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Pyramid Discovered in Alaska?

Posted by Jack Cary on August 27, 2012 at 11:30 AM

      A very interesting story is developing about a possible discovery in Alaska of a buried pyramid. An award winning journalist named Linda M. Howe who, operates a website called has apparently been approached by an ex army counter intelligence agent with an amazing story. This man has been positively identified as Douglas Allen Mutschler, and has supplied all the proper paperwork to support his claims of having been a counter intelligence agent. Those interested can review these documents and other correspondances to Linda Howe, concerning the 'Black Pyramid' at this link:

 In short, he claims that he was stationed in Alaska at Fort Richardson as part of an experimental counter intelligence unit identified as 97 Bravo 10.

He claims that during a 1992 test of an underground nuclear device by the Chinese government, scientists in the U.S. used the opportunity to examine the earth's crust in a way that they had previously not been able to. The size of the device, 1 megaton, created a unique situation for government geologist to examine the earth's crust in minute detail. He claims that after the test occurred, the local NBC televison affiliate ran a detailed story on the discovery of the pyramid which was described as being larger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. This ex intelligence agent claims that although he set up a VCR in order to record the re-run of the story later that night, the story never ran again. The next day he travelled to the televison station to retrieve a copy of the story and was told by the station manager that they in fact never ran a story about a pyramid and refused to acknowledge any knowledge of the story. He claims that the story was witnessed by forty other soldiers who were all watching televison in the same room. A technician at the station who witnessed the interaction between Mutchler and the station manager, told Mutchler that they had run the story but that it had already been confiscated by government authorities. We now are looking for anyone who may have accidentally recorded that story on that fateful night so that we can examine the evidence for ourselves.  A recorded interview with the witness is below as recorded on coast to coast a.m. radio program.

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Shortly after running her story, Linda M. Howe was approached by another witness who says that his father was recruited to work on the structure. He made the following statement.

“My father said that the Alaska underground pyramid was technology completely unknown at the time when he worked on it from 1959 to 1961. He didn’t know where the technology came from.”- “John Smith,” son of Western Electric and AT&T Engineer

we at the PIA are examining the possibility that this structure could be connected to the discovery of what appears to be an ancient egyptian like structure hollowed into the vast cliffs of the Grand Canyon. We are also examining the possiblity that the so called Alaskan Triangle ,where countless people have gone missing, is somehow connected to this discovery. The location of the pyramid appears to lie directly in the center of this mysterious vortex. The location is apparently south of Mt. McKinley and near Nome. We have previously reported what appears to be a cover up a vast underground structure in the Grand Canyon that was originally discovered in 1909 by a man named Prof. S.A. Jordan and G.E. KinKaid working for the Smithsonian. This discovery was recounted on the front page of the Pheonix Gazette on April 05, 1909. Although researchers have tried to verify the claims of the story, the Smithsonian has refused to release any information about the discovery and denies any knowledge of the discoverers of the site. To this day, the area where this discovery was made, has all Egyptian names for the peaks and this area is off limits, even to park personnel. We continue to search for the patterns that will be impossible to hide.

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