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Maj. Ed Dames Remote Viewers Target Bigfoot

Posted by JACK CARY on July 30, 2016 at 6:05 AM

16 inch footprint found in the Chuska Mountains by Jack Cary of Crypto 4 Corners and P.I.A.

Recently Maj. Ed Dames C.I.A. (ret.) was interviewed by Art Bell of Coast to Coast A.M. radio about the use of his team of Remote Viewers to target Bigfoot. The results of this experiment were shocking to say the least and leave as many questions as they do answers. In Remote Viewing the remote viewer is never told or shown who or what the target is until well after the experiment is conducted. In this particular experiment the remote viewing team almost to a man all drew the same thing. What they drew and sensed and explained was not something that most if any leading Sasquatch researchers would guess, far from it, in fact. 

What the team of Remote Viewers saw and described was a black box device in space. They sensed that this black box is somehow responsible for the creature's appearance on earth. They sensed that this was, in fact, a real creature who was alive on the earth at some point but who's essence was now somehow captured by this alien black box technology. This monolith like device was able to project the very living essence of the creature down to the earth and retract it at will. They also sensed that the purpose of the "projections" of the creature from the black box was to stimulate an eventual response from the human species to look behind what was causing the "projections" of this and other enigmas. They believe that when the human species begins to look behind what is causing the projections then the relationship between our species and the manufactures of this technology will finally change and contact made. 

Maj. Ed Dames believes this explains a number of strange facts that are known in Sasquatch research. Chief among these strange facts are the many disapearing track lines that have been discovered. Crypto 4 Corners discovered just such a trackline in the wilds of northern New Mexico where the prints measured 19 inches in length and the trackline itself was a full 1/4 mile in length! The tracks just suddenly stop where by all right they should continue. The topography doesn't change, for example, the same soft sand extends for miles that the prints were found in and should continue on for as long as the mediium allows but in these cases they don't. The tracks stop and by all appearances the creature just seems to vanish into thin air.

These findings seem to generate more questions than they answer. One such question is what happens when one is killed down on this planet? Does it dematerialize into light spectra, like a hologram or are we still left with a fleshy specimen? If we are left with a fleshy specimen then how would the human species ever discover that these were "projections" from an alien technology? 

Down the Rabbit Hole we go.

The P.I.A./Crypto 4 Corners is dedicated to solving this mystery once and for all and our field research efforts have been redoubled in concert with our desire to find the ulitimate answers to this and other mysteries facing mankind. 

19 inch print discovered by C4C. This was part of a disapearing trackline that extended 1/4 mile. Follow up investigation conducted by Jc Johnson and Jack Cary of C4C international.

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