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Dr. Courtney Brown and Farsight Confirm Breakaway Civilization is Real

Posted by JACK CARY on November 8, 2012 at 11:15 AM

For those who truly understand the scientific reality of remote viewing, this experiment is tantamount to finding the holy grail. In recent months the now famous Web Bot project, conducted by Clif High and his associates(, has zeroed in on a most tantalizing mystery. This mystery, which has been extracted using neuro linguistic pattern analysis on a global scale, appears to be a very real "breakaway civilization" that now considers itself seperate and apart from the rest of humanity. Richard Dolan at was the first to pick up on the possibility of there being a breakaway civilization. His book is now available on the subject and it is damning in it's scholarly dissection of the issue. Now Dr. Courtney Brown and his experimental group of the world's best remote viewers has also confirmed that there is indeed "life on mars", and that their are humans living there with very advanced technology and structures. The following film is a full presentation of the experiment by Dr. Courtney Brown himself. This experiment both confirms the validity of the Web Bot findings and Richard Dolan's work on the matter. We cannot stress enough what a huge, huge discovery this is.

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Animal Mutilations, Roswell, and the C.I.A. - Connecting the Dots

Posted by JACK CARY on July 13, 2012 at 11:30 AM

A recent horse mutilation in Argentina is a text book example of why credible researchers believe that this phenomenon is genuine and not a case of mistaken predatory action. In this most recent case the horse clearly had its heart removed from a perfectly round hole in its chest. It's genitals were also removed which is a tier 1 pattern hallmark of this phenomenon. In each valid case the organs that have the highest cell reproduction rate are usually focused on. One major meta pattern of the phenomenon is that horse and cattle mutilations more often than not occur within a 2 day window of the full moon of any given month. This is the most advantageous period for using night vision equipment as the moon appears full during this entire window and casts a large amount of light that helps to aid the equipment. Whether or not this is the reason for them occurring in this moon phase time window is a matter of pure speculation originally posited by the National Institute for Discovery Science.This mutilation happened just a couple of days before the full moon of July 3rd.  Below is a photograph of this most recent mutiliaton, notice how one leg is still on top of the barb wire fence that it was dropped on. The impact broke the horses leg and the photograph clearly shows it bent upward from the impact. Locals also reported that a goat and a dog suffered the same fate not far from this location.


Linda Moultan Howe,

 a leading authority on the unexplained animal mutilation phenomenon has recently published a report based on a government memorandum written in 1947 that gives us a glimpse as to why Roswell had to be kept secret in the eyes of the government. The memo is shocking and states the following:

The most disturbing aspect of this investigation was -

there were other bodies found not far from LZ-1 that looked

as if they had been dissected as you would a frog. It is not known

if army field surgeons had performed exploratory surgery on these

bodies. Animal parts were reportedly discovered inside

the craft at LZ-2 but this cannot be confirmed.”

- July 22, 1947, War Department IPU Memorandum

Recently an ex C.I.A. officer has come forward to claim that he witnessed absolute proof that Roswell happened and in our Deep Black Roswell Report located in our paranormal patterns section we show why we believe Roswell was in fact the real thing. Below is the story form TIME magazine.

We at the PIA believe this is an unfolding meta pattern of 'secrets revealed' predicted by Clif High's Web Bot. The predicton is that many shocking secrets will be revealed in the next few months. We wait with anxious anticipation of what is to come.



UFO at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea Cuts off Electrical Equipment when Divers Get Within 200m

Posted by JACK CARY on June 27, 2012 at 9:35 PM

Things just seem to get stranger and stranger when it comes to the Baltic Sea UFO. What is clear is that this is not just any old pile of rocks. Whatever the Ocean X team has discovered is truly perplexing and promises to be ever more interesting as events unfold. This is one of the most promising unexplained mysteries that has come about in a very long time.

Breaking: Baltic Ocean Explorer Team Reporting Amazing Find

Posted by JACK CARY on June 9, 2012 at 12:55 AM

We have reported on the Ocean Explorer team going to explore what looks like a UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and now from their own website they are reporting that they have found something very unusual and their divers are 'amazed'.



BREAKING NEWS 2pm, The divers are now down and investigating the circle and reports from the ship say they are really amazed. There is definitely something unusual hiding at the seabed – a Mystery Beneath. More information and pictures will be released next week.

Leaked KGB film of Alien Grey?

Posted by JACK CARY on June 7, 2012 at 9:30 PM

Recently a video has gained some degree of attention around the web in certain circles. This video is purportedly a leaked KGB film of an alien grey and in one frame multiple greys. Instantly one's hoax radar goes up. We are well aware of the multitude of lonely, dejected half wits who sit around thinking of ways to commit hoaxes for no pay off other than a  gimpish chuckle between swills of semi warm soda and half melted payday bars. This video, however stands out for a number of reasons. The first is that to our knowledge at this time, no one has come forward claiming to have made this film. The production expenses for producing this piece of video, say on a set of some kind, would be enormous and outside the realm of most would be hoaxers. The amount of expertise that would be required to produce a hoax of this quality is far more substantial than most would suspect. The entities in the film show muscle movement around the eyesocket and temple area. The fingers seem to move and of course the being turns its head and blinks repeatedly. This is an astounding piece of video whatever the provinance ultimately proves to be. The one possibility that does make sense to us at P.I.A. is that perhaps this was used as a tool of disinformation by the KGB and produced by them. One must take into account however that the video posted below would require Hollywood style production and expertise and the former Soviet Union really has no movie industry to speak of. The creatures in video below seem to fit the bill as far as what most abductee victims report and yet are a far cry from the 'horror film' version of the grey seen in most modern day depictions. Could this film be real? Are we seeing  what the so-called greys really look like?

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Preliminary Analysis of Alien Hybrid Hair

Posted by JACK CARY on June 1, 2012 at 7:40 PM

A woman named Kaye Wilson claims alien abduction happened to her and what is more, she has the first possible real tangible evidence to prove her story.


Deep Black Intel Report: Stolen Medical Equipment Possibly Linked To Cattle Mutilations

Posted by JACK CARY on May 31, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Recently the P.I.A. has detected what could be an underlying link or connection between a mainstream news story about stolen medical equipment in Florida and the now long running cattle mutilation enigma. Mainstream news recently reported that 500,000 dollars of contaminated medical equipment was recently stolen from Florida Hospital's Orlando campus. This equipment has been used to biopsy a patient who had died of jacob creutzfeldt disease. This disease is the human form of mad cow disease or bovine spongyform encephalopathy. Many researchers including the now famous research group called the Institute for Discovery Sciences has linked this disease with the cattle mutilation phenomenon. The cattle mutilation phenomenon really took off in the 1970's in Colorado. The first recorded victim being a horse, not a cow.  It is known to us that the woman who owned the horse who was mutilated often reported strange lights and encounters on her property and recorded these happenings in a diary. According to record, one day while her family attended church, she committed suicide, leaving behind only her diary. After her funeral church volunteers were tasked with cleaning out her belongings from her home. Those in the group remember two unknown men entering the home under the pretense of being part of the volunteer group. These men were seen removing papers from the home and leaving. Witnesses recall the men being dressed rather peculiarly, wearing dress pants and shoes, but with only white t-shirts. The diary was never found and it is now presumed that these two men stole the diary.

It is also known to the PIA through the research of NIDS and others that at some point in the early 1960s a research scientist working out of a secret facility in Fort Collins Colorado began researching the Kuru virus of New Guinea. He travelled to site of an outbreak and took live samples and transported them back to Colorado. He and his team then injected certain species of wildlife with the virus in order to determine what the outcome would be. One of the animals, a deer, escaped from this facility and made its way into the wildlife population. Not long after this event was the first ever recorded cases of chronic wasting disease in the deer and elk populations. The NIDS believe that this is the same virus and it is the same virus as mad cow disease. They have been able to successfully predict the outbreak of new cattle mutilation cases based on the outbreak areas of chronic wasting disease that occurred the season before.  We now believe that what is occurring is that the deer and elk herds are grazing on the same lands as the cattle. They leave behind contaminated saliva deposits on the same grass the cows later feed on. This contaminates the beef supply completely. The fact that the animals are left behind has long stood out as a major red flag. We now believe the animals are left behind as a brutal warning that the food chain has been compromised and that the eventual outcome of this will be widespread disease outbreak as the straiin grows more virulent.  There are only a couple of known patterns when it comes to cattle mutilations. The first is that they always occur on or around areas where chronic wasting disease is reported. The second is that in most of the cases, the mutilations all occurred within two days of a full moon. This implies to the PIA the use of night vision equipment. This would have especially been true in the 1970's when thermal imaging was not known to the military. The third is that the animals are always left behind. We believe that the food chain has been compromised by so called Prion Proteins and that this will have a devastating effect on the population. Below is a link to the medical equipment story and excerpts from the NIDS report which has now been mysteriously removed from the internet.


Unexplained Cattle Deaths

And The Emergence Of A Major

TSE Epidemic in North America

National Institute for Discovery Science



Note - Because of the length of this outstanding report and that it is in a 'pdf' format, many may not read it all or successfully access the file. Therefore, I am posting several excerpts here which, hopefully, will encourage more to access and carefully read this entire precedent-setting scientific work... -ed




We present evidence that a correlation exists between reports of animal mutilation and the emergence of a Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) epidemic in North America.


* We show that sharp instruments are used in animal mutilations. Our data contradict the conclusions of the 1980 Rommel Report that claimed predators and scavengers could explain reports of cattle mutilations.


* Using data obtained from a NIDS nationwide survey of bovine veterinarian practitioners, we show that certain organs are preferentially removed during animal mutilations.


* We focus attention on the temporal and geographical overlaps between the animal mutilation and TSE epidemics in NE Colorado. The most highly publicized TSE epidemic in North America, chronic wasting disease (CWD), emerged in NE Colorado in the late 1960s.


* We show evidence that patterns of animal mutilations conform to covert but classical wild life sampling methodologies for infectious diseases.


* We show evidence in support of an epidemic of prion disease that is both subclinical in cattle and clinical in deer/elk in North America.


* We describe evidence from two laboratories that a number of prion diseases in humans are misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease and therefore currently escape detection.


* The historical record shows that high levels of infectious TSEs were imported from New Guinea into research facilities at Fort Detrick and Bethesda, Maryland after 1958 and were used for intensive cross-species infectivity experiments.


* We hypothesize that animal mutilations represent both a TSE-disease sampling operation on domestic animals AND a graphic warning that the beef and venison food chain is compromised.


Overall, the evidence suggests that animal mutilations are a long-term, covert, prion disease sampling operation by unknown perpetrators who are aware of a substantial contamination of the beef and venison food supply. Although this paper presents evidence in favor of a motive for animal mutilations, there is still insufficient evidence to identify the perpetrators.


The hypotheses described in this paper yield a number of testable predictions. Examining these predictions in the coming months and years is increasingly urgent because they have considerable public health implications. Secondly the recent (May 2003) announcement of a case of mad-cow disease in Alberta, Canada has brought the issue of the contamination of the human food chain into sharper focus.




Cases of unexplained cattle deaths, also known as animal mutilations, are characterized by the deliberate removal of organs from domestic and wild animals by unknown perpetrators. Testimony from veterinary pathologists, law enforcement officials and cattle inspectors clearly distinguish animal mutilations from death of domestic and wild animals by infectious disease, predation, and other natural causes (1). The phenomenon has been unsuccessfully investigated by law enforcement and by a variety of researchers since the early 1970s. Animal mutilations emerged into the glare of media attention beginning in the late 1960s, intensified in the 1970s and since then have waxed and waned in intensity. Although animal mutilation research has been immersed in a miasma of wild speculation, false claims and unscientific methodology, there is considerable evidence that the phenomenon is real.


The two central and unanswered questions that have dogged research into this phenomenon are (a) Who and (b) Why? The purpose of the present paper is to focus on the second question and to review evidence suggesting a link between the intense animal mutilation waves of the 1970s/1980s and the emergence of an epidemic of infectious disease in North America during and after this period. The issue of the contamination of the North American food supply by an infectious prion agent has come into sharper focus since the announcement in May 2003 by Canadian authorities of a confirmed case of mad cow disease in Alberta, Canada. This paper hypothesizes that patterns of animal mutilations are consistent with a covert infectious disease monitoring operation in the United States and elsewhere. It is not the purpose of this paper to ask the question: "who is killing and mutilating the animals"?




Lines of Evidence Suggesting the Animal Mutilation-TSE Linkage


1. NE Colorado was a Major Animal Mutilation Epicenter 1975-1977 In a two-year period, (1975-77) in two Colorado counties alone, there were nearly two hundred reports of mutilated cattle (1). Governor Richard D. Lamm flew to Pueblo Colorado on Sept 4, 1975 to confer with the executive board of the Cattlemen's Association about the mutilations, which he called "one of the greatest outrages in the history of the western cattle industry." The Governor added, "it is no longer possible to blame predators for the mutilations" (2). In the 1970s, in addition to the scores of cases in NE Colorado, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of animal mutilation reports were investigated by local law enforcement with cases occurring in 15 states, from South Dakota and Montana to New Mexico and Texas.


2. Since 1981, NE Colorado has been the epicenter of a CWD epidemic Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a prion associated neurodegenerative disease that is a part of a larger family of fatal conditions that include Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in cattle, scrapie in sheep and sporadic and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (sCJD or vCJD)/kuru in humans (3). Prion diseases are described in more detail below.


CWD afflicts mule deer, white-tailed deer and American elk (waipiti) in several states and in Canada. CWD was first seen in 1967 in captive deer at a Colorado State University research station in Fort Collins, Colorado. Shortly after the animal mutilation epidemic in NE Colorado died down, beginning in 1981, cases of CWD were found in free-ranging deer and elk, initially only in areas in northeastern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming. Recently, however, surveys in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska have documented an astoundingly high CWD prevalence in some wild deer herds (3). By February 2003, additional CWD cases have been documented in Kansas, Minnesota, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada. In spite of strenuous culling efforts by state wildlife agencies, CWD appears to be spreading rapidly.


3. Predators, Scavengers or Sharp Instruments?


An oft-cited study throughout the history of animal mutilation investigations has been the famous Rommel Report. Written in 1980 by retired FBI officer Ken Rommel, the report purports to show that simple predator and scavenger activity was mistaken by ranchers and law enforcement officials for "mutilations" (19). There have been numerous criticisms of this report, not least of which was a complete lack of forensic or veterinary pathology expertise on the part of the senior investigator. In fact, before being appointed to head Operation Animal Mutilation, Rommel's prior career expertise had focused on the investigation of bank robberies.


Rommel purportedly investigated about 20 mutilations in the state of New Mexico during a six month period in 1979. Given that NIDS has (so far) spent seven years continuously investigating cattle mutilations, arguably with far greater resources than those given to the Rommel investigation, the tiny scope and extremely short time frame of the Rommel study demolished it's credibility as a serious scientific study. Nevertheless, the NIDS investigations of animal mutilations in northern New Mexico have confirmed at least one aspect of the results published in the Rommel Report. Using veterinary pathology and bacteriology analysis, NIDS found a majority of reported animal mutilations in northern New Mexico 1996-2002 were false positives. Animals had died of Clostridial infection (blackleg), under-nourishment, as a result of the inappropriate application of the organophosphate insecticide Warbex (64) or from other natural causes.


The NIDS investigations found that scavengers had subsequently attacked and devoured parts of these carcasses. Where the Rommel Report and the NIDS analysis part ways is that NIDS has also conducted field investigations, including necropsies and tissue sampling, of animal mutilations in other states, including Utah, Montana, Nebraska, California, Oregon, Washington etc. Where the Rommel investigation used a few isolated cases of false positives in New Mexico that were gathered over an extremely truncated time frame to generalize that all animal mutilations in the United States were simply the result of predator or scavenger activity, it could be argued that the NIDS approach has been more scientific. It is also noteworthy that the Rommel Report has been widely cited by some law enforcement groups (although, as time goes on, increasingly fewer), university laboratories, and veterinary groups as justification for not expending resources on investigations into animal mutilations.


NIDS has investigated several mutilation cases where evidence for the use of sharp instruments was documented using veterinary pathology techniques (20 and references therein). In this report, we will cite just two examples; others can be found in (20).




Case #1: Circumstances and Preliminary Investigation


March 10, 1997 ó 10:00 AM: Two ranchers on a remote pasture in NE Utah began the daily tagging of calves born the night before. The weather was bright and sunny, temperatures in the 50s. The ranchers estimated they tagged and weighed the 87-pound animal about 100 yards from the fence line. There was a ring of snow surrounding the pasture where they tagged the animal.


After tagging the animal, they walked about 300 yards west to another newborn animal and went through the process of weighing and tagging that animal. The two were accompanied by their blue heeler dog. About 10:45 AM, the heeler began to growl and act strangely with a focus on the area they had just left.


March 10 ó 10:45 AM: The blue heeler began snarling in earnest and arching his back. Without warning, the animal ran west across the fields, away from the direction he had been looking. The heeler was never seen again.


March 10 ó 10:50 AM: The rancher and his wife, looking back, then noticed a grown cow running frantically back and forth towards the fence line while dragging her leg. Both then walked back to investigate. The rancher reported seeing the recently tagged newborn calf lying eviscerated in the field (see photos), close to where it had been tagged about 45 minutes previously. In a 45-minute period in daylight, 100 yards from any cover, with the rancher about 200-300 yards away, the calf had most of its body weight removed, including entrails, and appeared to have been placed carefully on the ground with no blood present on or near the animal.


March 10 ó 4:00 PM: In one of the most rapid turn-around times in NIDS' investigative history, two NIDS scientific investigators and a veterinarian were standing over the dead calf only a few hours after receiving the call from the rancher. The photo below (Fig 1) is an accurate representation of how the animal was found:


[Figure 1. The animal was found spread-eagled on the grass with no blood on or underneath.]


The investigators confirmed the eviscerated calf as reported by the rancher. The veterinarian began the necropsy. Investigators videotaped the necropsy and photographed the procedure. As the veterinarian performed the necropsy, he said a sharp instrument, possibly a knife, had been used to remove the ear. He also reported there may have been evidence of chewing on the animal. The initial observation made by the veterinarian regarding the use of a sharp instrument on the animal's ear (see photograph below) was later confirmed by an independent veterinary pathology lab.


[Figure 2: The animal's left ear had been cleanly cut with a sharp instrument.]


[Figure 3. Close-up of ear.]


A close-up of the ear (Figure 3) showed that the cartilage, hide and all connective tissue had been cleanly sliced to remove the ear. A detached femur bone from the animal was sent to one of the top forensic pathologists in the country who confirmed that two separate sharp instruments had been used on the bone: a heavy machete-like instrument and a smaller scissors-like instrument.


Within 24 hours, an experienced tracker who makes a living tracking game animals arrived and quartered an area nearly a mile radius from the dead calf. No tracks were found.


No blood was found on or near the animal. The veterinarian who conducted the necropsy opined the animal had been exsanguinated very effectively. In order to test the hypothesis that blood may have seeped from the animal into the soil, NIDS obtained about 3 liters of fresh blood (the approximate blood volume of the exsanguinated animal, using the standard assumption that blood is approx 7% of body weight) from the local slaughterhouse. The blood was poured on the ground where the calf was found. Videotapes and photographs were recorded of the blood on the ground at regular intervals for 48 hours following the initiation of the experiment. Even 48 hours after the blood was poured, the bright red stain of hemoglobin was very obvious on the grass.




The following is a portion of the Summary remarks at the end of the NIDS report:


Why Leave the Body?


This question has plagued investigators ever since the first well-publicized investigations of mutilations began back in the early 1970s. As any reader familiar with the animal mutilation topic will agree, a plethora of hypotheses have sprung up about the perpetrators and their motives for animal mutilations. One of the most quoted hypotheses involves a government operation to monitor radiation or biological warfare testing. But the question "why leave the body?" has never been adequately answered by these hypotheses. The government can just as easily test their own herds, the counter-argument goes, or obtain carcasses from a slaughterhouse if they wish to covertly monitor radiation. Thus, for this and many other reasons, the evidence points away from the government as perpetrators of animal mutilations.


Vallee (56) and Smith (57) have suggested intriguing hypotheses that leaving the cow carcass on the ground constitutes a deliberate message. In common with both these authors, we suggest that implicit in the deliberate lack of an attempt to conceal the carcass on the part of the perpetrators of animal mutilation, is a brutal warning. We suggest that attention is being deliberately focused on the mutilated animals. Further, we suggest the warning is that the human food chain is compromised, probably with a prion-associated infectious agent that still remains mostly undetected.

Sky Trumpet Noises Return, This Time England

Posted by JACK CARY on May 14, 2012 at 9:50 PM

The world is still at a loss to explain these noises. To some they sound like trumpets, to others like grating noises accompanied by physical vibrations that shake their house or body. After a period of silence it seems they have returned. This video was taken by a gentleman in England out walking his dog.

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Ancient map gives clue to fate of 'Lost Colony'

Posted by JACK CARY on May 6, 2012 at 9:35 PM

One of America's most enduring mysteries may have been solved. The mystery of the lost colony at Roanoke. The only clue up till now in this historical mystery was the now famous word 'Croatoan' that was carved into a tree by the missing colonists. Now a map has surfaced that may solve the mystery once and for all.