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The War In Heaven, The Death Of Mars, And The Reptilians Among Us

Posted by Jack Cary on February 1, 2018 at 5:40 PM

Recently the organization of world class remote viewers headed by Dr. Courtney Brown blindly targeted a very well known verse in the bible, Revelations 12:7. This verse was chosen as a target because of it's seemingly omnipresence among all of the world's ancient oral and written histories. The outcome of the targeting was as surprising as it was unexpected. The verse Revelations 12:7 states:

"Then a war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But the dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in heaven for him and his angels."

The results of the remote viewing sessions which stretched over a long period of time concluded that at one point the planet Mars was inhabited by a humanoid species not dissimiliar to modern humans here on Earth. This civilization was attacked by an agressor species which were reptillian in nature and who invaded Mars to take control of it's resources. The reptillian species origin was a planet that today is identified as Malbek or Tiamat among ancient cultures. The humanoid species on Mars resisted the invasion and this led to a devastating war between the two planets. The reptillians apparently launched a number of nuclear based weapons targeting Mars. This provides an explanation for why scientists like Dr. John Brandenburg have lectured publicly about there being massive nuclear explosions on the surface of Mars at some point in the ancient past.

The remote viewers determined that the Martian race was losing the war badly and made on last attempt at saving themselves. They developed and deployed a weapon of such destructive power that when it hit the planet Tiamat where the reptillians resided, it literally blew up the entire planet and this resulted in what is today known as the asteroid belt. This also provides an explanation for why only half the surface of Mars is covered in meteoric craters while the other half remains untouched. These craters were the results of the debris left over from Tiamat colliding on the surface of Mars. 

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The remnants of the reptillian species who were largely in orbit around Mars at the time of the destruction of their home planet, were left with only one option and that was to travel to Earth in order to find a place of survival. The Martian species also launched space craft which were like giant Arks that set off for the nearest habitable planet, Earth. This is where many cross currents begin to coincide with one another. Many U.F.O. researchers and readers have accumulated a mountain of evidence about this reptillian species. The group targeted Area 51 and discovered that, in fact, there is an enormous underground facility housing many of these creatures and that they are apparently working in cooperation with the U.S. military industrial complex. This cooperation seems to include the trading of exotic weaponized technology in exchange for allowing them to reside on this planet. What other agreements have been reached are merely speculation at this point. The base at Dulce, New Mexico is yet another example of this arrangement and whistle blowers like Phil Schneider have spoken openly about their personal experiences dealing with these creatures while working as contractors for the U.S. Military. 

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This also leads us into the amazing amount of material that has been coming out about the possibility of Antarctica having vast ancient alien ruins which are now being excavated by the U.S. military. A number of whistleblowers have recently come forth to the famous researcher and award winning journalist Linda Moultan Howe to discuss what they have seen in Antarctica. In short, it appears that the humanoids which travelled here from a decimated Mars civilization landed on what is now Antarctica at some point in the ancient past when it was far more habitable. These insiders claims that not only have strange bodies been found but that also a new form of technology that might just revolutionize how the earth's population generates power. Clif High at the Web Bot has also been quite adament that according to his ALTA reports there is a ton of language coming out about Antarctica and that in the very near future information will be leaked that will awaken the public to what has been found there. It can be stated then that 'The War In Heaven', as described by the remote viewers at has brought togerther many pieces of a puzzle that is now beginning to present us with a breathtaking picture. 

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The P.I.A. published an indepth article and video many months ago covering the mystery of what is occurring in Antarctica. The article can be found at the following link:

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