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The Copycat Effect: Meet the man who predicted the Aurora shooting

Posted by JACK CARY on September 25, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Picture: Loren Coleman

  Welcome to the very strange world of "Twilight Language". This is the study of names and place names, of name games and number coincidences in history and the news. We at the PIA believe that this is also related to number 23 enigma that was first noticed by William S. Burroughs 

   The fact that these patterns exist implies to us that they somehow show the limits of our reality structure or "bars" of our cage. The fact that the human race is awakening to these relationships means that the rat is beginning to see the way through the maze. The very respected and world famous cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman, is the first pioneer into this strange realm where one can see the continuation of patterns based on the location of place names and the names of historical figures involved. Coleman also runs a very nice site on cryptozoology at this link

It is through the use of twilight language techniques that Coleman was able to pick up on the fact that something horrible was going to happen that day in Aurora, Co. He is doing in human form, what the web bot designed by Clif High does on a macro level. It looks for relationships in language and then finds the common link between discourse happening all over the world. Loren Coleman's technique is much more esoteric in nature but has structure, logic and empiricism that are the hallmarks that this just isn't make believe.

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