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Shel Dion of Whisper Walkers Shares Her Personal Encounter With Unknown Bat Like Entity

This story goes back to the first sighting of a strange creature in the first week of June 2017. I live in a small community approximately an hour away from Chicago. Approximately six miles away is the second largest limestone quarry in the United States making the railways a common part of our lives. Which I live about two blocks from a railway that connects to the quarry. I have included photos of that quarry from 2010 during the droughted times and other quarries now all around Chicago land as they are today and water visible in them at least 50 to 100 ft deeper.They are all full of water now after the spring we had in 2017. I traveled up to investigate because they were in close proximity of "Mothman" sightings. I do not believe the cryptid Mothman is what people were coming in contact with when I had witnessed this flying being a week before they started reporting it all over northern Illinois. The only difference was the exaggerated size and descriptions didn't quite add up. Consequently, the spring had been more wet than usual. I have 3 dogs, it never fails someone will have to go to the potty in the middle of the night. It was around 2 a.m. I took out the begger first which happens to be a Jack Russell mix a smaller breed. As I got away from the house I immediately noticed something was different about this night than any other night when I go out in the middle of the night. First, I noticed the dog was acting very strange, holding her tail between her legs and scouting the scenery instead of smelling for the best spot to water the lawn. Living in the country my entire life and experiencing some miraculous things this put me on guard. I started taking it all in what I mean by all, is you have coyotes and all kinds of predators out here in the middle of nowhere. I say the middle of nowhere because this small community has around 1000 people and we live around 12 miles from any city of a population. My home lies on the edge and it connects to woods that goes for miles along waterways. We have met our share of weirdness out here. This night I am on guard I see nothing, I hear nothing and I am urging my dog to do her business as I have 2 others waiting at the door to do theirs and I am not liking the feel outside at all. I have the most observant dog at the end of the leash and she is on point. So, my nagging her stops and my observing starts, she is pointing toward an empty lot beyond the neighbor's house that has full grown trees dotted loosely about for a nice side lot view to the neighbors landscaped property. All of the sudden something jetted straight up in the air with a woosh and I caught the glimpse of something shooting straight up into the air at a great speed. I looked down at my dog still staring straight up into the sky that was quite lit that evening. Now a few hours later and you would be hearing all kinds of birds making their morning calls and the hungry lil ones still in the nests at that time of year squawking for their food. But, no this is before that and it is silent. An eerie silence that has all the bugs and any birds that would make noise subdued including me. I stand there in wonder as to what just happened and start urging my dog back to focus on business. I was looking up and around hoping to see something that had taken flight again to identify what I had just witnessed. Suddenly, out of the same area of going straight up, I see a shadow coming down at an angle and I hear what I can only describe as a kite in the wind flapping noise that reminded me of a kite only it sounded like rubber. Not a woosh woosh like you would get from wings flapping. This reminded me of thin rubber and then it came into sight. I was left in awe standing there as my dog flattened herself to the ground instantly. I watched this thing with a wingspan of about 6ft zoom down at an angle and the one street light on my street was right in its path as it crossed in front of it and slammed into a large evergreen about 150 yds from our position. Every bird in that tree flew out and a ton on squawking erupted the night as I struggled to see what just flew into that tree as if it had picked it out as a target while we had entered its hunt in the night. You could forget that dog going potty she ran to the door like a bullet and I resumed with the other large breed dog keeping a constant watch on that evergreen tree and never witnessing anything again that night. I have to admit it was different after that every time I stepped out in the night I would think to myself with these smaller breed dogs and not so much the big one, I would have to keep an eye on the sky now for an aerial predator. The summer moved on and I never forgot about that incident. Late August moved in and I was seated on the patio where that lot would be to my right, I was out enjoying the late afternoon as my significant other was raiding the garden. Once again that observant little Jack Russel got my attention by coming to sit completely under my lawn chair when typically she is out chasing rabbits and squirrels. I took note of it and felt like I had been being watched as it was. My phone in hand on camera ready I started scoping out everything, cornfield, woodline, and then my eyes went up. There it was in one of those trees in that lot. I had my camera out there with me so i slowly set down the cell phone and grabbed the camera not wanting any rash movements to make it zoom up. I did it got it in my sights with a 55mm lens and a tree that is approximately 150ft away and around 100ft tall I took the first pic. Something I have never seen before and it appeared to be a large bat/canine creature, a mix of some kind. I zoomed in as much as possible and took its picture several times it just sat there staring at me and It had the sun right on it. Its skin had an iridescent kind of appearance but was very dark everywhere else. I noticed eyeshine that was silver in color. I sat without moving waiting for it to look away or do something so I could get a comparison picture of it. Finally, after sitting there an hour or so David come out of the garden loaded with food and asked me what I was doing sitting there like a statue and gestured up to the tree. He looked up and said its too high what is that? I said, "I think that is our flying critter from earlier this summer." I asked him to take my very nervous dog in and the others and when the dog was gone it turned its head back and started moving like it had an itch on its back or something and I took another photo. I noticed its wings were tucked in tightly and hung below the branch and my estimation of what I was looking at it and thinking about what I had witnessed back in June. In flight, the body looked to be 4 to 5 ft bullet type figure. Standing on that branch it was all stretched out like a human would stand and with head visible I was sure it had to be 5ft tall and the wings hung lower than the branch. I recalled hearing about all these Mothman stories coming out of Chicago all summer long still reported on the internet and news and I immediately start thinking about all the quarries all over Chicago. Those are what built that city and the surrounding communities. You can drive all over the connecting suburbs of Chicago and you find yourself driving around these fenced off no admittance quarries that used to offer kids in the mid-century a place to cool off. After so many drownings because of the depth and car accidents they acquired over the years, they all were closed off. I drive up and around a lot of those quarries a few times a year at least and this got me thinking I need to take a trip and correlate some of these sightings. You used to see how the quarries were drying up and caverns could be seen as you look down into them and you could never see the bottom. Now, a different picture entirely, water was visible right away and it was high. My mind started working as I thought of all the rain we had and if it had something taken over those caverns we were not familiar with here and now with all the water they might have been forced out?? Well, It is a theory but I truly believe in my heart that we have a bat/canine creature on the prowl that was never an issue before this past summer. It may have migrated from the south and found a nice little refuge for awhile here in the midwest. I have not entertained the idea of Mothman ever after being one of the first people to witness the winged animal in the night. Mothman never came to mind that night nor would it. The size did not fit and there were no glowing red eyes or anything that mythical about this encounter. Everything I have ever read on the Mothman didn't fit what I had witnessed. It was not giant and it did not have red glowing eyes and nothing dark happened to me from viewing it. So, after great examining of the photos, I returned the same time the next night to get a comparison photo when it was not in that tree where the sun would be in the same position. I was successful and I witnessed it in the exact same tree one evening right before the sunset as I went to get my camera it was gone when I got back outside. I again witnessed something similar with no front arms and what appeared to be tucked back wings run really fast on two legs and snatch a squirrel off the ground and zoom under a tree across the road almost a block away so the picture is a lil blurry but I did my best with what I had in my hand taking the garbage out nothing but a cellphone. It seemed a lil bit smaller than the one in the tree but then again it moved so fast it's hard to say what I actually saw. Was it the same creature? I cannot be certain as the wings were not clearly visible for comparison. Living out here in the wilds of central Illinois is proving to that when you think you have seen it all you have another thing coming - literally. Shel Dion Cryptid Investigator that is Co-Founder of Whisper Walkers & Co-Creator of Treepeekers

All photos courtesy of Shel Dion Co Founder at Whisper Walkers and Treepeekers

Is This The Clearest Photo Of A BigFoot Since Patterson/Gimlin?

The following still photo is from a video analysis conducted for Crypto 4 Corners. This video was analysed frame by frame and the figure had to be magnified in order to make out the creature. 

The videographer had no idea that he had even captured a creature on film which lends to its authenticity. The video was taken on the High Falls Trail near Lake Glenville in North Carolina. 

The creature can clearly be seen on time stamp 28:53 - 28:56.






 Unfortunately the man who shot the original hiking video has now removed the video from YouTube because of the attention he was getting from our analysis of the film. This creature was discovered in a hiking film taken by a hiker who had no idea what he had captured. This picture of a Sasquatch was taken on the High Falls Trail in North Carolina. The trail leads up to a large waterfall. We will be attempting to find copies of the original footage. 


Is There A 'Hobbit' Species Living In Minnesota?

Every day the P.I.A. and Crypto 4 Corners comes across something which seems to stretch the boundaries of our known reality. As always we endeavor to filter through the 'white noise' inherent in paranormal investigations.  This comes in the form obvious hoaxes and other misinformation that occurs on a regular basis. In our quest to discover the real evidence of the paranormal happenings and beings among us, we have often come across jaw dropping evidence that a multi array of threatening paranormal happenings are, in fact, taking place.

Recently the founder of Crypto 4 Corners, Jc Johnson, began to investigate sightings and Native American lore describing a species of Hominin similar to the recent discovery of Homo Floresiensis on the island of Flores off the coast of Indonesia. The remains of this species were discovered in the Liang Bua cave on the remote Indonesian island of Flores.                     skull of homo floresiensis and modern human

The difference in our on-going investigation is that the species being reported to us, is in Minnesota and not some far off island. In the discovery of the Homo Floresiensis species, which has now been determined by leading experts as being a non-human species, is a scientific precedent for the following photographic evidence that was recently collected in the field by jc Johnson. Could it be that the Ojibwa Indian lore of the 'Little People of Minnesota' is based entirely in fact and remains a major mystery to be solved? One compelling pattern which emerges is the similarity between the discovery of Homo Floresiensis and discriptions in the Hockomoc swamp in the Bridgwater Triangle of the Puckwudgie creature and descriptions of the Bagwajiwininni or Hobbit of Minnesota. The Puckwudgie is almost identical in description to Ojibwa Indian descriptions of the 'Bagwajiwinini' or Hobbits of Northern Minnesota. There have been modern day encounters with the Puckwudgie from credible witnesses (See William Russo's account). In the darker parts of the Lore surrounding the Hobbits of Minnesota we find hints and implications of human abduction and in this way could be connected in some way with the over-all alien abduction phenomenon. One modern day disappearance attributed to the 'Bagwajiwinini' is the strange case of Kory Kelley in 2007 in Minnesota. This case was also included in the cases of David Paulides and the Missing 411 project. 

 museum exhibit of the hobbit, homo floresiensis

The Hobbits of Flores were not a particularly advanced species. They were only making the most rudimentary of tools and the on-going work on the island has shown that the species was openly hunting a number of species on the island including a species of now extinct pygmy elephant and a 6 ft. tall Ostrich like bird. Charred remains of the hunts were discovered showing that this species had harnessed the ability to create fire.  


These Minnesota creatures are said to roam freely in the darkened under growth of the dense Bracken Ferns of the area and to make their homes underground. There are, of course, many tales around the world of such Little People, not least among these are the Irish stories of Leprechauns. In some Southwest Native American stories, it is said that these creatures cherish salt among all else and will gladly trade you gold for it. Some researchers into this area have even linked the so called 'Lost Dutchman's Mine' with these Hobbits. One source known to the P.I.A. claims the gold attributed to the Lost Dutchman's Mine was actually obtained through trade with this species.

Recently while in the field, investigating recent sighting of these Hobbits of Minnesota, Jc Johnson, founder of Crypto 4 Corners International, was able to obtain the following photographic evidence for the existence of the 'Hobbits of Minnesota."


 Our investigation is ongoing as we utilize the latest in technology and intelligence techniques in order to gain an advantage over this and other types of possibly threatening paranormal activity.  We will keep the public updated as we continue to make strides into understanding this most improbable and perplexing mystery. 



The Abduction Of Bigfoot?  The Link Between Sasquatch and E.T.'s 


The link between E.T's and the species we refer to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch is very nebulous at this time. A body of evidence, however, does exist clearly showing that not only is there a clear connection but that this connection appears to be a strong connection and the interaction appears to be ongoing. There is a pattern of interaction between E.T.'s and Sasquatch which has been witnessed by many civilian witnesses as well as being witnessed by seasoned, professional, investigators. Historical examples of some of these cases are as follows:

In August of 2008, Brad Steiger, the renowned author and investigator of U.F.O.'s reported receiving a journal from a man who claimed that it was his grandfather's and dated back to 1888. The journal held many entries describing a very interesting encounter this man's grandfather had while in Humboldt county California in 1888. Steiger reported that this journal came from James C. Wyatt of Memphis, Tennessee and that it appeared to be completely authentic. In the journal the elder Wyatt discussed how he had to winter with a local tribe in the "Big Woods country" of the Humboldt line and that while there he witnessed a man carrying large quantities of raw meet to a nearby cave. When queried as to why he was doing this the man bade Wyatt to follow him. Wyatt followed the man into the cave and discovered that a very large, hairy, man-like creature was inside sitting cross-legged. The creature was covered in long, shiny, black hair and appeared to have no neck. The head was described as sitting directly on the shoulders. In 2008, Steiger wrote:

Wyatt visited the man-beast in the cave more than a dozen times. After much questioning, and receiving two pounds of tobacco, a compass, and an axe, one of the men from the tribe took Wyatt to a high pinnacle of rock one clear night to tell him of the creature's origin. 

"Crazy Bear," as the thing was called by the Indians, had been brought to the "Big Woods" from the stars. A "small moon" had flown down like a swooping eagle and had landed on a plateau a few miles away from the tribe's encampment. The beast in the cave and two other "crazy bears" had been flung out of the "moon" before the craft had once again soared off to the stars. 

The man told Wyatt that other "crazy bears" had been left in the vicinity over the years. Wyatt's guide and several of his fellow villagers had occasionally seen the "men" who put the crazy bears off the small moons. They did, nor look like the giant hairy ones, but appeared to be more like men such as themselves. The men from the small moon had much shorter hair than the tribes people, though, and they wore shiny clothing. They always waved to the Indians in a friendly manner before they closed the door in their small moon and flew back to the stars. 

The crazy bears had been led to the village by the Indians, and at no time had the hairy giants offered any resistance to their benefactors. The Indians believed that the crazy bears from the stars had been sent to bring them powerful medicine, and they would not permit the creatures to stray away lest they be captured by rival tribes. "

 Other historical sightings of note include :

1973 Mrs. Raefa Heitfield of Cincinnati, Ohio reported waking at 2:30 a.m. to get a glass of water and noticed outside of her window in an adjacent parking lot, a cone of light about 7 feet in diameter shining down from the sky. Nearby she saw movement and noticed a large, grayish Bigfoot move out of the darkness into the cone of light. Moments later the creature and the cone of light vanished. 

A few days later on October 25th, 1973  in Fayette county, Pennsylvania; a group of farmers reported seeing a large dome shaped U.F.O. which was brightly lit and approximately 100 feet in diameter. As the farmers drove nearer the U.F.O. they caught sight of two large Sasquatch creatures. The farmers son is reputed to have taken a shot with his rifle at one of the creatures. It was at this time the U.F.O. disappeared and the creatures escaped into the deep woods never to be seen again.

 In the past few years the Crypto 4 Corners team headed up by J.C. Johnson, discovered a so-called track line of Sasquatch prints on extremely remote Navajo Reservation land. What was interesting about this track line of 18 inch long 6 inch wide footprints is that the prints just suddenly stop in the middle of a field where the topography doesn't change and where the prints should have continued. It is as if the creature leaving the prints simply disappeared into thin air. What was even more peculiar is that the prints began as a walking stride of 5 feet and then suddenly elongated to a 7 ft. stride. This indicated to us that this creature suddenly started running shortly before its track line of prints stopped. What was this creature running from? In such a remote area, a creature of that size and stature would have little to run from unless the threat was one from above?

The following is of the track line of prints as they appeared in the field:

J.C. Johnson, founder of Crypto 4 Corners.


In the past few years two separate D.N.A. genome studies of the Sasquatch species have been undertaken. One of these studies was performed by Dr. Melba Ketchum and the other is currently being performed by no less than John Hopkins University. The results of these studies confirm one another's findings and show that an unknown relict hominid interbred with archaic human females around 12,000- 15,000 years ago. This interbreeding occurred during the Younger Dryas period (see our research below) and led to the species we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

The Alien abduction phenomenon which has been meticulously documented by such academics as Dr. David M. Jacobs and the late Dr. John E. Mack has one pattern which is reoccurring time and again and that is the collection of D.N.A. by the alien entities perpetrating the abductions. It is the working theory of the P.I.A. that in all likelihood, members of the Sasquatch species are also being abducted for their D.N.A.. It could well be that they are being abducted simply because they possess some human D.N.A.. The fact that they possess some human D.N.A. and the fact that humans are being abducted for the collection and use of their D.N.A. is a link far too strong to dismiss and indicates that these creatures are in all probability a part of the same genetic testing and experimentation that members of the human species are now enduring.

Factoid: In at least 20 percent of all credible U.F.O. sightings, a Bigfoot is also spotted in close proximity. 




Sasquatch: The Current State Of Affairs.

Many people interested in Cryptozoology are quite unaware of the current state of affairs as it relates to the full discovery of the Sasquatch species and the resulting acceptance by the public at large. In the course of this previous Summer, Crypto 4 Corners, of which the founder of the P.I.A. is a member made huge strides in proving once and for all the existence of Sasquatch. In the course of a two day period C4C was able to document multiple footprints left at two seperate D.N.A. deposit sites separated by approximately 80 miles of terrain. The collection of these D.N.A. deposits, one of which also had an eyewitness to the D.N.A. being left, were supervised by the Executive Director of the University of New Mexico, Gallup. These samples were then sealed and shared with Dr. Jeff Meldrum at Idaho State University as part of a new Sasquatch Genome Study. The results are likely to shock not only the established community of Sasquatch researchers but the public as well. Recently, Dr. Meldrum discussed this new endeavor on Coast to Coast A.M. radio with Geroge Noory. Below are pictures taken from this expedition:




Crypto 4 Corners will be releasing an official video on this discovery and it will be covered on a new Phantoms and Monsters article. Please join the team of C4C on January 9th on Cafe Enigma radio for a special two hour program discussing this expedition. These D.N.A. sites are now being developed as habituation sites and ongoing research is being performed.

German History Documentary Purportedly Shows Real Dog Man Killed In 1942

The following footage shows what appears to be a very real Dog Man creature, although in this case the creature appears to female. This is very interesting as female creatures are often not hoaxed because of the difficulty involved in portraying the anatomy correctly. This is also the case in the very real footage of a female Sasquatch in the Patterson and Gimlin film. The footage in this documentary appears to be quite authentic in origin and our investigation of it remains open:




Has a Dog Man Finally Been Filmed?

We are attempting to verify the following film. Our initial impression is that it could be real footage. This footage consists of a single still photo being analyzed. This does not appear as a Sasquatch to us because the prey it is supposed to be carrying doesn't resemble any animal in the forest. In recent months a number of very interesting photographs and videos purportedly showing Dog Men have emerged. As patterns of sightings begin to emerge we will make them known to the public.


Dog Men, The New Nightmare Emerges. 

We have recently published a new report on Dog Men sightings and what we believe to be an ancient Aztec connection. We call this theory the Ancient Aztec Origin Theory of The Genesis Of Dog Men. The P.I.A. has been actively engaged in investigating the Dog Men enigma. We are quite aware that many find the idea of Dog Men to be impossible. It is very hard for most people to accept the reality of Unknown Relic Hominids, like Sasquatch, roaming our forests much less something far creepier and potentially far more dangerous. It could be that the Dog Men represent a freakish type of Hominid that biology has no current explanation for, but the sheer amount of evidence that is piling up in favor of their existence is becoming quite compelling to those of us involved full time in paranormal research. This year there has been a number of reported Dog Man sightings stretching from Michigan to Oklahoma. Recently Jack Cary of the P.I.A. and Crypto 4 Corners was interviewed by Vic Cundiff of Dog Man Encounters radio and explained in-depth the theory of the ancient Aztec connections and how sightings seem to coincide with an ancient Aztec migration path into Mexico. Since that time the P.I.A. has been able to analyze a film taken by the R.M.S.O. or Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. This film was taken for follow up investigation purposes dealing with a recent Sasquatch sighting in the Lost Creek Wilderness Area. This is literally in the P.I.A.'s backyard. Upon frame by frame analysis we were able to isolate still images of what we believe to be some of the clearest ever taken of not a Sasquatch but rather a Dog Man.

Recently, Dr. Melba Ketchum of the Bigfoot Genome Project has come out publicly stating that she has in her possession a D.N.A. sample of a Dog Man and that the Mitochondrial D.N.A. which represents the mother's lineage is distinctly Native American. 

Jack Cary's interview can be found at the following link. You may need to copy and paste in your URL. It is Episode 8.

 The figure in the film we estimate is standing 10-12 ft tall and the film maker had no idea he was being watched at all. In the next photos you can make out the bent elbow of the creature blocking out the foliage behind it.The image is posted sideways because of the formatting of the file.  On the right side of the head of the creature is a pointed canine like ear. The creature has a canine like pointed snout much different than the facial construct of a Sasquatch or other Unknown Relic Hominid. The film where these images were taken is posted here for researchers. The figure can first be seen at 3:07 in the film.

 The follwing photos are the best known photo evidence for the an Unknown Hominid Canine Predator:

This photo is from a trail camera in Maine. It was dismissed by some investigators as being another deer. It is clearly a canine species of some sort and the strange bow in the back leg could indicate an evolutionary change. 


Photo Taken by Scott Carpenter, respected Sasquatch researcher and investigator.


This photo is of the Benin Track. This track was never proven to be a hoax. 

The photo above was taken by a child in the back of a minivan. This photo is known as the Onaway photo after the family who had the encounter. They had pulled off onto a lonely rest area and as they pulled away the child in back saw this creature and snapped the photograph. 

The photo above was taken by Dee McHale on the U.P. of Michigan in 1968. It was taken with a Polaroid camera. She reported seeing the creature cross the field on all fours following a group of deer before going bipedal.


Lost Creek Wilderness Dog Man: Photo Jack Cary

Dog Man Sightings And The Ancient Aztec Connection

To the PIA there is no more perplexing or concerning cryptid animal than the Dog Men. The first known Dog Man sighting occurred in 1887 in Wexford county Michigan. Two lumberjacks reported seeing a creature that had a dog's head and a human body. In 1938 in Paris, Michigan a man named Robert Fortney reported being attacked by a pack of five dogs and he claimed one of them was walking upright. In modern times Dog Man sighings have continued with an alarming pace and Scott Carpenter has presented some amazing photographic evidence of their existence. The famed researcher and writer Linda Godfrey has documented these sightings in her seminal work the Beast of Bray Road. Linda has shown that in her home state of Wisconsin are more reports and sightings of these creatures than anywhere else in the United States. Recently a researcher that we are in contact with named Scott Wolters of the hit television show America Unearthed on History channel went to research what had been reported as underwater pyramids at Rock lake Wisconsin. This episode chronicles in detail the historical belief by some Aztec descendants that the origins of their people was in the Wisconsin area. The pyramids are believed to have been left by the early Aztec culture and in the Aztec lore there is the belief that their 'homeland' was in the far north. Maps published prior to the American Mexican war show that the four corners area was where the Aztec first wound up and could  be the source of the Anasazi culture. The leader of the early Aztecs had a dream that the tribe should move south until they saw an eagle on top of a 'barbed tree' cactus eating a snake. This symbolism is still depicted on the Mexican flag. One of the Aztecs earliest gods was Xolotl. He was the Dog headed man god of the underworld


One Aztec lineage researcher has traced the origin of their worship of corn to the Wisconsin area and claims that the Aztec elders have told him that the corn is the key to the mystery of the origins of the Aztec people.  Could the modern Dog Man sightings occurring today in Michigan and Wisconsin as well as the four corners area be the legacy of the ancient Aztec people? Is their god Xolotl born out of a very real experience their people had in ancient times and continues today? Are modern day Dog Man sightings an etheric spiritual manifestation of ancient Aztec worship or are these real biological creatures? Eyewitness and physical evidence suggest they are very real indeed and it could very well be that the Aztecs god Xolotl was based entirely in fact.




























































































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