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What Is A Black Swan Event?  

A Black Swan Event is a catastrophic event so large that it has the capacity to alter human life and society or wipe them out altogether. We at the PIA use a number of techniques to monitor developing Black Swan Events. This page is dedicated only to developing patterns of potential Black Swan Events. Thank You.

Dr. Courtney Brown and Farsight.Org Predict August 2016 Black Swan Event

It is not often in the data analysis or intelligence analysis of the PIA research department that we come across such a compelling prediction coming from two separate but equally respectable sources. Let us begin the summation of this grim August prediction by saying that we certainly hope that both sources are in error or else things are about to get very ugly indeed.


         Dr. Courtney Brown/ 

The new ALTA report for August 2016 titled 'Shock the Monkey' generated by Clif High and the Web Bot technology he's developed indicates that the price of precious metals and notably Bitcoin are about to explode in value and continue upwards for the foreseeable future. The cause for this is as yet an unidentified exterior force which effects the worldwide economy.  The event now being predicted by Dr. Courtney Brown and his crack team of Remote Viewers might be just the event that gets the ALTA economic prophecy to come true. Recently the Farsight Institute founded by Dr. Brown has been conducting a series of  Remote Viewing experiments in an attempt to identify major news headlines appearing on a very near future date. The following video is of their most recent experiment and seems to indicate no less than a meteor strike over a major population center somewhere in the Southern hemisphere. This meteor strike seems to be of sufficient size to cause vast damage and be of such extreme temperature as to actually fuse human bodies into the earth not unlike those discovered at Pompeii. There were no indications that this was a planet killing event, only that it would be a major worldwide event and greatly effect the planet.

Carbon Monoxide Spike Could Foretell Massive West Coast Earthquake

Various news sources are reporting a massive build up of Carbon Monoxide on the west coast of the U.S.. This spike in Carbon Monoxide is unprecedented and scientists like geophysicist Samesh Singh have linked these massive spikes to being a precursor to massive earthquakes. The concentration levels being reported are in excess of 27,000 to 40,000 ppbv where  normal levels are only in the 150 ppbv range. below is a current satellite image of the situation as well as a link to follow these levels live.,39.59,813

Black Swan Event Alert: Worldwide Maritime Shipping Comes To A Halt?

Today something never before recorded in history has occurred. Worldwide maritime shipping has come to a complete halt and four separate real time tracking systems are showing that the world's cargo ships are either in port or anchored offshore. This could indicate a catastrophic event about to occur. One possibility is that the worldwide economy has ground to a halt and another is that there is an incoming comet or meteor about to impact the world's oceans and the shipping companies have been fore warned. The Web Bot designed by Clif High predicted a global coastal event to occur at some point in the near future. Could this be an indication of this cyber prophecy about to come true? Readers can monitor maritime shipping positions at the following link:


Is the New Madrid Fault Zone About To Go Big?

In the last two months there have been literally hundreds of earthquakes occurring in central Oklahoma. Residents in Guthrie, Oklahoma reported extremely loud explosion sounds followed by a shock wave that rattles their homes and knocks items off the walls. This has occurred eight times in one day in the last two months. The U.S.G.S. has reported that between 400 and 500 earthquakes have been recorded in central Oklahoma since Feb. 13 of 2014.  Witnesses in Kentucky and South Carolina also reported mysterious booming noises that rattled their homes in the past month along with recorded earthquake activity. FEMA predicts that if the New Madrid Fault does have a major earthquake then it would be the worst economic disaster in U.S. history. Tennessee would suffer the worst damage but it is likely that all bridges would collapse in at least a 1000 mile square radius interrupting the entire economy and putting many lives in danger.

"A serious earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could result in the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States with widespread and catastrophic damage across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and particularly Tennessee."

  -FEMA Nov, 2008 

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