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Alien Bodies Have Been Discovered At Nazca

Posted by Jack Cary on September 24, 2017 at 3:30 PM

In recent months a history changing and awe inspiring discovery has been made at Nazca, Peru. This discovery promises to be the ultimate discovery in the fields of both anthropology as well as the field of paranormal research. Numerous bodies have been discovered and at least four of these bodies have now undergone extensive biological and D.N.A. testing by a team of top scientists from the U.S., Russia and Peru. These findings have recently been released via six episodes produced by These episodes can now be viewed by the public at large on and the findings are in the early dissemination to the public at large as well as the rest of the scientific community world wide.
The discovery was first made by a French archeologist who specializes in the Incan culture. Spanning as far back as 1998, Thierry Jarmin, president of the Inkari Institute in France has discovered dozens of Incan archeology sites. It was only recently, however, that through a local contact in Cuzco, Peru that a new burial site was located which contained the bodies now being described as the Nazca mummies. It is believed that the bodies now recovered only constitute 10% of the overall burial site. The site contains sarcophagus's which contained the mummified bodies which are humanoid in structure but which are reptillian in both skeletal and biological makeup.

The team of scientists who are part of the initial endeavor to examine and record the early findings concerning these non-human bodies includes, Dr. Konstatine Korotov, Ph.D from Russia. Dr. Korotov is the president of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectography and is employed by St. Petersburg University; Dr. Jose' de Jesus Zalce Benitez from the National School of Forensic Medicine of Mexico; Dr. M.K. Jesse, Musculoskeletal Radiologist from the University of Colorado Hospital; Natalia Zaloznaja, M.D., Ph.D head of Image Analysis of the Medical Institute M.I.B.S. Dr. Edson Salazar Bianco medical surgeon; Dr. Michael Asiev Ph.D head of Genetic Analysis Dept. of Russian Academy of Science. This team of scientists are very accomplished in their respective fields and every one of them has now publicly stated that the findings concerning these bodies are legitimate and constitute a discovery which will change our understanding of ancient history and mankinds interaction with a species which is not human in origin. 


Upon analysis by this team of experts it was determined that these bodies are not mammalian in their biological makeup but rather shared many characterisitics with known repitiles and constitute a convergant evolutionary process allowing for bipedal movement just like humans.Some of the differences found are in the number and makeup of the vertabrae. The creatures discovered only possess eleven vertebrae and do not possess the double bone structure in either their arms or legs like that of mammals. In one specimen, believed to be female, 'eggs' were discovered in her abdomen along with a bony protursion on the exterior which is believed to be a way of depositing the eggs. It was also discovered (shown in the photo above) that this female had undergone some type of surgery as it was discovered that a 'metal' plate was implanted into her chest cavity at some point during her life. The bodies do not possess nasal cavities nor do they possess mandibular joints which allows for the chewing of food. These creatures only possessed three fingers and three toes and the hands appear to have been quite a bit more flexible than in the human species. The mummies were covered in a white powder that when examined turned out to be diatomaceous earth which contains the fossilized remains of aquatic organisms called diatomes. Diatomes have skeletons made of a natural substance called silica and contain mineral grains such as quartz. Commercial uses of diatome earth has a wide range uses such as water filteration and is used as a natural absorbant with many applications. 

The bodies were intentionally mummified in a process not unlike that of Egyptian mummies using an herbal concoction. The difference in the Nazca mummies is that all of the internal organs were left intact, something thought to be impossible in the mummification process. This fact has allowed this team of scientists an unprecedented view into the biological make up of these creatures. When the diatomaceaus earth substance was removed from part of one of the specimens, it was found to have skin very much like a number of reptiles found on the earth. When carbon dating was applied to samples from the creatures it showed a date of approximately 987 - 1145 A.D. 

It was also discovered that in the surrounding countryside a number of petroglyphs had been created depicting these creatures and their 3 fingers and toes. A number of ancient Incan tapestries have also been discovered which depict beings with the same anatomical make up showing that the Incans were well aware of these creatures and had interacted with them on some level. 

What has been discovered at Nazca will forever alter our understanding of the ancient past and of humanity's interaction with creatures that were not human in origin. We can only speculate as to whether these creatures somehow evolved alongside humans or were extraterrestrial in origin. As the burial site is further excavated it promises to reveal ever more secrets that will both shock and enlighten the scientific community and the rest of human society. The findings thus far demand a rewriting of what we hold to be true about mankind's past and may lead us into a deeper more profound understanding of the Universe and our place within it. As more discoveries are made we will present those findings to our readers. Further efforts are actively underway to have a full accounting of the existence of this species and it's interaction with humankind. 

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