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The Bluff Creek Conspiracy?

Posted by Jack Cary on April 22, 2020 at 8:30 AM

Recently in the Bigfoot Research Community, there has been turmoil over old claims made new again. These accusations are very, very serious and some would even say criminal. The main subject of the accusations is Bob Gimlin whom everyone in the community will know. Recently, a respected and in my opinion, accomplished Bigfoot researcher named Scott Carpenter has thrown his weight behind the accusations in a series of videos he has released on his Youtube channel. Through contact with Scott Carpenter, another researcher named Steve Isdahl has released a few videos recently where he voices his support of Carpenter's interpretation of the evidence. Isdahl is a professional hunter by trade and has recently begun to release videos detailing accounts of Bigfoot encounters emailed to him by eyewitnesses. He owns and his Youtube channel has 122,000 subscribers. 

The claims originate from a woman named Bobby Short. Both Scott Carpenter and another renown researcher named M.K. Davis claim that Bobby Short told them both on seperate occasions that she had inside information that the events at Bluff Creek, on that fateful day, weren't what was being told to the public. The apparent accusations she made in private conversations were then added to by M.K. Davis in a series of YouTube interviews. In a YouTube video uploaded by Scott Carpenter on April 18, 2020, he claims that it was a "third party" who emailed Steve Isdahl with the accusations being made. Carpenter then says this person has emails from Bobby Short, containing the same information that Bobby Short had told Carpenter. Isdahl then contacted Carpenter and asked about the validity of the claims. Neither Carpenter or Isdahl state who this "third party" is, but since M.K. Davis claims in his interviews that he has the emails from Bobby Short, then it is more than safe to assume that it was M.K. Davis who contacted Isdahl, who then contacted Carpenter. 

In a video interview titled Bluff Creek Conspiracy, M.K. Davis makes over 60 accusations against Bob Gimlin. This is from a time stamp analysis of the entire interview and each accusation was recorded and catalogued by me according to it's time stamp in the interview. The videos containing all of this information will be posted below for verification. The accusations are too numerous to include in a single article and are all contained in this video interview. I will paraphrase the accusations here. 

The accusation is that the "circumstances" surrounding the Bluff Creek footage was a cover-up. M.K. Davis claims in his interview that a team of hunters, hired by a logging company, through the Canadian government were sent to Bluff Creek at the same time the Patterson/Gimlin film was made. He claims that this team of hunters who were already skilled Bigfoot hunters, killed a Bigfoot at Bluff Creek and that the next day a special attack dog was flown in to track the rest of the Bigfoot. M.K. Davis never states how it is the logging company knew there were more than one Bigfoot in the area. He also never explains how it is that a team of hunters could already be accomplished Bigfoot slayers at a time when almost no one had heard about Bigfoot. He then says that the dog was taken to a bloody pool containing the remains of the killed Bigfoot so that it could get the scent for tracking.

The team of Bigfoot slayers sent by the Canadian government to aid the logging company then tracked down and killed 4 more creatures for a total of 5. They also captured a young one and staked it to the sandbar shown in the Patterson/Gimlin film. He claims they did this to get the Bigfoot in the film to come out into the open to retrieve her young so she could be filmed, presumably by Patterson/Gimlin who are claimed to have been at the same place and time as the Bigfoot hunters. MK claims that Patterson had a state of the art camera called a Bolex. This was the most advanced and expensive camera commercially available at the time. Davis then claims that Patterson actually shot a whole reel of film which was then processed and screened under armed guard by non other than the famous Ivan T. Sanderson. Davis says that the film was edited to only show the few frames then released to the public and that the film released to the public had been ran through a projector numerous times to scratch it up and obscure the detail in the film. They did this according to Davis, because after the hunters had killed the animals, they suddenly realized that they were too human like to notify the public. This is the same team of Bigfoot slayers who were already accomplished at their trade and thereby had to of seen these animals up close before. Davis then makes the biggest and nastiest claim of all. He says that Gimlin shot Patty in the back as she fled the scene. 

From Bobby Short to M.K. Davis to Scott Carpenter to Steve Isdahl and back around to Bobby Short. M.K. Davis never offers any physical evidence to substantiate his claims. Bobby Short has since passed away and her emails have never been published. This seems to me to both odd and convenient. Carpenter believes the claims to be real even though he states he doesn't have any skin in the game, one is left wandering why he would then upload videos reiterating these claims and tell Steve Isdahl that he believed the claims and that the person who contacted Isdahl to be credible.

Without any investigation by people who are supposed to be intrepid investigators, we have a vicious circle of accusations all originating from a woman named Bobby Short who told M.K. Davis she had seen the original enitre reel of film depicting the gruesome events. The case made against the character and reputation of Bob Gimlin is based entirely on very sketchy here-say testimony and no real physical evidence of any kind. M.K. Davis never explains why in 1967, anyone would be afraid to present a dead Bigfoot to the public. This was, after all, a little heard of mythical beast that science said couldn't exist. There was no public endearment of Bigfoot and the public would have only been in shock of the discovery and would have cared very little about how the Beast was killed. Likewise, there would have been very little, if any, law broken and there would not have been a jury anywhere in the U.S. that would have convicted someone of Murder for killing a 'mythical' creature that's not supposed to even exist.  

The motivations behind the claims are unknown and it can only be assumed that Bobby Short had a personal vendetta against Gimlin prompting her to make the accusations to M.K. Davis who then added to her claims with more here-say evidence. The chain of accusations is now clear and the burden of PROOF is always on the accusers. 

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