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P.I.A. Gematria Predictions for Future Events.

Posted by JACK CARY on September 25, 2012 at 6:05 PM


The research department at the PIA has now developed its own proprietary technique for identifying unfolding meta patterns of historical importance. Our technique is based on careful analysis of certain key words and phrases and their mathematical relationships using the ancient occult art of gematria. This is our first report and they will be more and more detailed as we iron out the kinks in the process. Thank You.

Keyword: Ison - name of an amazing comet that will be most prominent in the sky in 2013.

Comets have long been associated with the onset of global disasters and this has been recorded in cultures worldwide:

Hebrew Gematria Value: ISON = 189

Crosslink words with same gematria value and the PIA prediction:

1. Barack H Obama = 189 =

This indicates that Obama will still be the president when the  comet streaks by our planet in 2013. Alternatively could insenuate a "disaster" of some kind in the white house.

2. Metallica = 189 =

 This indicates some headline news regarding this band will be prominent at the time when this comet is being discussed in the mainstream media.

3. Pleiadian Life = 189 =

This indicates that alien life will be detected somewhere in the Pleiadian star constellation in 2013.

4. Fresh/Shark = 189 =

Sharks will be found in bodies of freshwater that was once thought impossible. They have already been discovered in some fresh water rivers but this indicates a far deeper problem.

5. Empire/Sharia/Gehinnom = 189 =

bismillah - crosslink = 189

these 3 words crosslinked with the word 'bismillah' which is arabic for "in the name of god."

Indicates a muslim empire will enact Sharia law and or become an issue for the world in 2013. Gehinnom is hebrew for 'hell' and indicates this country will give israel or turn israel into hell in the name of god.

6. Frida Kahlo = 189 = scribe (sub element) = 189

Lost letters of correspondance from Frida Kahlo will be discovered soon.

7. LIRR = 189 =

This indicates a disaster to occur on the Long Island railroad system sometime in 2013.

8.Ennead = 189 =

Reference to the pantheon of gods in ancient greece. This indicates a return to the worship of this pantheon atleast in Greece, sometime in 2013.

9. Amelikite = 189 =

This is a reference to the canaanites or modern day palestinians being yet again predominant in the news but also could indicate, as bizarre as it sounds, that Sasquatch is determined to be a real creature. Amelikite was the grandson of Essau and some researchers believe that the story of Essau is the story of bigfoot. This includes our research dept.

10. Bible Code = 189 ***********

This is the most important of the crosslinks. The bible code clearly indicates a cometary / asteroid impact in 2012-2013.  Under key phrase search using equidistant letter sequencing, the key phrase "end of days", has crosslinks of  "2012, cometary impact." "I will tear apart." and many other ominous crosslink messages. We cannot overstate the importance of the comet ISON having the same gematria value as Bible Code(hebrew crosslinked with english gematria).

Future reports will be available for purchase in our new upcoming web store. As always we use the utmost care in our calculations using this ancient art.

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