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Cuzco, Peru UFO and the Hidden Occult Connection

Posted by JACK CARY on April 16, 2012 at 9:35 AM

This could very well be the best UFO picture ever taken. The witness who took the photo is by all accounts not capable of CGI manipulation and when zoomed in 1000 times, the photo reveals breathtaking detail. Beyond this, the P.I.A. is aware of a very deep occult connection to Cuzco, Peru.  In a little known and very remarkable book called A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli, and the Great Cross by Weidner and Bridge, we find an amazing connection to the European esoteric stream. This remarkable text describes how the so-called galactic alignment is deeply embedded within European esotericism, including Gothic architecture, alchemy and astrology. This tradition and knwoledge of the Galactic Center is found as a high initiatory location within Renaissance alchemy and the Holy Grail mythos. The Arthurian story tradition about the Holy Grail involves the soul's journey to paradise, the center of the world, where the cup of immortality is finally found to quench the seeker's thirst for spiritual vision and truth. In the kabbalah the Galactic Center corresponds to the axis running between Kether and Malkuth, the highest and lowest sephiroth on the Tree of Life. These kabbalistic diagrams were encoded into all manner of Gothic architecture especially the Saint Denis cathedral and Notre Dame. The authors of A Monument to the End of Time examined closely the premier authority on Gothic cathedral architecture, an enigmatic figure named Fulcanelli. 

 Fulcanelli published a very interesting book titled The Mysteries of the Cathedrals  in which we find an amazing connection between the underground esoteric illuminati stream and Cuzco, Peru where a massive UFO was recently photographed. Fulcanielli's book contains a very revealing chapter called  The Cyclic Cross at Hendaye. This cross is located in Hendaye, France and its construction contains a fantastic secret concerning the Galactic Center and the coming galactic allignment of Dec 21, 2012. The cross monument itself was inscribed with typical medieval symbols drawn from astrology, alchemy and tarot and was erected in the 1600s but no one knows by who.

The Hendaye Cross has encoded information about the Apocalyptic Day of Judgement, a still but barely surviving high secret of ancient Egyptian eschatology.  Interestingly, no one really knows who Fulcanelli was either. It is presumed that this is a psuedonym because it is clear that this man was no mere dabbler in the occult arts, rather he had to of been an initiate into the deep esoteric stream of European occultism. Fulcanelli was extremely careful in his writings not to say too much. The mother deity associated with this lost layer was Isis and even though she was derided, the Isis cult did find its own underground stream into Medieval Europe, thriving as the Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene folklore throughout southern France. The Cross at Hendaye should be seen in its larger context of hidden information, understood only at high levels of esoteric delegation and operating behind the scenes of history.  In Mysteries of the Cathedrals, Fulcanelli wrote

" The Hendaye cross shows by the decoration of its pedestal that it is the strangest monument of primitive millenarism, the rarest symbolic translation of chiliasm, that I have ever met....The unknown workman, who made these images, possessed real and profound knowledge of the universe."


The cross itself is twelve feet high and the pillar is topped with a cross that contains these two inscriptions:

OCRUXAVES PESUNICA on one side and INRI on the other side. The first translates literally as "Hail, oh cross, our only hope."  Fulcanelli understood this to be an anagram for the following phrase:

OCRU S AVEC PECU NICA  Translated this means INCA CAVE, CUSCO, PERU.  The authors of A Monument to the End of Time were able to travel to Cuzco, Peru. This was done in an attempt to locate the Place of Refuge from the Day of Judgement that Fulcanelli insisted was encoded into the cross. Once there they discovered a conquest era document form Peru containing the exact same images found on the cross. Weidner and Bridge provide in-depth analysis of the multiple meanings of the Cross's inscriptions. The sun's face is angry announcing the Day of Judgement is at hand. it is located in the middle of four corner stars, suggesting it occupies a fifth 'cosmic center' location. The man in the moon symbol found on the cross is representative of the moon boats found in medieval art, suggesting an eclipse as well and ark in which to escape the coming catastrophe. The starburst indicates an explosive solar flare coming from the sun and the four A shapes represent the cycle of the great year of precession.

The INRI inscription on the backside of the cross is the inscription some say was inscribed on the cross of Jesus, but in esoteric tradition it has other more pertinent meanings. In occult tradition it means the following Igne Natura Renovatur Integra ( by fire nature is renewed whole). In the deep esoteric stream of medieval Europe this inscription INRI meant and referred to the Fallen Angels of biblical and esoteric lore. Many researchers believe these fallen angel stories to be about the Anunnaki and the current UFO enigma. The presence of a massive UFO at this site is a message of sorts to those 'in the know' and portends scary things ahead.

The temple of the Sun is also located here. Fitting name given the fact that people sought refuge here from the last coronal mass ejection that nearly wiped out humanity.


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