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Kill Shot Watch: Increasing Solar Activity

Posted by Jack Cary on April 12, 2013 at 11:15 AM

We have been covering the Kill Shot sequence for well over a year now. The prediction states that a nuclear detonation will take place on the Korean penninsula just before a massive solar flare takes down power grids world wide. We believe we now are possibly on the edge of total disaster. Just yesterday the sun hurled a medium level solar flare and coronal mass ejection towards earth, and today NOAA forecasters have increased  the chance of an X class solar flare to 15%. Sunspot AR 1719 harbors delta class energy capable of producing X class flares. Here is a link to todays solar activity.

In the catastrophic event that the power grid does go down, the following pdf file originating from FEMA in 1989, details how to build your own wood gasifier to make your own gasoline from wood.



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