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Kill Shot Temporal Markers About to Happen?

Posted by Jack Cary on December 16, 2012 at 6:25 PM

As many of our readers know, the "Kill Shot" is a remote viewing prediction of a massive solar flare that will fry the world's power grids and take the planet back to the 1800's overnight. This prediction was originally posited by Ed Dames and his group of CIA remote viewers. In the prediction there are two "time" or "temporal" markers that will take place before the flare. The first is that a space shuttle of some kind will be forced from space by space debris and the other is a nuclear detonation on the Korean penninsula. Recently we have had two events that could lead to a fulfillment of both of these markers. Recently the U.S. Military launched a super secret space shuttle on a secret military mission and this was reported in the main stream media. Here is a video of the Kill Shot prediction and the shuttle launch:

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You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Soon after this launch it was also reported that the North Korean's would soon be testing a nuclear weapon on their soil.This was reported by Fox News and it was speculation by some military analyst in the U.S. If the shuttle happens to be forced from orbit by space debris and the North Korean's detonate their bomb then both markers will be fulfilled and we will know that the prediction is true. It will then only be a matter of time before the flare comes. It will be prudent to monitor the sun's activity on a daily basis.

Currently it does not appear they are preparing for a nuke test as reported 3 days ago by NBC news. Here is a link to this story:

We at the P.I.A. are monitoring the situation very closely. If it appears the temporal markers are being fulfilled we will notify our readers immediately.

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