drained of blood in identical fashion to other animal mutilations.







This case is fully covered in the Deep Black Report posted below this one. In short, the coroner believed this individual was both alive and paralyzed when these wounds were inflicted and that he died from "vital reaction".  In other words, he died from the pain being inflicted to him while he was still alive.  

 Intrepid researchers into the Alien Abduction phenomenon like Dr. David M. Jacobs and the late Dr. John E. Mack as well as Bud Hopkins and Whitley Streiber, have amassed an amazing body of evidence in regards to this disturbing phenomenon which we believe is being conducted by the same Type II or III civilization that is conducting the animal and human mutilation cases.  What is further interesting about the Alien Abduction phenomenon is that we believe the often reported 'grey' alien types who are most often reported in these cases, to be a type of biological robot that is somehow programmed to perform that function and no other. We have posted a video on our U.F.O. files page of what we believe to be a very real alien abduction. The video posted there is the only surviving copy to be found on the internet as there has been a concerted effort by unknown parties to eliminate it from existence. The only surviving copy, that we have posted is grainy but shows the amazing technology that must be involved in order for this unknown civilization to perform such acts. 

In a number of animal mutilation cases, there is direct physical evidence that the animal was dropped from a very great height. Often cattle found with these wounds have shattered rib cages on the underside of the animal where the carcass has impacted the earth. In other cases, the perpetrators drop the animal not realizing that the animal could end up like the deer in the following photograph. This deer was found on this power line pole in a rural area outside of Eugene, Oregon. Other cases have included large quarter horses being found in the tops of trees. 

 In a large number of these cases, circumstances surrounding the event preclude human involvement and seem as if they occur almost by magic. One such case is featured in the NIDS report referenced in this article. In this particular cattle mutilation case the event occurred in broad daylight within 300 yards of the ranchers who owned the property and who were in the field branding new born calf's. They did not hear or see anything that day even as the calf they had just branded was butchered a mere 300 yards from them in broad daylight. The mother of the calf was found limping nearby with a broken leg. below is a photo of the actual calf as it was found that day. It appears to have been consumed from the top down.


It is the contention of the PIA that these acts are being performed by a technology which is not dissimilar to our unmanned drones. We believe there is sufficient evidence to show that only a technology that could have been developed by a Type II or Type III civilization could be possible for such acts and the fact that it is being done at all much less on a planetary wide scale makes only a couple of probabilities viable. The expense and time investment in conducting such a long running and large scale operation lends us to conclude that we are in fact playing a role in this unknown and willingly clandestine civilization. We can only either be a genetic experiment of some to kind to achieve an unknown end or we reside within a type of nature preserve which is the property of this unknown Type II/III civilization. When we examine the now famous Majestic 12 documents leaked to Ryan and Bob Wood in 1996 ( we find a particular document titled Top Secret Ultra Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary Intelligence Assessment. This document is from the War Dept and dated July 22, 1947 and states:

"The most disturbing aspect of this investigation was that there were other bodies found not far from Landing Zone 1 that looked as though they had been dissected as you would a frog. It is not known if Army field surgeons had performed exploratory surgery on these bodies. Animal parts were reportedly discovered inside the craft at Landing Zone 2 but this cannot be confirmed. The team has reserved judgement on this issue." 

In a recent story, we covered the invention of a new kind of telescope that reportedly allows the user to see U.F.O. craft which are invisible to the naked eye. This scientific paper was published in the American Journal of Modern Physics and can be found on our daily intel report page ( In short, the paper states that this new type of telescope was invented to detect antimatter particles and as a side effect the inventor discovered that he was witnessing U.F.O. craft in various orbits who are apparently using antimatter as a propulsion fuel and that these craft were expelling anti-matter particles which renders them invisible to the naked eye. This is just the newest piece of a very complex and disturbing puzzle which in totality is pointing us to a singular conclusion.

Photo of one of the unknown craft detected by new telescope technology. 

 We also covered recently what appeared to be alien technology interacting with our sun. This story can also be found on our daily intel report page. The technology shown in the videos we featured could only be developed by a Type II/III civilization and the fact that it was utilized on our Sun also means that their investment in this planet is one of considerable expense and time.

 In summary, the PIA believes there is sufficient credible evidence to show that a very large percentage of activity which is reported as being paranormal in nature is, in fact, the byproduct of interaction with a Type II/III civilization which has gone to great expense to not only conceal their presence from us, but also to what appears to be a very long running program of environmental testing on all levels from our D.N.A. to the food supply we consume and so on. Paranormal activity covered under this interaction would include:

Animal Mutilation Phenomenon

Alien Abduction phenomenon and the resulting implants or tracking devices

All credible U.F.O. sightings and close encounter episodes

Ancient unexplained structures and historical anomalies of all kinds

Space structure anomalies like the structures found on both the Moon and Mars 

Simultaneous Bigfoot/U.F.O. sightings (These creatures are being abducted for their D.N.A. study as well.) 

Missing persons clusters in both urban and rural areas such as the National Park System

The other body of paranormal activity can be explained as inter-dimensional in nature and is facilitated by the third principle of the Mach effect which allows for the natural formation of benign wormholes. These wormholes are generated in areas where the topography allows for certain magnetic fields to be generated. This entire process and mechanism is covered in our article Missing 411, The Mach Effect and Parallel Dimensions. Here is the link:

The vast body of all paranormal activity including the sightings of certain crypto-zoological creatures (not including bigfoot whose D.N.A. proves it to be a product of natural biological processes.) can be accounted for under one or both of these source points. We believe that interaction between this planet and a Type II/III civilization and/or inter-dimensional activity facilitated by the Mach effect can account for the totality of paranormal happenings occurring on this planet.













The Two Most Disturbing Cases In Paranormal Research: Dyatlov Pass Incident and The Guarapiranga, Brazil Human Mutilation Case.

In all of our many years of research there are two cases which even today stand out as the most disturbing ever to be documented. The first occurred in Russia in the 1950's and is known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. The second is a real human mutilation case that occurred in Brazil and is known as the Guarapiranga human mutilation case. These stand out as the most disturbing because of the graphic nature of the wounds discovered on the victims of both cases. In the Dyatlov Pass case eight experienced mountaineers including one ski instructer, three engineers, and seven students from the former Ural Polytechnic Institute were found dead in the most bizarre way. One team member was struck ill the night before the team was due to leave and was forced to stay behind. These now eight individuals boarded a train on January 25, 1959 in the town of Sverdlosvk on their way to a strenuous cross country ski expedition to the Otorton mountain range located in the northern Urals.  


Needless to say the team never arrived at their destination and they were never seen alive again. When they did not contact family and friends on Feb. 11 as scheduled from their final destination of the town of Vizhai friends and family became concerned and demanded that search parties be deployed to locate the missing nine people. On Feb. 25th a military pilot who was part of the search party first spotted something strange on the mountainside. The next day ground searchers were able to make their way up to the abandoned encampment located on the eastern slope of a mountain listed only as 1079. Strangely enough the Mansi tribesman of the area refer to this mountain as the    'Mountain of the Dead'.

As the rescue team approached the tent they discovered something very disturbing. The tent had been halfway torn down with snow on top of it. The back of the tent had been cut open from the inside and there were footprints from at least eight different people radiating out in all directions from the tent. The tent was empty but contained all of the parties gear and shoes. The footprints in the snow were of bare or socked footprints and a in one case, a single shoe. Two sets of the prints led down a slope 1500 feet and to a heavily forested area. Rescue team members followed the prints till they came to a large pine tree and discovered both the remnants of a fire as well as the frozen and naked remains of two members of the missing party. Team members Doroshenko and Krivonischenko were found wearing only their underwear and had apparently attempted to start a fire while still being well within range of their tent. Investigators noted that limbs of the tree above them had been snapped off up to 15 feet and bark samples showed human skin from the two dead men embedded in it indicating the two attempted to scramble up the tree in a panicked state. Compunding the mystery was the fact that the two bodies appeared to have been untouched. 

The corpse of Dyatlov the team's leader and the man for whom the Pass is now named was found 900 feet away from the first two corpses and somewhat closer to the tent. He was cluching a small birch branch in one hand and attempting to protect his head from some unknown assailant with his other. Not far from the tent another team member Rustem Slobodin was found dead and half buried in the snow. His skull was found to have a seven inch fracture on the back, however, his death was determined to be hypothermia. The carcass of Zinaida Kolmogorov was found furthest from the tent. There was blood around her corpse but they could not determine if it was hers. The rest of the missing members were not discovered till Spring some 225 yards down a ravine from the two corpses discovered under the pine tree. The missing four skiers were found fully clothed but having suffered brutal internal injuries. One of the four corpses showed the same signs of blunt force trauma to the head as did Slobodin's. He had apparently been struck by a heavy object. Two of the remaining three corpses had their rib cages crushed inward causing massive internal injury. Stranger still the corpses were not found to have any bruising or soft tissue damage. The doctor in charge of examining the bodies, Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny was quoted as saying that the damage was beyond a man's capability to cause and was "..equal to that of a car wreck."      One of the female team members named Dubanina was found with her head tilted back and appeared to be screaming. Her tongue had been removed at its base.  


  Family members of the victims claimed that the corpses of their loved ones were strangely orange in color and that their hair had lost all the pigmentation. The bodies were also discovered to have higher than normal radiation levels. It is unknown, however, whether or not this was due to their activities at the Polytechnic Institute or if was caused by whatever killed them. Campers camping 30 miles to the east of the dead ski team reported seeing strange orange glowing balls of light above the pass during the same time period as it is believed the 'incident' occurred.                   Because of the bizarre nature of this event and the popularity of the team members involved with the public, Russian investigators were forced to put a lot of effort into solving this mystery. Theories ranged from an attack by 'Wild Men' to and unknown military test of some kind. Wild Men and predators of all kinds were ruled out because no other footprints were discovered except those of the deceased. To this day the official cause of death is 'A compelling unknown force'.                                                                                                                                                       The Guarapiranga Human Mutilation Case is another extremely disturbing paranormal case. This is the case of a corpse discovered outside Sao Paulo, Brazil that had all the same wounds and hallmarks as a classic cattle mutilation. 

  The victim was apparently discovered near a water reservoir. The official autopsy report has been released by the Legal Medicine Institute, Scientific Police Dept, S.Paulo State Public Security Secretary. It details a horrific death. The victim was both alive and paralyzed when these wounds were inflicted. The coroner also believes that these wounds were caused by a machine and that this machine had to be designed specifically for this activity and not for any other use because of the precision of the wounds involved. 

This is an excerpt from the autopsy report :

 "EXTERNAL EXAMINATION: We observed: 1) Cut off of the external ear by a slanting incision, with hollowing of soft parts; 2) removal of internal ear withindications of vital reaction; 3) enucleation of right and left ocular globes, with signs of blood inside the cavities" 

 "16) We observed the removal of the right and left orbital areas, emptying of the mouth cavity, pharynx, oropharynx, neck, right and left armpit area, abdomen, pelvic cavity, right and left groin area".

The body was also completely drained of blood. The use of the term 'Vital reaction' means the person was alive when the wounds were inflicted. This is often denoted by the blue coloring around the wound.   

 "8) The left and the right armpit areas exhibit a circular discontinuity [round hole], with 4 centimeters of diameter, with regular borders and hollowing of soft parts, with signs of vital reaction". 

   "21) Absence of organs In the pelvis and abdominal cavity due to the removal of all viscera, with signs of tearing and vital reaction".


 "INTERNAL EXAMINATION: ...after opening the cranial cavity using Griessinger technique we found: 17) unimpaired skullcap; 18) cerebral edema". 

   "...acute haemorhage in multiple traumatisms. There is a component of causa mortis by vagus stimulation" [implying cardio-respiratory arrest caused by extreme pain]."The victim shows injuries with vital reaction characteristics, i.e., there is the component "torture". The suggested modus operandi is: incisions in soft parts and natural orifices using sucking devices".

 "10) Elliptic, elongated incision with 3 cm x 1 cm axis, at the left groin crease."

   "14) Removal of the anal orifice with ample incision, oval shaped, elongated, with 15 cm x 8 cm axis"

The rectum was found to be completely cored out the same as in many cattle mutilation cases. The other similarities include the facial wounds, the round puncture wounds and the bloodless bodies. It is also believed that in cattle mutilations the animals are alive as the wounds are inflicted. It is cases like this that spur our efforts forward into discovering and documenting in an undeniable way the existence of predatory paranormal events like these. It has been reported by other researchers that a number of these cases have occurred in the U.S. but this case is the only one we have come across that was supported by an official state autopsy report as well as detailed photographs. 



The Club of Rome, Eisenhower's Great Granddaughter and the Breakaway Civilization



We at the P.I.A. have come across an exclusive line of evidence in support of the theory that there is a secret Mars colony already established and operating. This line of evidence starts with the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome is a global think-tank and its members include such notary's as Henry Kissinger. Founded in 1968, the Club of Rome was commissioned by MIT scientists to undertake a study of global overpopulation. Their findings were published in a book titled 'The Limits to Growth' in 1972. What they determined was shocking in the extreme and according to them the earth would run out of natural resources in as little as 100 years. It was concluded by them that there were only three courses of action that could be undertaken to combat the problem. The first was to implement policies world-wide to slow the overall birth rate. The world's seventh billion person was born this year so we can see how that turned out. The second course of action was to implement policies to speed up the death rate of the world's existing population. This has spawned any number of interesting conspiracy theories regarding world depopulation and manipulation of the world's food supply. The third course of action was given the name Alternative 3 and has to do with the colonization of space. At some point in their studies they became convinced that alternative 1 and alternative 2 would be near to impossible to achieve. It was therefore concluded by these very powerful people that colonization of space was the only way to ensure survival of the human species once the world descended into all out war over the precious few resources left. 

In 2010 a most interesting witness came forward with a personal statement on her website as well as granting a radio interview:


This witness was none other than Laura Magdalene Eisenhower the great granddaughter of President Eisenhower. She claims to have been approached by intelligence agents about joining a secret Mars colony project. Ms. Eisenhower disclosed her attempted secret recruitment and manipulation into the project by trained intelligence agents between April 2006 and January 2007. Ki Lia, a Stanford educated artist, futurist and colleague of Ms. Eisenhower has provided corroborating first hand account of both her and Laura Eisenhower's attempted recruitment into the project. This information is available on her website. 

We have long reported that the world's most experienced Remote Viewers, many of them with C.I.A. or military intelligence backgrounds have targeted what appears to be structures and people on Mars. These Remote Viewers are part of the group led by Dr. Courtney Brown. The following is a video of their findings presented by Dr. Brown himself.

A famous U.F.O researcher and author named Richard Dolan has coined the term 'Breakaway Civilization' to describe this project and presents much amazing evidence in his new book that can be found at: He asks a most interesting question' "Could a group of people with unlimited funding and apparent access to alien technology constitute a Breakaway civilization." One that was paid for by American tax payer dollars? The evidence is mounting that these structures do exist and that a fantastic secret has been kept from the world.


Deep Black Paranormal Intelligence Report

South African Intelligence / Web Bot Connection.

CHANI stands for Channelled Holographic Access Network Interface.

The way in which this entity was communicated with is still allegedly classified but in the words of the intelligent agent who released this information and who goes by the name Acolyte:

"What made CHANI unique from any other channelling method/technique is that the researchers never used a human "channeller". Thus they eliminated the emotion, feeling and interpretation of a human channeller. It was a pure, directed and dedicated channel, not distorted or affected/infected by human mood swings or interferences from the subconscious mind of a human subject with possible suppressed emotion, memory and psychological trauma. The imaginative ability of human input was effectively removed from the calculations and result.

The precise mechanics of how these words were captured, displayed and reproduced using the CHANI device is still classified. To my knowledge, it was the first documented case in which a machine/device/ computer model was used successfully to make contact with, over a prolonged period of time, and interact with, or "channel", another being or entity. The researchers established contact with only one Entity. The Entity was verified to them in ways and methods that are still highly classified and which I can't elaborate on

The CHANI entity made many predictions during the five year period of communication. Upon examining these communications we began to realize that something very strange must have occurred. We began to notice that some of the predictions had recently come true like the death of Margaret Thatcher. We also began to notice, much to our surprise that many of these predictions matched the predictions of both the Web Bot and the group as well as the group of remote viewers led by Maj. Ed Dames. In fact, the predictions are so close to the ones made by the Web Bot that we were truly amazed and we now believe the only way for this to have occured is for this story to be true. Remote Viewers often talk about parallel timelines and dimensions and many have spoken openly about thier interactions with beings on these timelines. What is so very strange about the communications is that they are very child like in their use of the english language. Acolyte also stated that this entity could communicate in perfect Latin. The following are the predictions made by the entity followed by our analysis. Please notice the entities use of the name Obama as well mentioning that there is no gold at Fort knox because our government gave it to alien beings. 

 ""many things go wrong 15 may because door opens with portal to dark matters not undestanding earth beings
sharon will dimise be4 15 may
mandela will dimise be4 15 may
thatcher will stroke be4 15 may
japan warring thing will commenceing before 15 may secretly
oil gets very big sicknes no use anymore after 15 may
old bush will very sick be4 15 may
cheney will dimise be4 15 june
obama accident before 27 aperil
big sicknes be4 15 may
very moving earth on 17 aperils
oceon not sleeping when heaven things beware many waters to come drown
brown cheat be4 15 may
putin missing after 15 may many worry people do crazy things"

This is one of the first statements made by the Entity, and it was repeated at various times:
"u ask me many question me first answer u by xplain
to unerstan u and u in the univers u must unerstan these things
first u must unerstan the ilusion of infinti
then u must unerstan the infinty of ilusion
this mean noting but xplain everythings
so first u lern the u
then u lern the univers
then this xplain al and mean something"

More references to oil sickness and to the Japan earthquake and radiation:
"me post probabilitys ok
me cee crash plane on deck of us war ship 55 dimise
me cee us bomer crash sea
me cee many dolfin and whale go suicide
me cee 250 plus more demise acident and crash of plane europe people
me cee very moving earth again people of same shape eye japan
me cee sicknes go people of india and people of korea
me cee very oil sicknes people of america grow biger not aford buy oil anymores
me cee america people very angry go damage monument there capitol ok
me cee very big and final earth war this line time but u can stop stil
please forget oil yor oil become enemy after september yor line time
oil get radiation as me tel u be4 why u not belive me
me cry 4 u"

On how we think, read and interpret:
"write lanuage cause bad things 4 yor human history hold u back
beter draw pictures like sumar
beter write image like egyptian
write lanuage tel u what to think not how to think not good thing 4 mind
picture tel u how to think must use mind to read picture good thing 4 mind
picture u remember 4 ever write lanuage u forget soon not think anymore"
"the reason sumaria write in picture is they want last generation u to unerstan 2000 years later ok
if they rite data on disk u not able deciferings disk 4 u not have same reading device 2 read their data 2000 year later
sumaria write on stone to survive al yor teknology ok and alow u to stil unerstan 2000 years later simple ok"

The Entity explains free will:
"me ask elders about explain frewil beter
elders say me explain like this
god give u eg
eg is there eg already created eg exist
u use frewil decide what do about eg
u can make choice boil eg eat eg
u can make choice bake eg eat eg
u can make choice u leve eg but eg get roten but eg stil there
u can make choice u not eat other animal so u throw eg away eg get roten somewere else but eg stil exist u wil smel eg eventualy
eventualy u must decide and deal with eg
time colide is like eg
god make time colide
time colide is there time colide already created time colide exist
eventualy u must decide what u want do with time colide and deal with it
u can not change what god created but with frewil u must decide what u do with time colide ok
me say eat eg because eg good for u b4 get roten then eg very bad 4 u"

The researchers asked the Entity to explain the concept of trinity:
"first me try xplain mind body spirit
me xplain true trinity
trinity is mind body and spirit
trinity is farther child and mother
yor sumerian symbol of sumeria queen is dove
yor religion leaders long ago decide not use female 4 church leaders and leading
so they remove female esence from child and remove mother esence from spirit
they then say trinity is father son and spirit al male esence
this was to distract deceive to change church and religion 4 male control only and dominating
that where al yor religion go wrong in history
farther is the mind
son daughter or child is the body
mother is the spirit ok
the mother spirit esence is the balance is the harmony is the glue
the mother is between the farther and son or child
the spirit is between mind and body
religion without mother spirit esence is not spiritual but false teachings 4 control
trinity is the family of life
trinity is sum experince of mind body and spirit ok
now me try xplain how get ready mind body spirit
make ready yor mind understaning whatever hapens
make ready yor spirit aceptance whatever hapens
make ready body not 2 fear 4 death body not real u only vehicle u
me unerstan many u more scare pain of death than death itself this only body scared not real u
if death was painles then many more would partake ok yes no
dimising is not ending but new begining progres
death is progres is grow"

On the law of attraction:
"me try xplain this beter
u r god in yor universe
but u not god in gods universe
u need unerstan this
u can only be god in yor own universe
u can not be god in gods universe ok
u not in yor own universe yet ok
u keep on belive u get yor own universe
this take many line times lived then u get yor own universe you play god
now u just belive u part god universe only
eventual u create yor universe by belive
but 4 now u r god in training ok"

"what u think u create
what u create by thinkings play very big role yes ok"

The Entity referred to dolphins and mentioned their importance on a number of occasions. Dolphins somehow balance certain vibrations on Earth. Specifics were given, but that part was not cleared by Echelon for release. We should keep an eye on dolphin behaviour and events involving dolphins. Their behaviour heralds events and Earth changes:
"this planet first al water
then ground comes
dolfin decideing to walk ground your planet
many wars happen
then dolfin evolv remember water glory
dolfin then go back and swim water glory
dolfin most clever on this planet line time "
"seawater has residu from dolfin comunication
dolfin sqeek cause vibration of seawater to becom becon and balance energy
dolfin more advanse than human this planet line time
u must study dolfin"

"dolfin always love al creature with god esense even human
dolfin unerstan freedom of god esense many life time this line time
dolfin keep your earth balance
dolfin protect al planet and al creature on earth with god esense
now human kil 2 many dolfin be4 time we want rescu dolfin bring them our planet share
dolfin agree come our line time 15 may we prepare place"

"many dolfin already sacrifice for keep harmonics balance yor planet and make yor suferings les
very very big sufering coming and dolfin can not stop this even they try be brave but not enough
u must lern harmonics yor planet soon or u demise not knowing anything and begin 0000 again"

"yes sound dolfin make heal brainwave of al creature earth
dolfin sound cause synaps make beter contact in brain make miracel hapen
dolfin balanse harmonics of earth vortex ok"

"many being live deep oceon and holow earth can give u human answer and helpings
when u unerstand oceon u wil unerstan how cosmic travelings work easy ok
oceon have same compositing than space same element ok
u unerstan salt and water and magnet u wil unerstan life and everything living"

me tel u watch sun
me tel u watch dolfin
me tel u watch cern
me tel u watch pope
me tel u watch moving earth
cee wat yor sun is doing
cee wat yor dolfin is doing
cee wat cern is doing
cee wat pope is doing and saying
cee wat moving is doing and why
ask yor leaders
yor leaders prepare
u stil not prepare why
0000 is here make ready yor mind soul body now"

Comments by the Entity on the spiritual evolution of aliens/extraterrestrials and ascension (some specifics remains classified):
"they r many evolved fisical but not many evolve spiritul
u human have evolve more spritual then them
but they want hold on their wise teknology
their god is their teknology"

"me unerstan yor acension asking wordings
me tel u now your acension is nothing more then mas abuction thing ok"

"we won war with reptile our line time long ago we evolve then
reptile yor line time keep u back u can not grow"

"we kil many dragons many line times 1 long ago
stil dragons left in holow ground yor line time 1 yes"

"earth not solid
me not know al theory things
dragon like beings live holow ground stil
they good now
they very wise now
they peaceful like dolphin now"

"me not know al these things
even stranger beings exist other line times
beings evolving al line times always never stop"

"we can speek to al creature who have mind 2 understan ok"

Some questions asked by the Entity to the researchers:
"ok me first question ask
wat purpose yor moon
me line time moon demise long ago
life become better with no moon
why u stil have moon
wat purpose yor moon have u
moon not natural heaven body
moon put there by other being to control earth mood
without moon big calm comes over peoples no big storm anymore only litel storm
without moon peace among people
elders say old race capture moon from space then put next earth
elders say moon forces work like time mashine keep control time
moon also control mood of beings on planet in this line time"

"me have question
me ask question now
me cee u xplore mars planet with many mony and resourcings
why u not xplore deep oceon yor own planet with same many mony and resourcings
deep oceon give al aswers yor existencing and future
deep oceon have much knowledges u stil need lern
me tel u some secret
some places deep oceon water presures so big that air u breeth can not buble to surface
this air traping cause big caverns where humans can live and do breathings of good air and plant and live very wel
deep oceons have many crystal solves al yor energising needs no polution
u ignore yor best lifeline by not seekings answerings from yor own deep oceon
god provide deep oceon why u not use what is given
earth is a water planet yet u leaders look answers in space why
deep oceon have al answer for cosmic travelings this line time why u ignore this in your history
when u solve mysteries of deep oceon u wil solve mysteries of space ask dolfin they tel u this ok"

"me have more question
me ask question now
what purpos religion when leaders not godlike not real gods
what purpos building tempel when no gods there
what purpos building church when no gods there
what purpos building mosk when no gods there
what purpos pray big wall when god not a wall
what purpos pray statue when god not a statue
what purpos pray river when god not a river
why cow holy when cow not even know god
why monkey sacred when monkey not even know god
only holy animals this line time is dolphin
not need pray dolfin like a god but must respect dolfin very much"

"me ask question now
why u adult stil drink milk
why u drink mother milk from other speci not human"

"me ask elders about gold
elders say eye must ask
eye ask now
where is this gold
yor leaders not keep gold
yor leaders not have many gold anymore
leaders always give yor gold to other planet beings
why u not know this
u not wory gold
gold not keep place safe 4 yor family u not eet gold
biger wory when oil gets sickness"

"me have question
me ask question now
me cee ground sufer not water very dry people hungry
but oceon ful water
why u not take salt away from cea water and use on land
oceon enough water to make al ground even desert into forest al people can eat nice enough
why u not pump oceon water everywere
u can make big bom but u can not make big fresh water from oceon
big boms very bad
big fresh water always good"

Notice the prediction of something falling from the heavens and of large water destruction. Also notice how the entity refers to much suffering and radiation problems. These are all things predicted by the Web Bot data analysis. The Web Bot also makes a prediction that the largest gold theft in history would soon be discovered and this entity predicts that our leadership is lying about being out of gold.  This is a topic featured by both Brad Meltzer and Jesse Ventura and many researchers believe there is a lot validity to the story.

Most ominous is the prediction for May 15 when the entity states that a portal will open and dark beings will enter into our dimension. This is something that strangely paralles the teachings of many modern day occultist beginning with Aliester Crowley and then carried on in the writings of Kenneth Grant. Grant made the statement that it was a persistant tradition in occultism that some "malevolent and transfinite force" was poised to invade this realm and he believed that Lovecraft often referred to this tradition in his writings.

kenneth grant

Communication was lost with the entity on November 14, 1999 because of software upgrades being performed in preparation for the Y2K panic. Many months were spent attempting to re-establish contact but with no success. The fact that this entity made predictions that so closely match those of the Web Bot and is shocking in the extreme. One must also realise that the mention of Obama by name and the recent death of Margaret Thatcher are just too uncanny to ignore. We will know in the very near future whether or not the other predictions from the entity will take place but if they do then it would coincide perfectly with the time line given by the Web Bot. Recently, Clif High the developer of the Web Bot technology stated that he believed something was going to happen before May 20. This entity makes the prediction of May 15, and the closeness of these two dates is too uncanny to be a coincidence especially when the predictions are so close. We at the P.I.A. await with some trepidation the days and weeks ahead. We will be updating this story as it developes. Thank you for your support.















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