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Exclusive: Conspiracy Watch Meta Pattern Developing: American Civil War

Posted by Jack Cary on May 5, 2012 at 12:30 AM

"Please Disperse"Photo from a P.I.A. source. Taken in New Mexico. DHS has ordered 2600 of these.

Here at the P.I.A. we endeavor endlessly to uncover hidden patterns of strange and disturbing events. We have become aware of a most disturbing pattern now developing which, when taken into the greater context of the many 2012 prophecies held by ancient cultures worldwide, tends to lend support to the idea that we as a society may be on the precipice of a true Black Swan Event. This is not the typical pattern we are used to discovering but it is a true pattern, none the less, and what it implies is most disturbing indeed.

Here is a breakdown of this developing pattern accompanied by links to the evidence which betrays the hidden pattern within.

1. On April 5th of this year it was confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security surreptitiously placed a purchase order for 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition which by international war laws is illegal to use in combat. It then can only be used domestically, and we have to ask why they decided that they need such a large stockpile. Next came word that they also have purchased a number of bulletproof checkpoint booths and when queried as to why, have refused to answer the question.

Here is a link to an info war article breaking down that discovery.

2.  On May 1, we reported on a citizen in a small sleepy town in Minnesota who was able to snap a photograph of fully armed American Soldiers walking right down the middle of her street on a 'undisclosed military excersice'. When one of the soldiers was queried as to why they were training in town his reply was that they were not told as to the reason why.

Here is a link to this evidence. Also see the article below in our news stream.

3. In the last few days a very damning document has been released that seems to indicate that the Federal gov't is having the military train to open and operate so called internment or relocation camps. This document isn't the kind you would usually see as it already precludes that these camps are set up by stating that the PSYOPs officer's main duty is to infiltrate, and undermine 'political activist' already imprisoned in the camps. This simply stated means that the PSYOP's officers are training as though the camps and inmates already exist. Here is link to this leaked pdf file.

Here is a link to an article which breaks down where these camps are how they are being run even today with no one there.

Below is a link to video footage of one of these camps.


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4. Now we find that an informant from the DHS has reported to various internet agencies that the federal gov't is preparing for massive civil war.

When we cross exmained this evidence against the Web Bot Shape of Things to come Report for 2012 , we discovered a very disturbing pattern beginning to manifest. The web bot report states the following concerning the linked document about PSYOP's officers training to infiltrate the inmate population of the camps.

Pg. 19 Sub Set Blazers, Phasers. 3rd paragraph.

"A very significant segment of the new data supporting sets of the Populace/USofA entity are going to the idea of { anti spies against the populace}. The data sets indicate that the {entrenched elite} wil be (are now) {recruiting} and {training} their spies and {agents} for the {expected/awaited uprising} that is thought by the {entrenched elite} to be {most probable} in {Spring 2012 (northern hemisphere)}. The uprising is connected within the vast number of cross links from the EntrenchedElite entity over to the Populace/USofA entity, to the { issuance of detention orders (arrest without trial) of some {prominent (anti-NWO activisit}. Note that the {uprising} or {mass riots} and {national strike} are all within the post March equinox data accretion."

As a disturbing addendum, we have recieved word today from various of our sources who have confirmed that FEMA has also placed an order for 102,000 box cars containing wall shackles. Even though this may sound as though it is a fictitious representation,  video of these box cars exists and we are left completely devoid of any answers from the powers that be.

We at the P.I.A. believe all of these threads to constitute a developing meta pattern of manifestation. We believe this chain of evidence constitutes a very dire warning to us all that very strange and trying times lay ahead.

Mysterious Rattling Booms Continue All Over World

Posted by Jack Cary on April 27, 2012 at 9:40 AM

The great Linda Moultan Howe has gone further than anyone has in decoding this very scary mystery. Here is a link to her amazing report.

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