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Antarctica-The Mystery Unfolds

Posted by Jack Cary on March 7, 2017 at 9:50 AM

Those who investigate such matters know that Antarctica has been the subject of much speculation of late. Their have been countless trips by the power elite of the world to the south pole in recent months including Secretary of State John Kerry on election day, a day he knew no one would notice. Among these visits, the world famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin also traveled to Antactica only to be airlifted from the continent when health issues ensued. Besides these two notaries, a parade of world leaders and scientists have recently made trips unexpectedly to the south pole. In main stream media there are only hints as to why Antarctica is all of a sudden recieving such valued attention. We have been undertaking an in-depth analysis and investigation into the matter and we have assembled many pieces of the puzzle that when put together, present a breathtaking whole. 

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Those readers who follow Clif High's Web Bot reports that utilize neurolinquistic pattern analysis in order to discover patterns now unfolding around the world will be well aware that for a very long time now the Web Bot has been predicting something huge going on in Antarctica. The fact is that so much information has been generated with the use of this technology that Clif has been somewhat overwhelmed by it. The reports indicate that a huge discovery has been made in Antarctica and that this discovery will have permanent and long lasting implications for our society and the worldwide economy. 

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Inside sources at the P.I.A. have confirmed to us that this new discovery involves Pyramids of a very large scale. This discovery also includes what are being called pre-Adamite ruins of ancient cities which are buried 1 mile below the ice and have in recent years undergone extensive excavations. These pre-Adamite people are the Atlanteans of historical lore and many bodies have been discovered inside the ruins which are 10 to 12 feet in height and possess elongated skulls. The power elite have been prepping our society to accept such news and have made efforts recently to begin disclosure through the release of various articles in the main stream media. Below are links to the articles:

What is even more fascinating is that sources claim that there was an ancient intact power source also discovered within these pyramidal structures. This power source is currently not understood by modern science but insiders claim that it will change our world forever. The P.I.A. specializes in finding patterns between sources and stories that are currently not recognized or remain unknown to researchers and the public at large. In recent years stretching back to 2012, the world renowned researcher and award winning journalist Linda Moultan Howe of has been approached by 3 seperate individuals with military ties who claim that a pyramid known as the 'Dark Pyramid' or 'Black Pyramid' was discovered in Alaska. These contacts relayed an amazing amount of detail on the discovery of the 'Dark Pyramid' which is said to have been discovered in the late 1950's and at a depth of 700 feet below the surface. It is in the testimony of these individuals that we find clues as to what this power source is and more importantly how it might work. 

What we know from L. Howe's military insiders is that the 'Dark Pyramid' is located approximately 50 miles North East of Mt. Mckinley and that the google map coordinates are 63 degrees, 18 min North ; 152 degrees, 32 min West. The pyramids dimensions are 1510 feet on each side which is exactly double the dimensions of the Great pyramid at Giza which are exactly 755 ft. on each side thus the 'Dark Pyramid' is exaclty 4 X the area of the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  Beyond this we know that the pyramid creates fractals that efficiently distribute and multiply the power of the Earth's natural energy field. It accomplishes this because of its very strange angular orientation of 48 degrees instead of the expected orientation of 45 degrees as found in some pyramids on the earth's surface. This is related the discoveries of Nicholas Tesla who also discovered the use of fractals in his work. 

Recently two well known researchers, David Wilcock and Corey Goode have released a series of films produced at that speak of the finds in Antarctica. These films titled Antarctic: End Game, contain much valuable information as to what has been found in Antarctica and more importantly, what the discovery means to our world and human society at large. 

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Beyond these shocking revelations are the many satellite images coming from Antarctica which show entrances to these underground ruins as well as what appears to be a number of anomalous images of what clearly shows E.T. craft now embedded in the ancient ice of antarctica. Researchers can find these images in the recent films that have been released by the Secure Team 10 group. 

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The world is about to go into total shock over what is about to be released concerning Antarctica. In this article we have shown how the pieces fit together and the picture that is now being formed is one that will change human history and our world forever.  As a final note of interest concerning these finds, many inside sources have revealed that the discoveries in Antarctica will soon be revealed to the public at large as a diversionary tactic by the Global Cabal of the power elites who are now plagued with a number of scandals. Chief among these scandals is the world-wide pedophelia and human trafficking ring that is known to such figures as Robert Steele, Ex-C.I.A. operative who has come forward recently to speak of such issues. This was also predicted by the Web Bot as far back as 2009 and is known among researchers as Pizzagate or Pedo-gate. Below is Robert Steele speaking of this scandal.

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