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Are Caves The Key To Finding Bigfoot?

Posted by JACK CARY on December 29, 2016 at 7:10 AM

The quest to find the ultimate and final evidence of the species we call Bigfoot is still forging forward with just as much ferver as ever. This quest continues despite two seperate credible genome studies of D.N.A. collected in the field, that in our estimation is already scientific proof of the species. In one of these studies performed by the Erickson group, which had in it's ranks a number of world class investigators including Jc Johnson of Crypto 4 Corners and the P.I.A. Erickson spent $500,000 of his own money to fund the collecting of this evidence and the results were released to the major media news outlets. That day it was huge news all over America as the Erickson group had not only collected D.N,A. of the species but also high definition video of said creature. 

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In the state of Oklahoma, a number of the elders of the local indigenous tribes have stated publicly that they hold the traditon that these creatures live underground and it is the contention of the P.I.A. that there is sufficient evidence to bolster those claims and provide a viable explanation as to why these creatures are so very elusive. Some investigators have speculated before that this just may be the case and there is remnant material of those theories to be found on the internet. The two genome studies performed clearly showed that these creatures are in fact, part modern human, and anecdotal evidence suggests that these creatures live in a very tribal fashion. One very reliable witness who was a Navajo on a reservation in northern New Mexico, once told us of witnessing a group of them burying one of their dead. He claimed to have seen them include objects with the body before covering it up with soil and then large bolders. Another group of Navajo witnesses reported seeing a group of them literally herding a giant herd of Elk up in the highlands during Summertime. Some of them were wearing Elk Skins. If these creatures do, in fact, live in a tribal fashion then it would be logical to assume that they always do something with their dead and this, we believe, may be the key to finding the remains so long sought by an army of investigators. It could very well be that these creatures not only live in the millions of small undocumented caves which cover this country, but also bury their dead in some of them and then cover up the entrances. 

In recent years, investigators in Colorado such as Mark Para and Susan Crone of Sasquatch researchers of the American Southwest have collected a wide body of evidence which goes even further to bolster the idea that this is in fact the case. Along with finding what appears to be den after den of small caves found within the never ending canyon systems of Colorado, they have also collected compelling photographic evidence of the creatures around these caves. 

The following photographs are courtesy of Mark Para and Susan Crone of Sasquatch researchers of the American Southwest.



The quest to find remains of one of these creatures continues but we are beginning to see the larger picture of what is happening and why it is that those remains have not been found...yet. As we continue to zero in on these creatures behavioral patterns then we believe that evidence will be found and the world will finally have to accept the reality of these creatures. 

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