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P.I.A. Discovers Major Relict Hominid Habituation Area

Posted by JACK CARY on August 24, 2015 at 11:55 AM

The P.I.A. has discovered a new and very promising Relic Hominid research area. Our field work into this remote area has yielded an amazing amount of evidence in a very short period. This habituation area is in the prime altitude locale of 9,200 feet.

This new research area sits on the edge of a historical hotspot for Relic Hominid sightings.
On our last expedition we discovered an number of very strange stick structures and an enormous footprint. A few hundred yards from this location sits another anomalous stick structure in the shape of a rudimentary teepee. These structures have been associated with Bigfoot by many investigators into this mystery.

Web Bot Update Continued

Posted by JACK CARY on April 20, 2013 at 10:25 AM

According to the new "wujo" report, the GCE may take several years to complete and this might be a blind spot of sorts for the web bot becaus of "data gaps" that are being artifically generated. According to Clif High the long discussed mystery of a "data gap" that kept showing up for a particular time period of February through May of 2013, might have been caused by the new technique of "algorithm generated news stories". Apparently the main stream media has a new technique at their disposal that uses algorithms to artificially produce an emotional response in the populace and this "false response" is polluting the internet in a way that makes it difficult for the web bot technology to deal with. According to Clif High if enough time is allowed, then they might be able to design a filter that would work for filtering out the data gap caused by these false emotional responses. What this means is that the so called "data gap" may not actually mean that the internet goes down but that enough pollutants of emotional reponse are generated by these algorithms that they constitute the "data gap."

It is still predicted that the GCE will occur and High points out that many of the background elements that were predicted to occur at the same time as the GCE are, in fact, manifesting. The web bot also says that hyper-inflation will occur at about the same time as the GCE. The web bot also predicts a potentially very steep increase in the price of silver.

The report goes on to say that all of the strange weather in occuring this spring may be caused by solar activity. Also the web bot predicts that a dam will be in distress at some point before or during the GCE.

C.High made the statement that Russia was anticipating a large expansion event on the west coast of the U.S. and in the southern hemisphere. He also made the statement that although it is quite clear through the web bot predictions that a large earthquake will occur in the pacifiic northwest of the U.S. affecting a 1000 mile radius but was unsure if anyone but those in this disaster zone would be without electricity. He also made the statement that the current "chemtrail" issue would, at some point, facilitate massive forest fires leading to deforestation. According to C. High, he does not expect any more info regarding the GCE to show up on the Immediacy data reports until the event occurs.

Kill Shot Watch: Increasing Solar Activity

Posted by JACK CARY on April 12, 2013 at 11:15 AM

We have been covering the Kill Shot sequence for well over a year now. The prediction states that a nuclear detonation will take place on the Korean penninsula just before a massive solar flare takes down power grids world wide. We believe we now are possibly on the edge of total disaster. Just yesterday the sun hurled a medium level solar flare and coronal mass ejection towards earth, and today NOAA forecasters have increased  the chance of an X class solar flare to 15%. Sunspot AR 1719 harbors delta class energy capable of producing X class flares. Here is a link to todays solar activity.

In the catastrophic event that the power grid does go down, the following pdf file originating from FEMA in 1989, details how to build your own wood gasifier to make your own gasoline from wood.



P.I.A. Deep Black Exclusive: Unexplained Connections Between an Allegedly Top Secret South African Intelligence Program and Web Bot predictions.

Posted by JACK CARY on April 12, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Our readers and members are well aware of our coverage of the Web Bot predictions and how it parallels both's predictions and the predictions of the remote viewing group founded by Maj. Ed Dames. In the last few days P.I.A. researchers came across yet another interconnection with these predictions that is nothing less than astonishing. We were so awed by what we discovered that we are still a bit stunned. We debated even publishing this story because of the disturbing implications of what these interconnections may mean. Because we believe an informed populace is in the best interest of all we decided to go ahead and reveal what we now know about this new development.

 Many may never have heard of the the so-called CHANI dialogues even though the topic has its own forum on the godlike productions website and has garnered some attention in paranormal circles. In 2008 a man claiming to be a South African intelligent agent came forward with an amazing story. He described himself as a "sanctioned whistle blower", and stated that his superiors had approved of his leaking of this information to the public. The motives for doing so are unclear at this time but in his own words:

"Around the end of 2005, the CHANI project files were handed over to the Rubicon Station for project Reveal. As the name suggests, Rubicon deals with information that has been deemed to have reached a point of no return. The Rubicon division was formed by a number of "dissatisfied" Upper Echelon members within the RA community, who decided that certain information should be released and that seeds should be planted to measure and research public reaction—clearing the way and setting a foundation for whenever "they" decide to flood the wires with full disclosure on any specific topic. When public interaction becomes a necessity, the information is to be released. "

He claimed that from 1994 to 1999 a group of researchers employed by a company he referred to as RAND and associates, had access to a CERN like particle collider in Africa. This facility was and still is supposedly top secret. During these years contact was apparently made with an entity who said it was in a parallel universe, dimension or timeline. This entity began downloading into the facility computers, certain communications over a 5 year period. During this period researchers asked the entity 20,000 questions and recieved answers to 95 percent of them. The entity introduced himself as a "student who had authority from his Elders to interact with, observe, study and learn from humans." He stated that his "Elders" had noticed our solar system crossing into their parallel universe and that we were not the only beings they could see and interact with. What is so astounding about these communications is that they were released years before the current Web Bot,, and Ed Dames predictions and yet they are a spot on match. Even more interesting is a specific claim made by the entity that Fort Knox was empty and contained no gold!(note: We believe this entity knew it was speaking to American researchers at the point it mentions gold.) This is something that Brad Meltzer's decoded and Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory shows have covered. We will have a full point by point analysis of this connection in our current Deep Black Intelligence report available in our web store. In the Deep Black report we reveal what the entity predicted and show how it matches perfectly with certain web bot predictions. We also will show how this entity predicted huge changes to occur in the next few days. Upon purchasing the report subscribers are assigned an email to access the archive page that contains the report.

Will The "Kill Shot" Happen?

Posted by JACK CARY on April 7, 2013 at 5:35 PM

Many months ago, we began reporting on an apparent convergance between Ed Dames prediction of a massive solar flare wiping out the entire planetary power grid, now termed the "Kill Shot", and predictions made by both Clif High's Web Bot and Dr. Courtney Brown's Farsight Group, predicting a massive tsunami like event that will wipe out the coastal cities around the world. In the Web Bot prediction and the Farsight prediction, there are clear parallels to the events described in the Kill Shot. Both the Web Bot and Farsight describe a point when all vehicular transportation comes to an end and people have to resort to merely walking to get where they want to go. This would be consistent with a solar flare taking out the grid and disabling society completely. Such an event did take place 1859 now called the "Carrington Event" by scientists. It is estimated that if a Carrington Event occurred today then there would be 200 million dead in the U.S. alone from starvation, disease and societal breakdown. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who is the man in charge of DHS's task force on the power grid made the following statement to the American Free Press.

"Were a Carrington Event happen today in our current state of unpreparedness,” he explained, “given that our survival now depends on electricity, it’s estimated that we would lose about two-thirds of the national population, 200M Americans dead from starvation, disease and societal collapse. If [an EMP event] were to happen today, the National Academy of Sciences estimates that it would knock out the electric grid and other critical infrastructures for a period of four to ten years.”

-Dr. Peter Pry

In the Kill Shot propchecy, it is predicted that before the next Carrington Event occurs, a nuclear explosion will take place on the Korean penninsula. We are perilously close to this "time maker" happening which signals the "Kill Shot". It is predicted by Maj. Ed Dames and his group of Remote Viewers that it is shortly after this that a massive solar flare and coronal mass ejection wipe out the grid.

We believe that all three groups are predicting the same event and that if indeed a nuclear explosion does occur on the Korean Penninsula then it is a high probability that we are on the right timeline and that civilization is about to face its toughest test ever.

The Kill Shot documentary can be found in our blog below and for many months we have been tracking very mysterious purchases by the D.H.S. for nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition, a large portion of it hollow point, and 2700 urban warfare vehicles. We believe that the comments made by Dr. Pry, as well as this unexplained build up, constitute a true "Red Flag Alert".  We certainly hope that the predictions are wrong but our researchers continually point out that every ancient culture around the world warned of this time being extremely tumultuous for humanity and we should not forget just how sincere those ancients were in their efforts to convey that information to a future humankind.

In recent months solar activity has been low but solar scientists are predicting a double topped solar maximum to occur sometime in 2013. Here is a picture of current solar activity and readers can monitor daily solar activity at or

Unexplained DHS Ammunition Purchase Update

Posted by JACK CARY on April 1, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., says the Department of Homeland Security was planning to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the next five years.

We first reported on this story when it became apparent that very large and disconcerting ammunition purchases were being made by the D.H.S. This was coupled with the fact they also have ordered what can only be described as 3000 urban warfare tanks. These are purchases of equipment that can only be used domestically. It is our assessment that certain members of the government have been paying attention to what the best of the best government trained Remote Viewers have been telling them, that events like the Global Coastal Event and the Kill Shot are going to happen. We believe that an assessment has been made that if such events do take place then it would be necessary to have such a build up in order to maintain control of the society. America is the world's most privately armed population with an estimated 300 million firearms in private hands. Add to this the fact that most American households only store a 3 day supply of food and you have the recipe for a total disaster. Faced with the very real possibility of one or both of these events occuring, it is apparent that the decision was made to quietly build up DHS supplies in case the gov't was faced with armed, starving, rioters, with nothing to lose. These are only the opinions of PIA researchers and are a matter of pure speculation. In recent days the DHS has been questioned by members of congress as to the nature of the purchases and so far DHS has been very close lipped about the reasoning behind the buildup. The following links are links to various main stream media news sites now covering this story.

Web Bot Data Analysis Update

Posted by JACK CARY on March 31, 2013 at 11:05 AM

The inventor of the Web Bot, Clif High has downloaded a new "wujo" discussion on the website that gives a few updates on coming events. Primary among these is that according to Clif High, "validation studies" have been conducted that have indicated that the coming Global Coastal Event and or the Kill Shot will occur by May 20th of this year. This event will be caused either by multiple meteoric impacts into the oceans of the world, the southern hemisphere in particular, or by an "expansion event" whereby the earth's crust actually expands outward in an extreme fashion causing worldwide upheaval. The analysis indicates that there will be vast amounts of inland rainfall and flooding causing landslides etc. This prediction matches very closely that of the Mayan priests who also depicted this current society ending by vast amounts of water. Their depiction of this event is of a Crocodile God who is pouring out vast amounts of water upon the earth causing total disaster worldwide. Many, of course, have now written off the Mayan prophecy as having been wrong, but these are the people who also don't realize that great earth changes are much like the changing seasons, one rarely knows it is winter on the first day of winter either, but the season does change. It is also true that observation changes outcomes, see "Schrodinger's Cat", and therefore it is our conclusion that Remote Viewing of the "etheric realm" could cause changes in outcomes originating from that realm.

PIA Successfully Relocated

Posted by JACK CARY on March 26, 2013 at 2:30 PM

The Paranormal Intelligence Agency has now successfully completed its relocation to an area of the United States that has one of the lowest population density ratios to be found. It has taken many months for us to complete this relocation. Our preparations have been extensive as we await the arrival or non-arrival of the Global Coastal Event predicted to occur by June 1 of this year. Since our last report there have been such events take place as the meteor exploding over Russia and just a few days ago, security camera footage was recorded of another meteor narrowly missing the east coast of the United States. It is believed by many researchers that these are smaller fragments of a possible larger space bound asteroid that may still be incoming. This is our first report since relocation efforts began. Now that our relocation is complete we will once again begin publishing new analysis of paranormal happenings taking place around the globe.


Web Bot Temporal Markers Summary Report:

Posted by JACK CARY on January 19, 2013 at 11:10 AM

  The team at Web Bot ( have released a temporal marker report on a series of events to take place leading up to and after the predicted Global Coastal Event. Some of the predicted temporal markers seem to be in the process of manifesting even as this report is being generated. One prediction in particular has seemingly had a very bizarre confirmation of sorts, having to do with a recent U.F.O landing in the gulf region of Texas near an oil platform. This landing was caught on CCTV which had been attatched to the rig in an effort to thwart thieves from stealing oil in the middle of the night.

To begin with there are a series of events that are on the precipice of occurring. The following will be an abbreviated version of the new report as we have compiled it:

1. Food Supply:

There are clear indications that two factors will affect the current food supply in North America. One is a sudden and drastic rise in food prices followed by outright shortages of various items at the local supermarkets. The current drought situation in the bread basket of North America will lead to desperation for food in other parts of the globe.

2. Seperation of Camps:

Stresses in the food supply will lead to a clear seperation of two distinct lines of thinking among the people. There will be large numbers of people who choose to "remove themselves" from the greater portion of the herd. This will become ever more visible to the people who are unable to percieve the dangers of the changing environment.

3. Food/Political Scandal Ties:

It is predicted that the food supply stresses will also be tied to an economic scandal of large preportions that will preced a spurt of "banker suicides". This occurs right before a major economic collapse based on the devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

4. Buy Silver:

There are clear indications that the price of silver will rise sharply over the next decade and the web Bot predicts a time when various bankers and individuals in government will attempt to "strip mine" the populace of various precious metals. What mechanism will be used for this purpose is at present unclear. Note that the web bot makes very little mention of gold prices increasing but is clear that silver is the way to go.

The next temporal markers are all said to happen near simultaneously:

5. The next major event will be a "derivatives explosion" that will be so large as to devastate the world wide economy. This happens just as the Chinese begin to offer the "renembi" as a global reserve currency. This derivatives explosion will cause such a mountain of debt that it leaves officialdom "speechless" with "blank looks".

6. A major gold theft of some kind is described as occurring that will be larger than that ever before seen in history.

7. A housing collapse is also predicted to occur when those in the banking industry begin to dump vast amounts of housing on to the market as a sort of "political statement". This is predicted as occuring during a sixteen day period in March.

8. The housing collapse leads to a poverty wave where the number of Americans living on $2 a day rises to an all time high.

9. Commercial real estate then collapses leading to a "homesteader movement" whereby entire societies of homeless people take over commerical high rise buildings and begin to turn them into housing with off-grid capabilities.

10. It is predicted that the formation of "state banks" will literally rupture any remaining power of the Federal Reserve and this will begin in California.

11. At the same time that the economic stress unfolds, all foreign aid overseas is halted by the U.S. government.

12. Public trials are predicted, whereby citizens apparently hold court themselves over a number of individuals who are charged with "crimes against humanity."

13. Large numbers of people form communities and become self organized after many chaotic shock waves of 'design' are unleashed on the public. This designed impact is financial in nature, however, there are clear and consistent markers indicating that it is exogenic forces that lead to the ultimate breakdown of society in its current form.

14. Sun Disease: It is predicted that the sun will have a major impact on life on this planet over the next few years. This will lead to massive planetary changes that range from history breaking flooding due to rising ocean levels as well as massive forest fires causing deforestation. New deserts will form in various parts of the world and winds will become a major problem for an extended period of time. This solar activity will affect Antartica in many ways, produce areas of ionizing radiation on earth and may even bring down the world wide power grid. The web bot does not come right out and state this as a temporal marker but makes various references to "bad effects on existing electrical infrastructure".

15. Global Coastal Event:

The Global Coastal Event is supposed to occur by June 1, 2013. Up thrusting water will flood all Pacific coastal areas and some Atlantic coastal areas and is facilitated in part by a "plate rupture". This is not stated as the total cause but "participates" in the event. This is followed by flooding on global level not witnessed by humanity since Noah's flood. The Web Bot describes inland cities being completely inundated with water from the same thing that causes the G.C.E.. Some of this flooding inland will not occur for days or weeks after the G.C.E.. The ciites most at risk are those near various rivers in North America. At the same time as the G.C.E., a world wide earthquake is predicted to occur. This prediction matches that of the Hopi indians who also predict a worldwide earthquake at the end of days. The Hopi also speak of the emergence in the sky of the "blue kachina" or blue star that will precede the end of the current society. We believe that the comet ISON due to appear later this year will fulfill that prophecy. The Web Bot also alludes to a great body in the sky that will garner attention world wide for days on end.

16. Extraterrestrial Colonies:

 The most bizarre and extreme of all of the Web Bot predictions is that of alien colonies being formed in various areas after the G.C.E. occurs. The areas include the Gulf Coast of North America as well as areas of the Mediteranean and Baltic seas. This will occur as remnants of the old society begin to migrate and rebuild in inland areas. Interestingly enough as on cue, we have recently had an event occur in the Texas Gulf Coast region that strangely may foreshadow the correctness of this particular prediction. Recently video footage was taken from a Gulf Coast oil rig that was outfitted with security cameras. This footage shows a U.F.O landing near the platform and the fact that this occurred shortly after the Web Bot report was released is very interesting to say the least. The following is a picture and link to that story.

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Kill Shot Temporal Markers About to Happen?

Posted by JACK CARY on December 16, 2012 at 6:25 PM

As many of our readers know, the "Kill Shot" is a remote viewing prediction of a massive solar flare that will fry the world's power grids and take the planet back to the 1800's overnight. This prediction was originally posited by Ed Dames and his group of CIA remote viewers. In the prediction there are two "time" or "temporal" markers that will take place before the flare. The first is that a space shuttle of some kind will be forced from space by space debris and the other is a nuclear detonation on the Korean penninsula. Recently we have had two events that could lead to a fulfillment of both of these markers. Recently the U.S. Military launched a super secret space shuttle on a secret military mission and this was reported in the main stream media. Here is a video of the Kill Shot prediction and the shuttle launch:

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Soon after this launch it was also reported that the North Korean's would soon be testing a nuclear weapon on their soil.This was reported by Fox News and it was speculation by some military analyst in the U.S. If the shuttle happens to be forced from orbit by space debris and the North Korean's detonate their bomb then both markers will be fulfilled and we will know that the prediction is true. It will then only be a matter of time before the flare comes. It will be prudent to monitor the sun's activity on a daily basis.

Currently it does not appear they are preparing for a nuke test as reported 3 days ago by NBC news. Here is a link to this story:

We at the P.I.A. are monitoring the situation very closely. If it appears the temporal markers are being fulfilled we will notify our readers immediately.