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Daily Intelligence Report 10/13/2017

Posted by Jack Cary on October 13, 2017 at 9:45 AM

Scientists Discover A Mutlit-Dimensional Universe Hiding Inside Your Head:

The human brain is the most complex organ found in nature and now scientists have discovered a multi-dimensional universe inside of each of us. A group of researchers from the 'Blue Brain Project' are bringing humanity ever closer to understanding the human brain and consciousness itself using complex computer models which show that at least 11 dimensions can be found inside the brain using these new proprietary computer models.


"We found a world that we had never imagined," 

-Neuroscientist Henry Markham, Director of Blue Brain Project.

Deep State Operatives Team Up With Rockstar To Provide Disclosure On U.F.O.'s To The World:

A team of former Spies and Deep State Operatives came forward publicly on Thursday to announce that they have signed on with rock star Tom Delong to found a new company that will both provide disclosure about U.F.O.'s and hopefully take advantage of their exotic technologies to benefit mankind. This team is comprised of some of America's most accomplished spies including Luis Elizondo who up until a week ago worked directly under Secretary of Defense General James Mattis and former Lockheed Skunkworks manager Steve Justice. 

" For nearly a decade I ran a sensitive aerospace identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. It was in this position that I learned the phenomena is indeed real."

-Luis Elizondo

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Russian Scientists create BREAKTHROUGH technology that can transmute any element into another:

Russian Scientists have created a new breakthrough technology that they claim can transmute any element into another. At a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Russian scientists have announced that they have discovered a bio-chemical mechanism by which it is possible to transmute any element on the periodic table into another element. This was long sought after by the Alchemists of history and was often described as the 'Philosophers Stone'. This discovery came about because of experimentation dealing with the use of any element as fuel for future spacecraft. The video of the conferense in Geneva, Switzerland is provided for our readers below.

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