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New Subscriber Report The Many Faces of Sasquatch

Posted by Jack Cary on April 28, 2020 at 3:40 PM

New Subscriber Report:

I have gathered together the best images of the many faces of Sasquatch. The genetic variation in faces I believe is backed by the Sasquatch Genome Project that detected homo sapien D.N.A. in the Mitochondrial or maternal lineage, the Y or paternal was a very scary chimera construction. In the many years of field research I conducted under my mentor Jc Johnson, founder of Crypto 4 Corners, we discovered the very same thing as these photos from various researchers show. These creatures faces vary as much as humans do. Subscriber Report: The Many Different Faces of Sasquatch. 

To Read the rest of the report including research videos, please subscribe at the link below. All subscriptions are 1 full year, and gives you access to inside paranormal reports not found anywhere else.

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