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UFO documentary reveals humanoid of unknown classification?

Posted by P.I.A. on April 4, 2013 at 4:15 PM

A new documentary that will be released on the 22nd of this month could possibly be a history changing event. The documentary titled "Sirius" claims to have DNA evidence of an unclassified humanoid that appears extraterrestrial in nature. The documentary features the work of Dr. Steven Greer who is most notable for his disclosure project with the national press club. The documentary makes an extremely bold and perhaps history changing claim that they have

 “paradigm shifting physical evidence of a medically and scientifically analyzed DNA sequenced humanoid creature of unknown classification found in the Atacama desert, Chile.” According to the filmmakers the credentials of the group of scientists and the medical team behind this claim are “eye-opening.” They believe that the announcement of their discovery could be “potentially profound and historical.”

Atacama Humanoid XRay

The documentary was filmed by an emmy award winning documentarian named Amardeep Kaleka and is narrated by actor Thomas Jane. If the claims made in this film are true then this could represent a true tipping point for full disclosure of the reality of an alien presence on this planet. The trailer for the film is featured below and we anxiously await its arrival. The implications for society if alien life is ever fully proven true, are beyond measure. We predicted in our cyber prophecy section dealing with Gematria that alien life would be proven to exist this year sometime and this also matches the web bot prediction that alien life would become widely accepted over the course of the next year. You can follow the release of the film at this link:

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