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Posted by P.I.A. on May 4, 2018 at 2:30 PM
A New Dog Man Sighting Highlights The Growing Number Of Eyewitnesses
Two men from Clayburne County, Ark, have reported seeing a
large humanoid creature with a 'Woilf's' head. This sighting
highlights the fact that the growing body of eyewitness reports is
increasing by large numbers. Accounts in North America began
to be documented in the late 1800's and has been increasing in
number every year. What we have with the Dog Man enigma, is
much the same as what we had with the Sasquatch enigma. In
both instances, there is an ancient, indigenous, oral history of
the creatures, and in both instances we have an ever increasing
number of very credibl eyewitness encounters and physical
evidence being left behind in the form of both footprints and
D.N.A. But what is unique about them here is that in the Bigfoot
enigma, there is an existing biological explanation of how such a
creature could have evolved alonside humans and are very
human like because of the close genetic ties they have with
modern human D.N.A.  We currently have no existing biological
explanation for how a human like form could have developed to
travel bipedal and developed or kept its canine head. The P.I.A.
has developed a unique theory regarding the Dog Man
creatures and their link to the possible North American origins of
the Aztec culture. This report is available on our Deep Black
Reports page and is available to subscribers. 

“He backed away from this thing. He knew it wasn’t a bear or a dog, he was more of a body builder with a wolf head”.

Arkansas eyewitness

P.I.A. eyewitness drawing of a Dog Man he countered in Lakewood, Colorado

Dog Man footprints in fresh snow. Photo taken by Carol Davies.

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