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Nabiru and The Web Bot Data Gap

Posted by Jack Cary on October 23, 2012 at 6:00 PM

The following article by UFO digest, published this year is a an amazing piece of parallel research to our own efforts in studying the web bot data gap mystery and the coming 'global coastal event' predicted by both the web bot and remote viewers at

The article shows the relationship between the possibility of Nabiru being real and the effects that are predicted by ancient prophecies around the globe, the web bot, and Dr. Courtney Brown at farsight. We have long searched for definitive proof that Nabiru is real just as the ancient sumerian tablets claim and have been researching how the possibility of Nabiru existence fits in to all of the predictions by these various groups. The following article at is an amazing effort at piecing together the many pieces of this puzzle. Particularly disturbing are Dr. Brown's claims that the world's governments are secretly preparing for this event without notifying the greater public of the real dangers of what is to come. The web bot predicts that after the event occurs,  there is literally no sign of government anywhere. Why the very large purchases of ammunition they have recently acquired do not lead to a continuity of power is still a big mystery. The web bot does not have an explanation for this but we must assume that either in fighting or some sort of natural disaster must affect them while they are in their underground bunkers. The web bot says this could be caused by gravitational waves collapsing the underground structures.


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