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Posted by P.I.A. on May 1, 2018 at 2:50 PM

American spies and diplomats are being targeted with a new type of

sonic weapon in Cuba. The nature of the design of the device is

unknown at this time. This weapon appears to have the ability to cause

brain concussion in the intended target without creating noise or

having contact with the intended victim. 

“We all believe this is a real syndrome (in Cuba). This is concussion without blunt head trauma.”

– Douglas H. Smith, M. D., Director, Center for Brain Injury and Repair, University of Pennsylvania

“Human hearing range is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Below 20 Hz

down to 4 Hz is infrasound. Above 20,000 Hz is ultrasound.

Infrasound is usually not perceived as a tonal sound, but rather

as a pulsating sensation, pressure on the ears or chest.

Ultrasound can cause ear pressure, headaches, nausea and

fatigue. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with frequencies

ranging from 300 MHz to 300 GHz.”

– Assoc. of Veterans Administration Audiologists (AVAA), March 2010

New Strange Phenomenon Caught on Video and Sent To Secure Team 10

A new video from Secure Team 10 on YouTube shows three

different types of new phenomenon.

Footage includes what might be video evidence of a new type of

ball lightening, a new and disturbing series of sightings that

show strange orange glowing clouds in the night sky from

different parts of the globe

and multiple streaks of light traveling at high rates of spead that

might be spacecraft leaving the Earth's atmosphere. 

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The Pentagon Joint Office On Artificial Intelligence is reporting a new effort to focus on the developement of hypersonic aircraft equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence. 

In an effort to combat Chinese advances in hypersonic weaponry the

U.S. military will begin new efforts to develope even more

sophisticated hypersonic aircraft equipped with artificial intelligence.

In a developement eerily reminiscent of the Terminator movie

franchise, it seems war will soon be fought with highly intelligent and

autonomous war machines.

A new and terrifying creature is now being
filmed in the wilds of North America. This
subject will be the focus of our next Deep Black
Report available to subscribers. This new threat
has the ability to completely cloak itself just like
the creature depicted in the film 'Predator'. The
first person to see and film this lifeform was a
bigfoot researcher named Bob Garrett. Since
his sighting a number of other researchers have
filmed the same type of creature. Is it possible
these creatures are responsible for all of the
Missing 411 cases being reported by David

The following video is an analysis done by the premier Bigfoot analyst 'Thinker Thunker'

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Evil Pombéro Prowls Caapucú, Paraguay
Residents of a small town in Paraguay are reporting
acitivity of a Pombero which can only be described
as a Goblin like creature. It seems South America is
always a hotbed for this sort of activity.

A newly released photo from 2006 purports to show the Loch Ness Monster. All skepticism aside this is a very interesting photo and account by the eyewitness. Could the answer to these creatures be something never proposed before? Could underground water channels to the Loch from the Sea allow these creatures to enter the Loch during certain times of the year allowing for a breeding spot? This is pure speculation by the P.I.A. but it would answer many difficult questions regarding these sightings.

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