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Web Bot Data Analysis Update

Posted by Jack Cary on March 31, 2013 at 11:05 AM

The inventor of the Web Bot, Clif High has downloaded a new "wujo" discussion on the website that gives a few updates on coming events. Primary among these is that according to Clif High, "validation studies" have been conducted that have indicated that the coming Global Coastal Event and or the Kill Shot will occur by May 20th of this year. This event will be caused either by multiple meteoric impacts into the oceans of the world, the southern hemisphere in particular, or by an "expansion event" whereby the earth's crust actually expands outward in an extreme fashion causing worldwide upheaval. The analysis indicates that there will be vast amounts of inland rainfall and flooding causing landslides etc. This prediction matches very closely that of the Mayan priests who also depicted this current society ending by vast amounts of water. Their depiction of this event is of a Crocodile God who is pouring out vast amounts of water upon the earth causing total disaster worldwide. Many, of course, have now written off the Mayan prophecy as having been wrong, but these are the people who also don't realize that great earth changes are much like the changing seasons, one rarely knows it is winter on the first day of winter either, but the season does change. It is also true that observation changes outcomes, see "Schrodinger's Cat", and therefore it is our conclusion that Remote Viewing of the "etheric realm" could cause changes in outcomes originating from that realm.

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