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Posted by P.I.A. on May 16, 2018 at 4:40 PM

Dr. Emery Smith has been popping up more and more as a premier inside source to

America's secret military space program and it's use of back engineered alien

technology. His testimony ties in intimately with that of U.F.O. investigator and author

David Wilcock and Emery Smith claims to have been David Wilcock's inside source

over a ten year period. The war between the 'Alliance', made of elements of the U.S.

military, and the so called Deep State which now controls the secrecy surrounding

alien disclosure is discussed by Wilcock and Smith in two videos that are well worth

watching. All of this is interwoven with the Q Anon phenomenon which according to

Wilcock is a very real inside source at the White House. QAnon has been posting a

series of messages for month's now both on Twitter and Reddit that seems to show

inside knowledge of what is occuring on a day to day basis in this war between the

Alliance and the Deep State.

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A 14th Mystery Foot Has Just Washed Ashore on British Columbia:

Since 2007 14 feet still inside their shoes have washed ashore in British Columbia. Authorities have linked 7 of the feet to D.N.A. of missing people but the other feet remain a perplexing and unsettling mystery.

Tom Delong's To The Stars Academy Disclosure Project Is Under Scrutiny:

Many will now be familiar with TTSA and it's stated purpose of creating U.F.O/Alien disclosure. In recent weeks TTSA has released a number of 'insider' videos supposedly showing real U.F.O.'s that Airforce pilots had encountered. They  claim these aee coming from government sources related to the Pentagon's U.F.O. investigation program  which they have acknowledged as  being a very real program that was recently defunded, This program was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.  Now we discover that one of the videos which was selected to be released to the public was, in fact, identified as a weather balloon. This insenuates to us investigators that something strange is afoot and that the entire operation might possibly be another disinformation campaign in the ongoing war for disclosure. U.F.O author Jack Brewer questions both the TTSA and Team Bigelow which is run by billionaire Robert Bigelow in his new post

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Something Very Fast Caught Moving Underground:

Something very fast was caught moving underground. This was not an earthquake event but appeared as a wave moving across the continental United States. The following video is of an analysis of this 'power wave'. This event is extremely mysterious and whatever it was moved across the continent in 19 minutes!

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Documents From Corey Goode Leads George Knapp To Robert Bigelow And His Role In The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

As we previously spoke of, the war for disclosure shows how intricate these connections have become. It has long been known that Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace has been actively participating in the government's U.F.O. studies. Now a new report shows that George Knapp's I-Team discovered documents posted by Corey Goode, late last year after the secret program of TAATI was acknowledged by the Pentagon. These led George Knapp to begin questioning Robert Bigelow's role in the program.

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